By Anonymous - 16/06/2009 22:58 - United States

Today, while on my daily jog, I passed a very attractive girl. While passing her, she yelled "hey cutie". Trying to look cool, I tried turning around without stopping. I then fell off the curb and severely sprained my ankle. She caught up to help but was laughing the entire time. FML
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dyingstart 0

At least she helped you.

She stopped to help you....might be a good way to start a conversation with her...


jb2012 0

that (b)itch. that was rude of her.

#39 is right. Stop trying to impress and be somebody you're not. I hope this chick dumps your pathetic fake ass. YDI

How so? She helped him up.

blueberriies 0


guess u really fell for her huh?

^ fail. Stop trying to be cool.

dyingstart 0

At least she helped you.

lol yeah this is a great excuse for them to start going out. alot of girls would find that adorable. i sure do

Deja Vu much?

Oh cool, it's a RAID 0 setup for this comment. AWESOME!

augustdanielle 0

I hope you got her number, haha!

LuckyCharms_fml 0

Go Eat a bunch of dick (or a bag of something that phrase is usually used for bag of shit idk what the D is) Die in a fire you Piece of shit douchebag

smorgasm 0

really, this is just opportunity calling, i hope you took the chance to talk dumbass. if shes in the mood to laugh, make the best of it.

hellokittywhore 0

I agree with 57 I would find that adorable I myself am a walkin disaster, In a completely flat and empty room I will find something to trip on!! so it's not a turn off just cute I think^^

OP should have laughed about it then they would go lut

She could've queefed on you. O_o

She stopped to help you....might be a good way to start a conversation with her...

Lol. You already had it in the bag, why try to sugar coat it by running backwards? Durrr

That's not an FML, that could be a cute "how we met" tale You'll live, I'm sure.

And you weren't like, "Hay, when I'm at the hospital recovering from this grievous injury you're gonna be there to help nurse me back to health and in the process fall madly in love with me, right?" Or at least get her number for the trouble looking at her caused you.

what? She helped you, and was laughing? So what! Why didnt you take advantage of the situation and try to sweep her off her feet!

STVader 0

seriously, OP is an idiot. This is the perfect opportunity to bag a date...

Exact same concept from My Best Friend's Girl Though he was a pimp and worked the "accident" to his advantage ;)

wow 9 nice joke he severely injured his ankle

Sounds like something I would do, hope you got her number.

all4pooh 4

Yea some girls fall for the weird clumsy ones lol

^ Was the pun intended?

Anonymous409 0

did you get with her at least?

breenarae25 0

is he your gf now?