By disapointed girl - 28/12/2009 16:58 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of a month and I had sex for the first time. We started in the shower and then moved to his bedroom. He then feel asleep when I was on top. FML
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omargosh 1

your fault.

its not really his fault. after guys cum they can get real tired. Has to do with testosterone... i think. I get tired after sex cuz of cumming all the time. really its not his fault. and for all of u who are saying that she's bad.... shut up. xoxo Perdix tell me if im right.


omargosh 1

your fault.

because your not second

monkeybanana 7

hah yeah. and a month? dammnnnn

It's not necessarily her fault, falling asleep while in the middle of sex isn't a very common thing but it can happen to men who do not masterbate.

Lol so none of us?

HyperExecuter 0

this is not true... even if you were ugly... he would not fall asleep....

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brafry12997 0

I'd stick it in her once twice maby even 3 times

how do u suck at sex?

awww that jerk if he wasnt interested then he couldve said so >____>.

liplikesuga99 0

you just ain't gettin it good

maybe your not as exciting as you may think

jaay666 7


DBkkk 0

He's just not that into you

matineesuxxx 1

actually it's true.. I'm tht guy

thinmint 0

hahaha sucks for you. guess your vagine is like a hollow hallway...

brafry12997 0

do u not know how to spell vagina dummy

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ladybuggirl1234 3

Hahaha that makes me laugh vagine :) Hahahaha!!!