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Today, I was at the movies with my mom and dad, and the preview to my "My Sisters Keeper" came on. The trailer started out with "Most babies are accidents..." Right as that line was finished my mom elbowed me and laughed. FML
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  anuskina  |  0

I was an accident too. my moms reminds me of it once in a while, particularly when she knows im dating someone and to have a vivid proof that condoms dont always work.

its not that sad once u get used to it. cuz, after all, it wasnt ur fault to be born but theirs.

  desertkitt  |  0

I'm gunna say that's not necessarily true. My mom had cysts on her ovaries and the Dr she went to said she couldn't get pregnant (plus her and My bio-dad were HEAVY druggies). And what do you know? Three months later she finds out she's pregnant with a three month old wee lil bairn.

This isn't an FML or a YDI, it's a "Grow the Fuck Up and Get Over Yourself". Most babies are, in fact, NOT PLANNED. Apparently your Mom still loves you enough to take you to a friggin movie and sit next to you for God sakes.


Okay, #153- I'm just gonna have to say you need to settle down. You have a point about the most babies are not planned... But this is an FML. I would die a little bit if my mom did that to me. They could be close, or she could be adopted, then she'd most likely be an accident?
Anyways. FYL, hope you enjoyed the movie?:-/


My mom got pregnant with me before my parents got married. my sister was born when i was 15 months old and then my parents got divorced when i was 3. so i balme my self for the fact my parents got married cause my mom was pregnant, they had only know each other for a few months and yeah


I was planned and so were my three older siblings. Everyone on my dads side was planned and every one on my moms side was planned(except for my uncles kid kids and their kids kids) I like the idea that they wanted me and it wasn't hell when they found out my mom was pergneat! But there's nothing wrong with being an accident, half of my friends are!

  SammyS2012  |  21

I'm the best accident that happened to my mom :)

Seriously, my brother, sister, and I were all unplanned; and our parents love us dearly; obsessed with us really :)

Doesn't mean they love you less!

By  black4wolf  |  0


And I hope Your mom gets cancer..

Dont watch that movie.. its stupid... Its about some bald kids that are sick..

I think its more of a comdey

Cancer isnt funny