By snickerdoodles - / Wednesday 10 February 2010 21:19 / United States
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  pongmaster  |  0

wow you didn't notice when you put it on? I think I would notice if a cat took a wee on my jacket. man i'd bet you were so embarassed that you felt almost like mayo

  Sonfang  |  19

bleh, probably will happen to someone somewhere else and you and your smelly cat pee sweater will be forgotten in the millions of other FMLs so don't fret. tomorrow is another day! K'thanx bye!


Snickerdoodles, in all honesty, I like you. I find everything about this very humorous. I think it's hilarious how many people are saying YDI simply because you're you, as well.

@Ajjas Don't leave :[

  deadbunny17  |  0

snickerdoodles, you deserve it for calling iPod touch "iTouch." Biggest pet peeve ever... Anyways, you also deserve it for not noticing it until sitting in class. The reasons tissues exist is to clear stuffy noses so you can smell cat urine on your clothes. Just sayin'...

  Blatstuff  |  0

Wow, I've read a good deal of posts from OP but this confirms it.... What a dumbass!! How do you NOT notice the smell of cat piss on your clothes BEFORE you put them on? Unless, of course you are one of those people who's entire house smells of cat piss....Eww.

  Blatstuff  |  0

Aww poor cat piss girl got her feelings hurt - lol *shrug*

I think just about everyone who has had cats would agree... I dont care how stuffed your nose is, you can smell cat piss from a mile away. Much less the whole six to eight inches it is from your nose to your shoulder, lmao. I'm willing to bet you are just used to the smell and didn't notice until you got some fresh air. Poor girl.


snickerdoodles do u leave ur clothes on the floor or something? if you HANG clothes cats can't pee on them or u could put them in a drawer picking clothes off the floor is discusting and if u have pets it's worse that's gross!!


Snickerdoodles this is what happens when you act like a Grammar Nazi! Cats Pee on your Shirt! Just like it happened to you. Today, ... In Class, ... in first Hour, ... On Your Jacket, ... This Morning. Hurray for Cats that Pee!

  DemonChicken  |  0

don't get a divorce!!!! You love each other.Wait hold on this is kinda soundin"in my head"like the fml earlier about the parents not mentioning the kid they had together

By  cabbitt  |  0

Situations like that are why I keep a spare pair of clothes in my car. Just in case. I'd suggest doing the same. If not a car, I bet you have a locker.

By  ily1210  |  10

You just put on dirty sweaters? Or did the cat pee on you while you were wearing the sweater?

Just go home during lunch or something. :) or take off the sweater? Not a FYL, but not a YDI

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