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  emag_eht  |  18

#1 said by trick or treaters :/

I live in an apartment so I never hand candy out but I think OP should have at least put a small sign saying "candy here" or the door or fence.

  davestrider  |  0


You don't just put up a sign that says "candy here" even during Halloween. That would be luring the children to your house. No one would come anyway. Who wants candy from an obvious pedophile?


I've got friends who look like him. It's just their style. My buddy hasn't washed his hair in 3 years, stapled stuff to his forehead, and drops cliffs when we snowboard to see if the landing is safe.

Just cuz he looks creepy it weird, doesn't mean he is. That's like saying your suit and tie means you're a stingy, stuck up asshole.