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  DjeePee  |  24

Chili, I don't think she was waiting for marriage. The fml says that it was 'finally time', so I guess she wanted sex for a long, long time, instead for in her wedding night. Besides, she gave it to him, so she didn't mind.

But I don't get it.
OP obviously wanted sex. Why didn't they have it? Because she didn't want? - no, she's the one who couldn't wait to have sex. Because he didn't want? - maybe, but why would he then start sleeping with another woman? Didn't they discuss having sex? - maybe, but they were three years together, they must have spoken about it. But why didn't they than have sex?
I don't get it, but I'm sure a lack of communication is the main problem. People dare to cheat if they don't get at home what they want, but OP wanted to give it to him. Nope, I don't get it.

They only thing I certainly knows is that he's a jerk. I should give OP the huge, sharp-pointed rock from another FML.

  CableX17  |  0

I did not read 124's profile, however i did read 124's comment, and I do think it's a little ridiculous how sex obsessed everyone is. Saddening I think, what this world has come to. There used to be a time when you committed to someone before engaging in the most intimate act possible(<--referring to sex, for anyone with an IQ of watermelon or lower;P)

  DjeePee  |  24

Yes, Cable, there was a time when people waited for sex till a marriage they were forever stuck in, but I don't remember that time being good. Not saying that hundred years ago every married couple was unhappy , but women weren't able to divorce if things didn't go well, sexuality was a taboo, it was a woman's duty to spread her legs, and a men's right to make advance of it,...etc. Not a time I'm longing for.

Your comment of 'where the world has come to' is just too simple and naïve. We are animals, sex is important for us and our survival (and our pleasure). Don't deny that. And certainly don't think that things were better in the past decades, they were different, the meaning and experience of sex was different, but not better.

Sex isn't everything. But it's much.