By Anonymous - 27/09/2010 15:51 - United Kingdom

Today, I bought a new Ipod to replace my old one which decided to stop working. After purchasing my new nano Ipod, I decided to bang my old Ipod on the desk very hard because it was useless. It started working again. FML
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bang your head. Maybe you'll have the same result

Just return the new one. It isn't rocket science now is it?


Sexywifey91 0

well sucks that you wasted money!!!

IphonFML 6

hahahah thats happened to me before. But i didnt get a new one:P, just smashed the old one and started workkkkinnggg.

mona_is_here 10

Should have put your rage into action much earlier. YDI

Tasanasanta 0

It's called the Armegedon technique. It's how they fix things in Soviet Russia.. AND IT ALWAYS WORKS! Kudos to those who get this

Brittaneyyy 0

here's a easy fix try returning it

lucky. now u got 2 iPods

it happened to me I washed my iPod nano and I bought the iPod touch and a couple months later I tired my iPod nano again and it worked perfectly so I gave it to my gf as a present and she loves it hahaha double win for me :)

well that isnt bad at all. Shows us all a lesson: things are fixed with love and care. Do the right thing with the old one... give it to a randomn kid on the street!

zp5 4

what an idiot. "iPod" is lowercase i and uppercase P. GET IT RIGHT!

Jessi2487 0

complain complain complain. put the old nano in the new box and take it back to the store. not only do u have a new ipod but u have a new ipod for free. case closef

It is called " Fixing things in russian style"

ifyouseekamy666 0

u think it'd work for me since I dropped my iPod in the toilet and now the only thing it won't do is play my favourite songs.. plays all the other ones tho idk y.. prolly in spite of me for being a bad mommy xP the other one. problem solved. the other one. problem solved.

pwincessa23 1

so??? just sell it cuz it works now n u got a new one! not an fml

my old iPod started working 6 months after I bought a new one too!

umm sell the old one on ebay

don't return it. keep it as back up. murphy's law says as soon as you return it, your old one dies for good

This is the best idea

then sell it dummy

or return the new iPod

or just keep both. seriously I'd love to have two iPods. then I'd have the memory for all my music and apps.

lilhedz 0

it's a nano

Just return the new one. It isn't rocket science now is it?


No, rocket science deals with rockets, not iPods.

lol @ Lou. exactly

tngodzilla 0

oh good one magnafox, you are cunning.


who is magnafox?

that's hilarious. FYL

lol you got a nano

fatalkiss 0

ok, not an fml. you have two iPods

agreed. no fml here.

Mervin22 6

Wow. you're a cutie!


Sun_Kissed18 25

Zero fml, obviously she had the money to buy it, so just return it or shut up and be happy

I'm agreeing with Mervin, and that's to say the least.

ur beautifulllll

mintcar 9

Return it? Or sell it. Simple.

yeah I don't get what's so bad about this.

How is this a FML. This is a WIN.

bang your head. Maybe you'll have the same result

haa good one

afallingstar 22

obviously it didn't work that's why they posted this as an fml

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agree wit # 8

snickergiggles 0

agreed with the rest . congratulations on having the money to go get a new one right away.

someones a cutie(;

Someone's a creeper ;]

natilie69 0

i agree with 68 :)

a snickerdoodles wannabe?