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its not really his fault. after guys cum they can get real tired. Has to do with testosterone... i think. I get tired after sex cuz of cumming all the time. really its not his fault. and for all of u who are saying that she's bad.... shut up. xoxo Perdix tell me if im right.


because your not second

hah yeah. and a month? dammnnnn

It's not necessarily her fault, falling asleep while in the middle of sex isn't a very common thing but it can happen to men who do not masterbate.

Lol so none of us?

this is not true... even if you were ugly... he would not fall asleep....

I'd stick it in her once twice maby even 3 times

how do u suck at sex?

awww that jerk if he wasnt interested then he couldve said so >____>.

you just ain't gettin it good

maybe your not as exciting as you may think

He's just not that into you

actually it's true.. I'm tht guy

hahaha sucks for you. guess your vagine is like a hollow hallway...

do u not know how to spell vagina dummy

Hahaha that makes me laugh vagine :) Hahahaha!!!