By ThatCery - United Kingdom
Today, I rang my dad to tell him and my half-sister that I'm finally engaged. I then asked my half-sister to tell my stepmother. Still on speaker, I heard her run upstairs and pass the good news on. My stepmother responded with 'Cery who?', followed by 'So what? I can't stand her'. I'm Cery. FML
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By  perdix  |  29

So what did you do to her?

There's one grandma you can't count on for babysitting. That's a HUGE benefit of grandmas. You should try to patch things up before you have kids.

  perdix  |  29

So you can have a little grown-up time every now and then.

Even if the stepmom still doesn't like Cery then, she most likely would have the common decency not to bad-mouth her to the child. If she doesn't, well, then she's a psycho and Cery shouldn't let her babysit.

  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0

Dude, it's not her grandkids. If she hates Cery and has no blood relation with her, what makes you think she'll be up to babysitting Cery's kids???
The Dad might be up for it, it's his grandkids, but certainly not her.

  arcadiaware  |  0

You realize people use the kids to get back at someone they dislike all the time, right? Psycho or not, if she really dislikes Cery that much, the kids will eventually come home thinking mommy is an alcoholic or something.

By  GodsLittlePain  |  0

#6: Sometimes stepmothers just hate their step kids in general. No use patching if theres nothing to patch.

FML: Well, Guess you know who to NOT invite, Huh? Hope she enjoys feeling rejected and not knowing whats going on when you finally have a little brat of yer own.

  perdix  |  29

You may be right, but I just want Cery to confirm this before we all take her side.

Other times, stepmoms bend over backwards to win the affection of the stepkids, and it is the kids who ruin it out of some loyalty to their birth moms.

  girlygirl666  |  0

Or it could be that she didn't do anything to her step- mother at all. Maybe the step-mom is jealous of Cery's relationship with her father. Maybe she looks like her mom, and she's feeling salty about that for any number of reasons. Maybe Cery is prettier than her own daughter, and she's jealous for her daughter's sake. It could even be that she suspects her husband favors her over her half-sister.

Who knows? It could be worth talking it out to get to the real issue. If she honestly just dislikes you, OP, then say "screw her" and move on. You've got a wedding to plan!