By hallofail - 01/11/2012 00:40 - United States - Birmingham

Today, I dressed up like a pirate, dressed my dog as a parrot and bought $30 worth of candy to pass out to trick-or-treaters. I waited by the door for 3 hours. Not one kid came. FML
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Well that sucks. At least you can eat the candy. My house got wiped out of all the candy by all the trick r treaters. Maybe next year.


Well that sucks. At least you can eat the candy. My house got wiped out of all the candy by all the trick r treaters. Maybe next year.

#1 your house got that many kids, or your kids ate it lol?

We didn't have a single trick or treater either, because it rained all night.

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I didn't get to trick or treat because the hurricane messed everything up where I live.

20- #1 said by trick or treaters :/ I live in an apartment so I never hand candy out but I think OP should have at least put a small sign saying "candy here" or the door or fence.

#49 You don't just put up a sign that says "candy here" even during Halloween. That would be luring the children to your house. No one would come anyway. Who wants candy from an obvious pedophile?

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Ummm, on Halloween it's pretty safe to follow "candy here" signs...

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We usually just turn our porch light on.

Thank goodness all the store put that candy on sale! Diabetes away!

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Maybe just a bad neighborhood and the kids go to nicer houses in a better part of town. That's what we did when I was younger.

At least u have $30 of candy to pig out on now!

I wonder the same thing. It's like an unspoken rule that porch light on generally means candy.

13- yea, where I live, we have TONS of kids come.

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Don't worry, my mum bought eight bags of lollies and no one came to my house either :/

Hm my mom usually buys loads of candy too.. We get most of it gone but there's usually a bag or half of one sometimes..

Right? 1. You have a sweet pirate costume. 2. You have $30 worth of candy 3. You escaped all the irritating kids 4. You have a sweet pirate costume

Well Halloween could've been canceled where you live. It's canceled in most parts of Connecticut.

HairyPunisher 27

I'm thinking that OP got the trick or treat times wrong. Most places around here had it Sunday.

5- OP lives in Alabama. It's not even close to Connecticut so that really couldn't be it.

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21- Because of the squirrel in Spongebob Squarepants.

Yes my township postponed trick or treating, and I just live in western PA.

it was postponed for us in CT and now they're saying possibly a snowstorm this week so no Halloween :(

LOL you're the neighbourhood creeper!

Was that supposed to be funny? And judging by your picture, you're quite the creep too...

I've got friends who look like him. It's just their style. My buddy hasn't washed his hair in 3 years, stapled stuff to his forehead, and drops cliffs when we snowboard to see if the landing is safe. Just cuz he looks creepy it weird, doesn't mean he is. That's like saying your suit and tie means you're a stingy, stuck up asshole.

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Next time mention to neighbors that you"ll have candy. They will come.

I don't know how he did it, but it was probably your dog's revenge for the parrot-costume

Look at the bright side, you didn't contribute to the obesity problem in America's youth. Glass is half full.

But if we aren't fat, we aren't American! Everybody knows that!

Perhaps OP is America's youth and now has a $30 bag of candy... That's contributing to American obesity!

For some reason this makes me very sad. But on the bright side you now have a costume for next year!