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Today, I had to tell all the trick-or-treaters that I'd run out of candy. I'd actually bought about $50 worth of candy, but managed to eat all of it by myself, sitting alone in my apartment, exactly like last year. FML
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Sweet tooth. Yeah. It's the reason I'm single too...

SWEET SHIT!!!!!! Actually, that's what's gonna happen tomorrow....

Halloween candy hangovers are the worst :(

Nobody wants to hang around that type of person OP, someone whose selfish, self-pitying, and I imagine quite obese; it's up to you to make the changes that you want in your life. You can't justifiably sit around feeling sorry for your self when you haven't taken any initiative to make these changes to begin with, it's time to be a big girl (no pun intended) and start taking some responsibility

I agree with 86. The responsible thing would have been to have waited until the day AFTER Halloween when the candy was 50% off!

Greedy lil pig! $50 worth of candies can be evenly shared with the neighbourhood, considering you can buy bulks and huge ass bags of em at $3!

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Seriously? Nobody gets the memebase joke? Argh

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Are u sure that's the only reason

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spend the fifty on rumba, gym membership, just dance or something active next time

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OP could have just went inside and turned the porch light off

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damn man same stuff happens to me all the time. fyl

You should get together with the OP and combine your budgets! Just imagine what $100 worth of candy would look like. Mmmmmm.

All I can say there 16, is win. Well done sir, well done indeed.

If they both buy fifty dollars worth of candy and divide it evenly amongst themselves, they'll still each have fifty dollars worth of candy. Your logic confuses me.

64, OP would have company & would not have to sit alone. Also would give them the opportunity to swap candies, or have competitions who eats the most in 3 minutes, or who can lick the chocolate off without breaking the biscuit underneath, etc. Where is your party spirit?

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First thing to make me smile all day :)

Also, there are deals if you buy in bulk, they could probably get a higher ratio of candy to money, which is always good :D

Also if they put their money together to get $50 each worth of candy and put it together it still looks like more. U'll never be alone again OP. Im proud of u.

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why lick chocolate when they can lick each other?

You spend $50 on candy? ... She sounds cheap, what is she like? ;-)

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That sounds like a nyeh...Mouthful! Naa your fine I did the same.

SquashedSpider7 & OP are getting together next year for a haloween candy party. $50 buys you in

OP should watch Phat Girlz. Very inspiring. To all you grammar Nazis, the movie is called Phat Girlz.

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Candy is really good man! But I would start feeling sick after the first 5 bucks worth.

# 31, just because someone is fat does not mean they eat a lot. Could mean they don't eat correctly. Or they could have a medical condition.

I also love the "I have big bones" excuse

No such thing as big boned. Just big skin. 20 internetz if you get the reference.

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Come on k'nuckles! We have to find candy island! We have to go get bubby!

Chaarliee, come with us to candy mountaaain Chaarliee! Lets go on a adventure Charliee!

No, not every obese person eat a lot. However, almost everyone able to eat such huge amounts of candy (it would buy you 4 kg of candy where I live) are obese.

maybe op just really overpaid for halloween candy.

It's odd how 5 has a hat of Perry the Platypus and OP's name is Candice, but spelt different to the show.

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Guys, chill out. I'm sure OP is just exaggerating. Even if he did eat $50 worth, it wouldn't be that much candy. That shit gets expensive right before Halloween.

Umm... I can eat that much candy =/ (and I have, on multiple occasions) and I am nowhere near fat.

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Toowoo 3

Do they even show that show any more and if not then how did it end

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51 haha! I havent seen that show in forevor!

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I'm thinking OP bought the candy a few weeks early and ate it over the course of at least a week or two.

Tell them to buy their own candy.... "its alll minnneeeee"

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I would be throwing up for days if I tried that

Doesn't have to be chocolate to be considered 'candy', although that is the best kind...

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*munch* Om nom nom nom nom *munch munch*

How do you know OP's a lesbian? Unless...

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If he ate that much candy..... You think he can get a gf?? Cause, I don't.

165- Why not? Lots of people love candy. And junk food + movie marathon/ video game parties are awesome! :D I eat tons of candy at every holiday and my boyfriend doesn't seem to care...

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Damn, sounds like you need a cat......or a life! x)

(Stereo)typically, those two things are mutually exclusive. Good choice of conjunction, then, but I'm afraid your meaning is a bit ambiguous.

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10...right??? English please

Durr, fat old crazy cat laydees r fat n crazeeee! They aint got no LIEF, man!

Hmm... I think you hit the opposite extreme there, syki. I'm sure they didn't need it dumbed down quite THAT much. Then again, you never really know...