By Anonymous - 18/04/2011 03:12 - United States

Today, I was finally having sex with the man of my dreams, and then he fell asleep on top of me. FML
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I think it's because she doesn't suck in bed.

hwilly 0

Damn, next time your on top ha


Especially if the man of her dreams is heavy xD

Why arent you sleeping OP? How else can he meet you in your dreams? haha!!

ImaWiseGuy 5

catch one and I'm sleeping in it......

so many of these falling asleep during sex fmls

well someone forgot to practice ha:]

gutzz 0

No, he wanted her to be the girl of his dreams. Have to be sleeping to dream....

how's this an FML? sleep doesn't stop the fun, just roll him off you and get a camera out

sorry babe you're just too boring :)

RedPillSucks 31

She's gorgeous. Apparently being too Malaysian is not such a bad thing.

you make a very good point, I withdrawal my comment from earlier in the most boring way possible, or something, I'll shut the f%#k up now

hwilly 0

Damn, next time your on top ha

Maybe when he fell asleep he was dreaming of having sex with the girl of his dreams...

I don't think that will help haha...if he fell asleep being on top, he's guaranteed to fall asleep being bottom

ya but at least she would be able to finish up while ontop!

haha is he still the man of your dreams?

#27 Correction. Now he's gone to meet the girl of HIS dreams.

gutzz 0

not anymore, things get soft after you fall asleep....

ClingyOtter 4

Chantel, I hope you realize they're not actually talking to you...?

OOHHHH hahahah I knew that. I was gonna say, I did not understand what was going on.:P

Hmmm it was a tough mental puzzle, glad you got there in the end.

To be honest, this app has a slightly confusing comment section. It should break it up into sections with who replied to who, not just a whole. Oh well xD We've all been there

I think it's because she doesn't suck in bed.

yeah I suppose it depends on when he fell asleep. if it was during then definitely fml but if it was after then u did a great job!

I was kinda thinking the same thing :L

moble15 0

or maybe he wasn't in the mood but try to do it to plase you. failed

mind_geek 15

no. she SUCKS in bed all right. She really sucks... :D

What a thoughtful lover! It's only bound to get better!

Im guessing you need to improve your technique to keep him awake.

or stop drugging him to get him to sleep with her...

Daerauko 0

yeah, my guess is that she got him drunk. dude shot his load and passed out. stop taking guys home from the bar. haven't heard of women so desperate they slip men mickies. guess there has to be some

well, ejaculation releases hormones in the male body that can cause drowsiness and that's why after sex, most guys roll over and instantly fall asleep instead of cuddling. if he did cum, that's why he fell asleep, or you need to perform better.

Maybe you were the woman of his dreams, so he decided to fall asleep? Nah, I don't know, sucks OP. Maybe you should work on your moves.

yeah just starfishing isn't a turn on op! stick a finger in his butthole to get going again!

How selfish of you, OP. He has to chase the women of his dreams as well, you not being one. Boom, rejected.

You should've been on top. Also, maybe he was tired of all the other women he's been sleeping with.