By unsatisfied - 29/11/2010 12:13 - Australia

Today, I was lying in bed listening to my neighbors have loud, and what sounded like, enjoyable sex. My boyfriend rolled over and said, "she sounds like fun" before rolling back over and going to sleep. It's been four months. FML
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Go buy an $80 vibrator. That'll make him more competitive. :)


if a guy doesn't want to have sex with you in four months I don't think it's him. you must be a she cow

Agree. I wanted to say something about communication for the first time in my FML-life, but actually, he communicated. He did it in a bad way, but still, he did it. Saying 'she sounds like fun', is like giving you an open invitation to...euhm...tickle his pickle. But you didn't. You don't sound like fun. And then you're surprised it's four months ago? Are you too ******* lasy to get him in the mood, eventhough you're expecting him to do it? Communication, communication, tralalalalala.

agreed with 11. he's either gay or cheating on you. most normal guys are sex happy. 4 months is WAY to long!

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Oh piss off. There's a thing called a sex drive and mine isn't that high. Does that make me abnormal since I'm not "sex happy"?

Wow, that really sucks. No sexy sexy for you.

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Four month is like... forever... :o

You know, 24, you're pretty. Just sayin.

4 months is a long time when you are in s relationship. Maybe you went 10 months, but I bet you were single. I went a year when I was single, but that's completely different

Come on now! 4 months is nothing! I've gone 17 years.

#42 u need to get laid. Go. Now. haha. btw op consider gettin that neighbor of yours into your room someday

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What I was implying is that wating 4 month in a adult relationship is long; as single too tho :)

I'm 20 and I never had sex before in my life.

#70 I didn't have sex until I was almost 21. You're not the only one...

70 your a hot asian i will change that! but you have to work out you tight asian pussy a little for me

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Go buy an $80 vibrator. That'll make him more competitive. :)

why/why not? initiate it? talk to him about why he won't? give him a good bj? dress sexy for him? spice it up? wear a kinky outfit (I hear sexy school girl is the best, kind of worries me how many guys fantasies are to be pedos though) or just get better in bed?

are you sure he didn't say "he sounds like fun?" because 4 months is really damn long...especially when you're not even married. just sayin

And when you are married, 4 months is like a speed bump.

when you are married the correct answer, when your friends ask about frequency, is always, "once or twice a week" ...even if it has been 4 months. It becomes marital cliche. like how coaches always say, "we've gotta take one game at a time" during every post-game interview. :)

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not true at all unless you both get lazy and out of shape and yes, i am married

I've been married almost 4 years, and besides the six weeks after our daughter was born, we've never gone more than a week without sex.

What about the nines moths before the baby was born?

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oh wow.. four months since you had sex? sounds like it's time for a talk. people go through lulls or whatever, but I don't think you go 4 months without sex for no reason. there could be some medical explanation, so he could ask a doctor. if not... well, nothing wrong with not being in the mood occasionally, but 4 months must mean a serious underlying problem

will you be my psychiatrist? your beauty is therapy enough :D

and you Yankees quite the douchebag choch's..

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Maybe it's because his gf doesn't "sound like fun".

show him you can have fun too and have a neighborly sex battle instead of writing a FML like a dork...

And video-tape said sex battle and post it on the internet for us to vote on. If it's been 4 months, though, you'll have to put up quite a fight to compete with your horny neighbors.

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When I lived in an apartment, I would sometimes hear our neighbors having sex. The guy would make these weird grunting and croaking noises! Like a moose during mating season.

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