By rybread - United States
Today, I was on a crowded el train listening to my iPod touch. As I stepped off the train, my headphones got caught on a man's jacket and my iPod fell on the floor. The doors shut. I then watched the train pull away. With my iPod on it. FML
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  caittycat95  |  0

sure.. your headphones just happened to be caught on his jacket lol
dude knew what he was doing.
sorry about your I pod though , I could never live without mine.

  null_fml  |  11

#50: Do you know anyone who happens to be literate? I ask because the vast majority of FMLs that get accepted (read: the ones with mostly proper spelling and grammar) are written from a computer.

  Gimmedat  |  0

ohdamnthatsucksomfgthisisafuckingrunonsentenceohnoessnickerdoodlesisgonnakillmeahhhhh*stabbedbysnickerdoodles*cookiesareyummyokayI'mdonenowhaveanicedayand FML.

  drob33  |  0

@50 what the hell does losing an iPod have to
do with posting an FML. we don't know it was
an iPod touch he coulda had an old video and he might have still had an iPhone anyways. there are plenty of ways to post it even if op lost the iPod.

  ashiiya  |  0

Well then you know some pretty weird people cause we do have something called computers that we use to go to sites with, including fml.

As for the OP, seriously, I have it when that happens. It happens to me frequently on the bus when I get up to leave and it gets stuck and if it gets stuck really bad, my mp3 falls down.


179, I didn't think there were people that stupid left on this planet, what with survival of the fittest et cetera et cetera. You would have thought that people like you would have been filtered out, say, a couple of time periods ago... but if not, then not, I suppose.

  newlove_fml  |  0

179 - you probably shouldn't own an iPod if you think the only way to post an fml is via iPod, or think that older iPods that don't have Internet access don't exist.

  vocaloidtiger  |  12

#50 - Hey, guess what, I DO. Actually, the majority of people who use FML use it on their computer ( ), and the website actually came BEFORE the app, if I'm correct. Think before you write bro.