By waiterrrrrrrrr - United States
Today, I was working my shift at a fancy restaurant and it had been a really hard day. My parents came in to have dinner and surprise me. After paying, they left a note saying they would see me at home. It also said "By the way, no tip, because you stink at serving." FML
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By  som_fml  |  0

Can't blame you. I hate it when family/friends come in to "surprise" me. That's not happily surprising someone, that's rubbing their recreational freedom in your face and then leaving without you.

  ManImCool  |  0

literally kick your dad in the nuts and punch your mom in the ovaries when you see them. if you've ever worked in the restaurant business, you'd understand that no one deserves to be stiffed on a tip.

  dusty1030  |  0

I used to work in a restaurant, and yes, some people deserve to be stiffed. Especially when they suck. So ydi for sucking at your job, not because your parents didn't tip you.

By  Dalarsco  |  0

I had to vote for both. On one hand, you are related to assholes, so your life sucks. But on the other hand, if not even your parents would tip you then you must really stink.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Well, OP said it was a long and hard day. It must have been a relief to be able wait on people you would think she wouldn't HAVE to impress. So, she probably didn't do as well as she normally does.


That is what I was thinking. She probably didnt even expect a tip from her parents so she just slacked off a bit. No harm in that. Hey, going to the table too much may even seem like it's interfering with the job so.