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Today, is the third day since I opened my small coffee shop. My parents had given me a nice frame to put my first dollar from working in. I had to sneak in a dollar from my own wallet so they wouldn't know how bad business was when they came to visit. FML
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Maybe you need to rethink your business plan.

Things will pick up. Just need a few people to spread the word


Maybe you need to rethink your business plan.

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Get some ads out, make a Facebook group, posters/flyers, don't give up just yet

Stick with it dude. They say that when you start a business, you slog for 365 days with very little business and on 366th day, you'll be on a roll. All the best OP.

These are the very first days of your business OP. I hope you'll have a great success soon.

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Ahh, the american dream at it's finest.


Now everyone on FML knows about it, free advertising.

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71) the only location we have is that it's in the US that's like saying "my shoe store is in russia" America is a big country.

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Yeah get some ads , and do a website. Where is it at I love coffee

Unfortunately, the first day is the most important of them all. You've missed any opportunity for pre-planning... My suggestion would be to try and advertise anywhere any everywhere possible.

Things will pick up. Just need a few people to spread the word

I'll start. GET YOUR MOTHERF- COFFEE NOW! Censored because I honestly don't remember if writing the whole thing is allowed or not. Any enlightening from a mod, anyone?

31 - If people can write about their dicks, and other things of that sort on this website I don't see what a little swear word can harm. **** **** **** ****

@31: Shit sis, ain't no thing. We're pretty ******' laid-back here, so spit that shit like there's no tomorrow. Fo' sho'.

I wish I could give Sirin a thumbs up.

Advertisements! You need to get noticed.

Advertisements could include: posters, fliers, a crazy old man spreading the word, aerial flags, smoke writing above your shop (made by plane), shouting really loudly through a microphone, spamming on the Internet (YouTube, twitter, Facebook, tumblr, etc), TV, a car wash with sexy woman, telling friends and family, get a vehicle with your shop's name on it and drive around in it and make a Popsicle franchise to widen your business. Hope this helped.

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Get yourself a cool viral video going. Worked for Dollar Shave Club and Chuck Testa. Just, you know, don't copy... "Is our coffee any good? No... Our coffee is ******* great!" "You probably thought this coffee was from Starbucks. It's not. It's from (enter name of shop here)." Yeah, don't do that.

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Yes! Try Groupons or Living Social they usually bring in all the business people can handle. Also make sure you have regular hours, a very visible sign, and a gimmick like free small coffee with pastry purchase.

You will get business eventually. It's only the third day. Good luck op.

Advertise and tell your friends to come over! Business has its ups and downs (:

Woah! Deja vu! Oh no wait, you just said what Skoomaki said, never mind.

Well, yeah... 2 seconds after he said it. I'm sure she said: "Hey, I'm gonna copy Skoomaki and write what he did", then proceeded to write and post her comment. In 2 seconds.

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Hard work always pays off mate! Relax give ur 100% success will come to your door! Cheers.

Not true. I was chasing this girl FOREVER and it didn't work out. I don't know whether she ran track or what, but she didn't get tired for a while even though she was screaming at the top of her lungs and spraying ample pepper spray out behind her. Point is she got away. All that hard work for nothing. Guess we all have that one who got away...

You know, I was reading your comment and read "apple pepper spray," and thought, why, that sounds delightful! Then I read it over and felt disappointed.

Apple and pepper mixed together? No thank you

Awweee I'm really sorry to hear that. I'm sure you just need to get the word out about your business. I hope it works out for you OP.

Really? That's surprising. I thought the world practically ran on coffee these days.

Yes, but it's also about convenience. "How fast can I get my coffee?"

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17 - Exactly, that's why I have the good stuff delivered intravenously. My heart just feels like its going to explode hasn't yet.

It's been three days. Companies don't profit until a few months in

38, she hasn't taken a single dollar! never mind about profit she hasn't even got the money to break even yet!

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I don't know about the world but 'America runs on Dunkin!' Should've opened a DD.

not really sure why I was thumbed down, I was making a statement that's true :/

104 - No, you read it wrong. 38 was clearly just saying that it's no surprise that the coffee shop hasn't had much business, because the shop has only been open for a few days, which wouldn't bring in that much of a profit. Read before you write.

Sell some Krabby Paties. Krabs earned his first dollar easily.

I was about to ask if this reminded anyone else of Mr. Krabs. Just don't get any paint on your dollar!

Krabs lives in bikini bottom. Just thought i'd point that out .. (y)

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37- and the point of this comment is...?

Give it time! Get promotions and advertise well.