By Adam - 18/11/2009 21:57 - United States

Today, my iPod dropped out of my pocket while I was walking. Trying to be cool, I attempted to kick it back into the air to catch it before it hit the ground. Upon making contact with my foot, It ended up detaching from my headphones and flying 10 feet. Right into a sewer grate. FML
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See? This is why you never "try to be cool." It never works; never. iPods aren't for kicking, you fool. YDI.

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HAH, Sucks for you. YDI though, for trying to 'look cool'


See? This is why you never "try to be cool." It never works; never. iPods aren't for kicking, you fool. YDI.

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Actually they are I will take any iPod/iPhone and punt that bitch -Zune FTW

Actually, iPods aren't made not even to fall on the ground.


The iPod sucks so bad, no one buys them, no one likes them, everyone i know haters them and the iPhone sucks so bad because they only have only a million apps for the store, suck on our 12 apps! /sarcasm Actually I just bought a 16gb iPod Nano Orange yesterday to compliment my 8gb iPod Touch :-))))

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I actually enjoy my iPod even though I'm pretty sure it plays music just like the Zune. Oh, and if the OP would have succeeded in kicking it back up, it would have been an epic win.

I got an iPod Touch for free, so it suits me just fine. :]

Yeah every time I see "trying to be cool" I know it will be a YDI

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@ 20 - I have a Zune, and like it. But, I'm sure if I had gotten an iPod instead it would play music just as well. No need to hate.

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I clicked YDI once I saw "iPod" Anyone else notice the lack of FMLs that involve Zunes?

@22 really? because I drop mine almost daily and it's still fully functional...

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Yes they do. While you may think that owning an iPod is the "norm", there are people out there who don't conform to the "coolness" that is only acceptable through owning an apple product. The funny thing about those people...they don't break their mp3s.

The only people I know who have zunes are emo and so can't buy anything as normal as an iPod. A Clue: people buy iPods cos they're good, have a lot of space and aren't too expensive.

No, people buy iPods because they're popular. There are better MP3 players that the iPod. They are decent, much better than a lot of the POSes on the market, but they're not the best.

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Just because people see more FML's involving iPod's doesn't mean they're P.O.S. But the OP, YDI just for the fact you thought you'd be a dude and kick it back up...for what reason did you think this would ever work, considering the earphone cord was attached? Epic Fail.

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#131, I've never heard of any other mp3 player with apps, it's own music uploading software/store, a camera, video camera, and wifi...? especially not a zune. I had a zune an it broke in 3 months. I've had one of my iPods for 4 years. no problems... hmmm?

wow you are such a moron. why on Earth would you do that. YDI.

Actually I have friends who have been through several Zunes... I've not yet broken my 4 year old iPod Nano, or my 2 year old iPod Touch... I've actually broken a friends Zune by complete accident, with a lighter touch than my iPod Touch falling 6 ft off the ground and only getting a scratch in the top left corner, and on the right side... Honestly, Zunes are truly a waste.

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Why is everyone spazzing of Zune vs iPod They both play music One happens to be more popular than the other. Get over it.

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I've had an ipodtouch for 3 years. ands it works like new

Wow, do you really think we give a crap?

Wow, 149, do you really think we give a crap?

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Why would you ever think kicking your iPod is cool? Dumbass Ydi

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HAH, Sucks for you. YDI though, for trying to 'look cool'


I think god made soccer balls for kicking not iPod, i did the same thing with a metal pencil box, ow..

i don't think 'god' made soccer balls... just saying..

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On the bright side, your headphones didn't fly into the sewer grate, eh?

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Yupp! Now he just has to replace the expensive thing and not the thing you can buy at a dollar store :D

very good optimism. look on the clean side, not the sewage yucky side :)

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why didnt you just pull on the headphones?

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Because that would be TOTALLY lame. If you want to be cool, you have to kick your expensive electronics into the air.

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is that how you got the name idiotkid?

you pull on the headphones and then the headphone jack breaks. that's what happened to me...

Well, if the headphone jack doesnt break from the force of the falling iPod, I dont think itll break from simply pulling it back up. EDIT: meant to reply to #6 Atomix.. damn

I thought I hit reply to this one but my response is listed under #6. Maybe something strange happened with the site.

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Would you rather buy new headphones or new mp3 player?

The great thing about iPods is that if you do break a part (such as the head phone jack) it is very easy to purchase a replacement part online fairly cheap on sites like Ebay. I just fixed my wife's after that cord inside that runs to the headphone jack broke some how. Spent $5 to fix an item that cost over $100, in comparison to having to purchase a whole new iPod, that was completely worth the small amount of effort I put into it.

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dude it flaw into the sewer!! thats not so easily fixable with a 5$ part cheapo

Weird, I thought that there was a response to this that said they had done what #6 suggested and it broke the headphone jack, so that is what I trying to respond to. I didn't mean that the OP could buy a cheap part and fix an iPod that fell into the sewer. Apparently I was high or something though because there is no response that says that at all. I am failing myself for imagining shit, and for doing so when I wasn't high (which I totally wish I could say I had been). FAIL!

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The words " trying to be cool" always lead to something stupid. So think before you "try to be cool"

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This is a daily occurrence for my younger brother...not kicking iPods into sewers, but trying to be cool...and he always looks like an idiot for it...why do people do it???

wow, that sucks. u "trying to be cool" was a stupid move, cuz it never works, lol

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Dumb ass, if you had pulled on the headphones, at least there might have been a chance it would have just hung there.

Haha...kicking the foot out IS a natural reflex to dropping things, and it's caused me to soften the blow of fallen objects many times, but you still deserved it because all of it was your fault. And your whole "trying to be cool" description has a total YDI air to it. :D