By Anonymous - 16/10/2010 09:57 - United States

Today, I started some laundry late at night. Once my clothes were in the washer for about a half hour, I got bored and I decided I would listen to my iPod. After looking for it for another 15 minutes, I remembered where I'd left it; in my jacket... which is now nice and clean. FML
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This is why you always check your pockets before doing laundry.

You know, saying you aren't one just makes you seem more like one.


deadlydeadd 2

haha you fail

zerobahamut03 2

YDI for not checking your pockets before throwing them in to be washed. =( At least your music is backed up on your computer right? Hopefully maybe it'll work when it dries...


who puts stuff in their jacket? my iPod is always in my pants pocket. what's with the world?

daphnizzle 0

This exact same thing happened to me :(

Fon't turn it on (turn it off if necessary) and put it in rice.

All of my 800 music files got deleted off of itunes when my mom was trying to save space on our computer so im STILL trying to get it all back whilst also getting new music and going on with my life. (yes i am going to get an external hard drive when i get it all back. thanks for asking.)

hockeyplayer82 0

like my mom always said "CHECK YOUR POCKETS!!!!!!"

I'm pretty sure it's nice and moist now too...

stephanie0613 0

Ughh i've done this so many times. That's why i get warranty with everything i buy, i've had about 6 ipod's.

l3allin_all_day 0

if it's nice and clean how is this a fail

read it again

l3allin_all_day 0

I wasn't really being serious

This is why you always check your pockets before doing laundry.

tacobird123 7

sucks op, happened to me with my iron maiden tickets, feel your pain..

Dude, that's even worse than losing an iPod. I would go insane if I did that to my Iron Maiden tickets.

FYLDeep 25

Were they actually ruined though?

tacobird123 7

I know D: fuck I missed out, my cousin met Steve Harris :|

I officially hate your cousin.

#5 I'm thinking I really like your hair. and your taste in music. just sayin' XD

holy fuck, maiden tickets? shit dude, I would cry if that happened

Always keep your tickets somewhere safe. Especially if it's for something like Iron Maiden

Your ipod is now nice and clean...and broken....

I went sledding with my iPod in my jacket pocket =P After I soaked it in rice overnight, it was fine. Try that, OP! That was a 2nd generation iPod touch that I bought myself in 2008 when I was 13. I put that poor thing through hell but it still works today :)

That's why you check your pockets before you put wash in. Hopefully the iPod still works. I've had a few things go through the washer and had them still work - one of the reasons why I ALWAYS check pockets now.

try putting it in the dryer :P

No stupid. The microwave!

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your soooooooo beautiful! :) just saying message me, not a creeper just love making friends :)

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haha, Fail.

FYLDeep 25

I've heard of people bleaching the little water damage thing in the comer of the iPod white and then sending it in for replacement.