By oneiPodlighter - 10/10/2013 03:03 - United States - Conshohocken

Today, my "friend" came over. I caught him trying to steal my iPod on the way out. Proud of myself for catching him, I asked him to leave, only to realize that I had forgotten to actually take the iPod back from him before he left. FML
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Kinda defeats the purpose

Way to go, sport!


Way to go, sport!

\ 28

It must take balls of lead to steel so blatantly.

Gearden 8

It must take a brain of lead to steal so blatantly. He is an idiot and an douche bag.

It must take steel of lead to brain so blatantly

#18 it must take a brain of lead to say something that stupid.

#31 you have restored some of my faith in humanity

I'm so confused.

\ 28

Wow, I misspelled "steal" and got buried. Sorry about the bad, unintentional pun

Kinda defeats the purpose

We've all had moments of forgetfulness though so we can relate. I remember a few weeks ago I had my Ipad in one hand and a glass of water in the other. I wanted to throw my Ipad onto my bed but used the wrong hand....I'm a retard -_-

What kind of friends do you have OP?

AnOriginalName 19

Friends who are so desperate that they'll swipe a few rolls of deodorant. And iPods, apparently.

Rolls of deodorant?

Sadly, I understand the deodorant feeling #17 pointed out. It surprised me as well when I found out what was happening with all of my deodorant.

It is a reference to another FML.

Shitty ones.

Thieves and hookers ....

What a horrible friend

This wouldn't happen to be the person that made the fml saying they were going to steal deodorant from a friend was it?

"Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here?"

Back to the Future II reference, ftw! :D I'm such a movie geek... ;P

Not that that's not one awesome quote, but how the **** is it relevant?!

Gearden 8

it's back to the future. It never has to be relevant because it's awesome.

#21 OP --asked him to. . . "leave" Think, McFly! Think!

It's also a Boondock Saints reference. "Why don't you make like a tree and get the f*ck out of here!" Awesome movie.

These comments are about as funny as a screen door on a submarine.

I'm pretty sure #14 here was ironic.

Who are you talking to 26?

To the people who thumbed him down.

if only ther was a button for that opinion of yours...

How do you FORGET to take it back? I don't believe your story, OP.

You have "friends" who steal from you AND weren't smart enough to get the iPod back. Common sense is definitely not your strong suit OP.

ilytyvm 25

maybe that's why he has "friends" who steal

BradTheBrony 19

Maybe that's what he was implying.

"Trying" to steal? Looks like he got away with it. Next time chase him down and get it back.


Oh, it's called the Space Bar. It spaces things. ;P

What if I want to be different and not use them!?

Good luck getting far in life.

this is an FML website, who gives a shit. It's not a job or a university class LOL.

blackbeltpsycho 16

I wish I could thumb up #76

Good lord, YouTube comments are unbearable.