By d4rkxf0x - 22/07/2014 15:54 - United States - Lindale

Today, I found the iPod touch that my mother claimed was stolen at the mall a few years ago, lying on her bed, still logged in to her Facebook. Thanks, mom. FML
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I feel your pain my mother did that with my gameboy

nlm92 15

Time to take revenge via her Facebook status!!!!


I feel your pain my mother did that with my gameboy

My mom did that with my science book once. #horriblechildhoodmemories

No you don't feel the same pain.. There is a huge difference between an IPOD and a Gameboy. The OP's mom was using the iPod. I don't think your mom was on the Gameboy._. Right?

Your mother plays pokemon? I'd say you're life rocks!

Nathan_h24 17

I dont think you understand the pain of a losing a gameboy #11

gameboys are awesome why wouldn't she be on it?

Well actually it was a gameboy ds which i bought for 200$ so its about the same price

So no not that big of a difference

#16 The Nintendo DS isn't a gameboy -.- the Gameboy is another device so you should have said it was a DS.

#13 Your * Not you're. You're = You Are.

Sorry I meant #12 not 13

#25 DS is still a gameboy they are all gameboys like gameboy advance, colour etc.

iOceanus 18

35: "Nintendo DS" not GameBoy DS.

asnakelovinbabe 16

I'm a mother who plays pokemon and plenty of other games, but I won't ever be too cheap to buy something for my daughter and then pretend someone stole it. I'll just save money and make sure we both have one to enjoy, and if that means I have to wait a while to get mine, so be it. I don't understand how a parent could do that and live with themselves. How do you look your child in the eye and tell them it is wrong to lie and steal if you yourself are a liar and a thief.

#35 Please, Don't Say stuff you dont know. Hell NO a DS is not a gameboy. I've worked at an electronics shop for 2 years and I've been a computer geek since i was a little kid. There is the original Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color,Gameboy Advance ,Gameboy Advance SP and Gameboy Micro. a DS is not a gameboy, never was and never will be. Just because it was launched by Nintendo it does not mean its a gameboy.

#35 the DS is a new series of hand held gaming consoles. Gameboy- 1 screen. DS- 2 screens (1 touchscreen, 1 normal screen.)

katina1236 20

I have a nintendo DS with a gameboy slot. Yes it's a DS but still qualifies as a gameboy. Maybe not to you but it does to me.

#43 Well first of all, the gameboy DID NOT support game cartridges till 2001. When the GameboyAdvance was released. The original gameboy was released in 1989 and it didn't have a slot to put games in it. So yeah It is true that ONLY the first two models of the Nintendo DS had a GameboyAdvance Slot. The latest Nintendo DS to support GameboyAdvance games was released in 2006. But that does NOT make it a Gameboy. This is called backward compatibility. There is a cable available to connect GameboyAdvance cartridges to your PC. It is just like the slot on the DS. But Does that make your PC a gameboy? I don't think so :)

The DS is its own line of handheld consoles. A DS is as much of a Gameboy as Gameboy is a Game & Watch. Also being able to play games of another thing doesn't make it that. My gamecube is not a Gameboy advance. The wii isn't a gamecube. Playing older systems is something companies do since people are more likely to buy it. it means there are more playable games for it from the start, even though most aren't made specifically for the new system, plus gives the option of selling the old system to afford the new one, causing an increase in sales.

Of course the original gameboy and gameboy color had cartridges! What else did you think they came on?

43 the orriginal gameboy did have a slot for games. how else would you play the 716 games that it had? The slot is right on the back, you should look up a picture of one

After a little thinking i realized that i was wrong

asnakelovinbabe 16

Someone on the internet has admitted they were wrong. I'm pretty sure hell is now frozen over. Seriously though, major props to you for that.

50 I meant it did not have game cartridges like the one on the GBA and DS.

I became a computer geek reading this thread. Thanks guys!

asnakelovinbabe 16

So that's how it works? I'm off to read a thread about space now so I can become an astronomer.

My brother did the same thing with the old cell phones I'd get from my mom

NemusKiller 5

Maybe she didn't use the Gameboy but the batteries could have another use...

#11 clearly you don't understand that she just wanted to catch them all.

54 yes, it did. they were bigger than the gba and ds ones, but they did use game cartridges or as they are also known as game paks.

My dad did the same thing with my gba

77 I just meant they weren't the same one gosh. She was saying a Nintendo DS is a game boy cause it has the same slot for cartridges but I told tell that the GBA slot was introduced in 2001. I was saying the Ds didn't have the same one as the original gameboy.

73 has a good point. Batteries are extremely rare to find in my household.

What?!?! You're moms a bitch man

That's ****** up..

Technically, she wasn't lying.

That depends where she was when she stole it. May still have been technically lying.

mysadlyfe 9

Some mom! Sorry OP!

nlm92 15

Time to take revenge via her Facebook status!!!!

Though it is a good revenge, it could get OP grounded or some other form of punishment. If she steals things from her own child, she'd most likely isn't fair to him and could punish him. I hope she doesn't, though. :(

I think I'd risk the punishment if I was mad enough...

Screw y'all. Fuck her Facebook up. REVEEENNNNNNGE

My mom did that to me too. She even made me buy a new one.

Thats pretty ****** up.

Goblin182 26

Well #5, at least after you bought a new one she didn't steal that one and leave the old one for you.

mr_aaaaaaaa 12

Hmmm, that sucks, I would be angry if anyone even my parents take my stuffs without my permission, talk to ur mum and she still do that to u, time to move out

Move out? Seriously? You are one extremely volatile element!

nlm92 15

Moving out is hardly the cakewalk many people seem to think it is... Believe me you don't wanna rush into it over an iPod...

QueenofWheels 13

Volatile? They said move out not kill her. I wouldn't want to live with somebody who steals.

It's not a cakewalk, as you say, but if if someone as that blatantly disrespectful, it could be a step to consider.

Time to make some ridiculously embarrassing Facebook posts.

Well maybe she didn't lie to you. It was stolen at the mall. By her. _.

XxAlonexX4 2

well now you can take it back xD gotta look at the bright side there lol

PassiveAggresive 12

Well how about some payback! She's still logged in on her Facebook right?