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Today, I left my brand new iPod Touch outside. There had been a drought for the past 3 weeks. Not anymore. FML
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YDI for leaving it outside. Now you know better.

I wish people would stop saying "itouch".


YDI for leaving it outside. Now you know better.


yea i did that with my psp like 2 years ago...but now i have an itouch....that i dont leave outside :]

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Exaclty, mine fell in the toilet but my mom just said "it stopped working" and they gave me a new one. but youll be lucky dont ever do it again, because they might not give you a new one. (YDI for leaving it out tho, i keep mine by me at all times)

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i thought it was you did it o.o

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hey guys, im the one that posted this, and because i own the iPod, i can call it whatever the hell i want to. my ITOUCHes actual name that i gave it it Priscilla, so **** off all you anal ass holes who have nothing better to do than piss yourselves over the dumbest shit.

Oh I found an iTouch outside turns out it was my friends friend iTouch oh well already have an iTouch

why do ppl say itouch.. its an ipod touch and doesnt anyome else think itouch is kinda nasty? lol. YDI for leaving it out

wanna know why they didnt make an ipod touch for kids? cause theyd have to call it an itouchkids. :3

we've all heard that joke. seriously what would an iPod touch kids version do that a normal one couldnt

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You would think an ingenious company like apple would add a waterproof seal to their products

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159- I bet you're a rich brat. If my iPod touch fell in the toilet and stopped working, my parents would kick my ass and never in my life get me another one, or anything electronic in general. And OP deserved it.

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Stop talking in caps "freaking loser"

Why would you ever leave expensive new electronics outside at all? Besides those things are sealed tight it should be fine, plus you should still have a warranty.

I don't really blame him for THAT, I have an iPod touch and it's tricky not to blurt iTouch out, as well it's very annoying that other people have shorter names for their devices. not really a big deal..

That was pretty stupid of you now wasn't it.

That's why I never leave anything electronic outside.

I wish people would stop saying "itouch".

SAME HERE its called and IPOD touch, itouch sounds like ur a pedo

Yeah, I was going to ask what an iTouch was. I know the iPod Touch and the iPhone, but iTouch sounds like special tracking software for pedophiles.

Agreed. There is an MP3 player called the iTouch out there but it certainly isn't made by Apple. In regards to the OP, my iPod Touch never leaves my pocket or the desk I'm sitting at. I could understand leaving something like a Shuffle or Nano outside, but the Touch is more like a mini computer than an iPod so why would you just leave it lying around?

Haha. "iTouch". xDDD "iDon't give a **** how it's suppose to be said" is what I would respond with if I was the OP to all of these people bitching about such a trivial thing. "IT'S iPOD TOUCH." WHO GIVES A SHIT.

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An iTouch is actually a Logitech keyboard. That's why it's important.

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My Itouch is allways safe and allways with me

Why the **** was this comment downvoted?

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