By snickerdoodles - 10/02/2010 21:19 - United States

Today, I was in class and noticed that it smelled strongly of cat urine. I smelled my shoulder and realized that my cat had peed on my sweater. I had six hours of classes left, and the smell had permeated my shirt. FML
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I was going to make a stripping comment, then I saw it was by snickerdoodles. I vomitted in my mouth briefly. FML.

JoshTheMaggot 8

yeah Sirin is obviously takin a jab at snickerdoodles who is definitely a grammar Nazi. ahaha as for the op YDI for being snickerdoodles


I should probably edit this god-damn FML for grammar and spelling, or something.

Ajjas013 6

Wat y? Evrythng iz speld rite!

hellokittywhore 0

haha!!!!! WIN!!!!! ****** grammer Nazi!!!!!!!

Ajjas013 6

Kids get high on that "hey stop doing cheezing you kids M'kay" (south park Mr.mackey m'kay)

i had a similar thing happen to except i was at work and it was my roomate's cat who pissed on my shirt. YLS.

LMFAOO, i was gunna say that. omfg. 'stop cheezing, its not good mkay?'

pongmaster 0

wow you didn't notice when you put it on? I think I would notice if a cat took a wee on my jacket. man i'd bet you were so embarassed that you felt almost like mayo

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I don't like that word. how about effin Nazi, or just Nazi, or even just something NICER? It sounds so....idk.....crass. :/

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ewww that's nasty how did you not smell it before you put it on

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this is why dogs are so much better

I was going to make a stripping comment, then I saw it was by snickerdoodles. I vomitted in my mouth briefly. FML.

Question: Was the Op wearing the sweater while said cat was peeing on it?

Sonfang 19

bleh, probably will happen to someone somewhere else and you and your smelly cat pee sweater will be forgotten in the millions of other FMLs so don't fret. tomorrow is another day! K'thanx bye!

#65 my sentiments exactly. and I at least understood #1 funny funny.

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yeah Sirin is obviously takin a jab at snickerdoodles who is definitely a grammar Nazi. ahaha as for the op YDI for being snickerdoodles

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no one gives a shit wut u say #50


I'm with #33--how could you not notice the smell when you put the sweater on? and how did you not notice the wet spot? sorry, but YDI

purplemnm 9

I don't know why you guys show such hatred towards snickerdoodles...I lover her, she's awseome. she just hates what?

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yes you CAN smell it! its a horrible smell that i could even smell through a stuffy nose on one of my shirts!

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That's right Snickerdoodles! Your Cat just Achieved an Oder achievement. Get it "Oder"? HaHaHaHaHaHaHahorf ... Wow, that was pathetic. Yeah ... Sorry you had to read that.

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sirin is not just a grammar Nazi. he/ she is der führer

MermaidSongXOXO 6

Actually, the Fuhrer would be snickerdoodles :)

MermaidSongXOXO 6

Hey, snick, you didn't capitalize the first word of the second sentence (#208). That's gramatically incorrect

Ajjas013 6

@Tara, I don't see it. STOP TROLLING. *Flings computer* @Snick: You spelled idiot wrong. In your name :) I bet she read all the comments :D

Ajjas013 6

Why does everyone ignore me :( *Gives up and goes to bed*

MermaidSongXOXO 6

Snickerdoodles, in all honesty, I like you. I find everything about this very humorous. I think it's hilarious how many people are saying YDI simply because you're you, as well. @Ajjas Don't leave :[

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How the hell does this have over 200 comments already?

JoshTheMaggot 8

well now it has over 225. and ydi for not feeling and or smelling the wetness/odor hahaha

snickerdoodles, you deserve it for calling iPod touch "iTouch." Biggest pet peeve ever... Anyways, you also deserve it for not noticing it until sitting in class. The reasons tissues exist is to clear stuffy noses so you can smell cat urine on your clothes. Just sayin'...

JoshTheMaggot 8

hahaha itouch just sounds wrong hahaha. and sometimes your nose doesn't get unplugged easily. just saying. XD

JoshTheMaggot 8

omg now there is over 230 comments WTF ahahah XD

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Wow, I've read a good deal of posts from OP but this confirms it.... What a dumbass!! How do you NOT notice the smell of cat piss on your clothes BEFORE you put them on? Unless, of course you are one of those people who's entire house smells of cat piss....Eww.

Blatstuff 0

Aww poor cat piss girl got her feelings hurt - lol *shrug* I think just about everyone who has had cats would agree... I dont care how stuffed your nose is, you can smell cat piss from a mile away. Much less the whole six to eight inches it is from your nose to your shoulder, lmao. I'm willing to bet you are just used to the smell and didn't notice until you got some fresh air. Poor girl.

How about we all get together and beat the living grammar out of that snickerdoodle?

Lol you smelled like trailer trash, good job

Maybe snick doesn't even have a cat and just made this FML up so that she can attract more attention.

My sister actually lacks the ability to smell. She just shoves clothes in your face and asks if they smell ok, lol

for a supposed grammar nazi you sure don't know how to write a coherent sentence... edit: this was meant to be after 237 =/

snickerdoodles do u leave ur clothes on the floor or something? if you HANG clothes cats can't pee on them or u could put them in a drawer picking clothes off the floor is discusting and if u have pets it's worse that's gross!!

YDI for having a damn cat in the first place

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#12 gets the award for most clever comment.

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Snickerdoodles this is what happens when you act like a Grammar Nazi! Cats Pee on your Shirt! Just like it happened to you. Today, ... In Class, ... in first Hour, ... On Your Jacket, ... This Morning. Hurray for Cats that Pee!

I have had that happen before but luckily I wad still at hone and could change

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why? going shirtless is so much easier

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how does a cat pee on your shoulder

MindlessRobot 0

On the clothes, not the shoulder itself. :|

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Cat urine has a very distinct smell.

AngryNinja 1

cat piss is really distinct and op probably only has a cat.

Ajjas013 6

Maybe OP's imagination pissed on him.

AngryNinja 1
Ajjas013 6

I knew I missed on that one =P

AngryNinja 1
Ajjas013 6

You're one of my only friends on this website :( Just kidding I have lots lol. But you're a good one =D

AngryNinja 1

random much? jeez, way to tell the world. ;)

Ajjas013 6
AngryNinja 1

nuuu! D; it shouldn't end like this. :(

Ajjas013 6

I knoez lol. Ask me if I'm kidding.

AngryNinja 1
AngryNinja 1

*gasp* no one saw that coming!

Ajjas013 6
AngryNinja 1

good job, jeanyus. i had no idea. o.o

I luv both of y'all wahhhhhhhhh don't end it.who will I live with?It's all my fault!!!

AngryNinja 1

mkay, you've lost me, chicken-of-the-demon-variety.

don't get a divorce!!!! You love each other.Wait hold on this is kinda soundin"in my head"like the fml earlier about the parents not mentioning the kid they had together

Ajjas013 6

No, no no. You have the wrong idea. Nobody is giving anybody head. And no. Chill this isn't a soap opera. We're friends. The end :)

AngryNinja 1

i don't roll like that. bjs are not my thing. :P

Go number 5 for fail. Also, how many people will say this is karma for snickerdoodles being a grammar nazi? Methinks many ...

spaceydude 0

put the sweater in your locker or something

She said that the smell went to her shirt soo, that wouldve smelled to =P but that sucks. it does. you grammar Nazi =D

Situations like that are why I keep a spare pair of clothes in my car. Just in case. I'd suggest doing the same. If not a car, I bet you have a locker.

You just put on dirty sweaters? Or did the cat pee on you while you were wearing the sweater? Just go home during lunch or something. :) or take off the sweater? Not a FYL, but not a YDI

******* cats. mine did that to my jeans but I noticed that smell and went for another pair- how can you not see the mark or smell it if it's so strong?!