By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, I bought a new Ipod to replace my old one which decided to stop working. After purchasing my new nano Ipod, I decided to bang my old Ipod on the desk very hard because it was useless. It started working again. FML
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  fatvader64  |  5

it happened to me I washed my iPod nano and I bought the iPod touch and a couple months later I tired my iPod nano again and it worked perfectly so I gave it to my gf as a present and she loves it hahaha double win for me :)

  Seba_2020  |  0

well that isnt bad at all. Shows us all a lesson: things are fixed with love and care. Do the right thing with the old one... give it to a randomn kid on the street!

  Jessi2487  |  0

complain complain complain. put the old nano in the new box and take it back to the store. not only do u have a new ipod but u have a new ipod for free. case closef


u think it'd work for me since I dropped my iPod in the toilet and now the only thing it won't do is play my favourite songs.. plays all the other ones tho idk y.. prolly in spite of me for being a bad mommy xP