By maggie2014 - 23/06/2013 23:48 - United States - Lufkin

Today, I fell asleep listening to my music and tanning at the beach. Not only did I wake up with a sunburn, but my iPhone had been stolen. FML
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For some reason I pictured you having your iPhone on part of your body and everything was burnt except for that iPhone spot.


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The first of many burn puns.

Pwn17 25

Burned twice! That's a second degree burn!

Sounds like the guy who ran off with the someone's beats in the subway.

You didn't hide your phone? The beach has a lot of untrustworthy people.

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Being an android user....i cant understand why anyone would steal an iphone?

Chelsea_bella 20

4 - Obviously to sell it so they can have enough money to buy an android.

grahmagog 14

I see....a method in their madness

Maybe they were an android user who wanted to upgrade, ohhhhhhhh snap!

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Being an iPhone user, I can't understand how anyone would have an Android... See what just happened there? We're different people with *GASP* different opinions.

grahmagog 14

You're an iphone user....your arguement is invalid

I find this thread to be both about advertisement and not fun at all.. And yes, I did take that directly from the comment policy

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Everyone, just use whatever the hell you wanna use, android or iPhone, it doesn't really matter.

You guys argue like your OS is your religion. Live and let live. Actually **** it, I kinda want to see a Crusade between Android and iOS users fighting over the smartphone holy land.

I imagine that you can't understand why you got so many "thumbs down"......iPhone resale value is far higher than android (regardless of wether its a good/bad phone)...just so you understand now.

where would the smartphone holy land be?

I was once an android user. Then I upgraded to an iPhone. Since I have experience with both, I'll say that the IPhone is better.

DenBriZel 31

I used to have an iPhone 4. Then I got a Droid DNA. Most aspects about my Droid I like better than my iPhone. But there are some things I miss about iPhone. There are perks to both. Personally, overall I prefer my DNA, but that's just me. And when this phone breaks I may get another iPhone (though a more up to date model) because who cares? One isn't more superior than the other.

iphone 5, galazy s3, lumia 920, blackberry z10, htc one are all good phones (yes I listed the old editions because apple hasn't released a phone capable of competing with the galaxy s4 yet) just enjoy whatever phone you have, I like my galaxy s3 because you can download songs straight onto it for free without jailbreaking and I like the big screen and the large phone feel in my hand (big hands) but I'd be happy to use any of the other phones above because they're all good in different ways, personally the best phone for me would be a thinner htc one body with a samsung screen and speakers, microsd slot and ios6 (don't like ios7) with the samsung notification bar and soft touch buttons as well as the ability to download free music and torrents straight onto the device and be able to customize like an android

Just get a Windows phone and be done with the fighting

ElementaryEdGuy 18

For some reason I pictured you having your iPhone on part of your body and everything was burnt except for that iPhone spot.

grahmagog 14

A burn within a burn....burnception

That would be awful just because phones get really hot in the sun. Op might have gotten an actual burn in that case

Wizardo 33

I'm going to have to admit you to the burns unit cos that was fire...

No phone, and a sunburn. Both very painful...FYL.

That sucks OP. However IF this was a large, crowded beach you were on, you deserved it because people will steal shit like that. Might i suggest you get an iPhone finder app for your next iPhone.

She deserves it if it was a quiet, secluded beach too, something even worse could have happened to her.