By Anonymous - 20/09/2010 23:38 - Canada

Today, I dropped my iPod Touch underneath concrete slab steps, and it's physically impossible to get it back. If you stand above where the iPod is, you can still hear it play music. It's like it's mocking me. FML
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SuicidalxDream 0

just sit outside next to the steps, and sing along :D

fynn7kill 0

No such thing as physically impossible. You are just to weak, too dumb, and or too poor to get it back.


It's not like she fell under the steps. Now THAT would hurt.

JCo352 3

I don't know if it's because I'm so blitzed right now, but I feel like this is a funny ass fml.

H8rSk8r 0

"Mommy! The ground is singing to me!" " That's great honey... " :|

happykate120 0

it would be funny if it played "out of your reach" by king rat. look up the lyrics. that would be epic.

agreed with 33 xD that would be awesomely funny xD

iSitt 0

piss on it to punish it. tell the officer when he asks

AngryNinja 1

I'm with 25. If you got it in there, you can get it out.

zerobahamut03 2

lol let's not go with the "blasting it with piss" approach. I hope you found a way to get it out. id cry if I lost my mp3 player esp I had music on there that I paid for. yes! some people actually pay for their music.

@33 Can't touch this from MC hammer would be fine also.

rallets 22

you pay for music? lmfao ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk :P

El_Mero_Mero 0

who pays for music? I got 2500+ songs on my iPod all free. bawahaha. maybe I should shut up before I get tracked down :0

107 There are some of us in this world that are honest.

I pay for all my music as my laptop is unable to download things.although it's probably just me being a retard...

use a coat hanger for ***** sake. common sence people.

ArbiterOfFML 24

How do you try and lecture somebody on common sense and spell it wrong?

AngryNinja 1

Sense* when yelling at people, grammar and spelling are essential. Take it from a pro.

Smiley93 0

a coat hanger for an iPod touch? htf do you expect to hook that shit???

tweetbaby14 18

it's not that hard I was able to fix a broken vaccum with a wire hanger, a wooden dowel, and a butter knife( don't ask lol)! OP get your lazy ass up and get your iPod back!

Agreed ^ Where theres a will, theres a way. I know if I dropped this iPhone into that predicament, I'd be getting it back.

zyzter 0

No matter how lazy you are, I think you would try everything to get your iPod Touch back...

Piece of duct tape or putty on the end.

DenBriZel 31

I would love to pay for my music. But some of us want to enjoy music and don't have the money to pay $1 per song. I'd be hundreds of dollars out.

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carcinogan 0

DAMN. Crap iPod. anyways, I meant to post this. #4 So... it's nighttime over where I am, and your picture, for some reason, scared the living shit out of me. Thanks :]

^agreed! sorry op but that's pretty much the funniest thing I've read today.

rciccone 0

BOOM BOOM BOOM WANT YOU IN MY ROOM ROOM ROOM!!! lol anyways y waste money on tat wouldn't it be better to just buy a new one?

So much thought was put into this comment.

IF you're going that route, why not dynamite?

jonan1212 5
rciccone 0

BOOM BOOM BOOM I WANTVYOUBIN MY ROOM ROOM ROOM!!! lol any ways y waste money on tat when u might aswell just buy a new one?

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Not true, the iPod would be fine. It would just wipe the hard drive, which he could recover by plugging it back into the computer.

o3livi0us1 0

Actually, an iPod Touch should be fine with a magnet. I had to use one to get my iPhone out of a storm drain at one point and it's fine. I've also had it get stuck to the magnet of a car topper from the pizza delivery place I used to work. That's actually what gave me the idea to use one to get it out of the drain.

Your ******* stupid, you lose all you apps when you do that, and that means you have to buy them all back... Congrats bro, your a genius.

rocker_chick23 27

#220, I think it's hilarious that you're calling others stupid when you can't use the correct your.

I would figure out some way to get it out. call the fire dept, jk but that really sucks.

If that happened to me, I'd call the SWAT team. Also just kidding, haha

romanceaser 0

use a strong metal pole for leverage and move it,,, duh

fynn7kill 0

No such thing as physically impossible. You are just to weak, too dumb, and or too poor to get it back.

Igniculus 0

"Too poor"? How is a person with an iPod too poor to get it back? And is being poor even a contributing factor? Clean up on aisle seven; we have a brain leak.

I like that your definition of not being poor is having an iPod.

Theoretically a poor person couldn't afford to hire a jackhammer...

jinxthejinx 0

I agree. If OP really wanted it back, they wouldn't have just given up. That's probably why OP is poor.

Yes there is a such thing, it's called not being able to reach it