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...except it's not actually funny; it's just a typo. The only reason it gets any attention at all is because of whose typo it was. If some people don't like Trump that's fine, but it seems to me that using a simple mistake of a sort that we've all made as a reason for that hate says more about the haters that it does about the hated.


No, it doesn't mean that, that is some made up shit. I followed that reference back and it just links to some misspelled nonsense based on an imaginary 'bible code'. If that it all you have to defend Trump then you are in a pretty bad way. And why defend the illiterate bozo any way?

  RinoaHeartilly  |  36

That's what I was thinking. Any time I question how something got approved I get suspended for a week. Which is bullshit because a system that doesn't allow you to question it is absurd.

  Cali  |  54

In the original tweet it was supposed to be "coverage", unless you want to believe Spicer's implication that it had special meaning understood only by the president and a "small group of people." Covfspiracy theories abound... I'm betting it's his safeword.

By  Leviathene  |  34


  RichardPencil  |  30

He clearly did not win "fair and square." He clearly cheated by conspiring with Russia.

The only real question is will he get off easy by going to prison or will he be executed for treason.