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  Intoxicunt  |  5

Well, if the mom found it, then she must have been doing laundry. And I doubt the kid could have done her own laundry and taken the clothes out WITHOUT seeing it in there. So, the mom must do the kid's laundry. Which means it's mostly the mom's fault (although the kid should take the damn initiative to at least check their own pockets).

  TheLetterZero  |  7

False. If the daughter left it in her pockets before the wash, it is entirely her fault.
Parents cannot be expected to check the pockets of every clothing that goes in the wash.
She left it in her pockets, so she takes the blame.

  alexFYL  |  11

Damn straight. I only check my own pockets before doing the laundry. It's not my fault if my BF decides to leave his new phone in his pants, or an important work paper, etc. If those items were truly important to him, he would remove them and place them in a safe location before throwing his clothes in the laundry hamper.

It is pretty cool when I find change in the washer though. Score! $1.10. That's my payment for doing his laundry.

By  iankennedy17  |  0

she obviously didn't want it that bad, unless her mom took her pants with it in it from her room to wash without asking her. my mom does it all the time even though I tell her not to. my flash drive got washed once because of it.

By  Bud_fml  |  16

Try returning it; some places can be rly nice about that sorta thing
Of course, that's only if you still have the receipt and packaging it came in :|