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Today, I was handing candy to a little boy who was trick or treating by himself. He was small enough to grab the candy and run past me into my house. I've been searching my house for two hours and still can't find him. I'm afraid to go to sleep. FML
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Rei_Ayanami 18

I would call the police. Just because you could get in trouble if the parents do and they find the missing kid in your house.

Meenah_fml 4

Maybe he was just a mirage. Spooky.


Meenah_fml 4

Maybe he was just a mirage. Spooky.

Mirage or not he must call an exorcist and burn the house down to flush the demon out.

one_of_a_kind 5

21- if you burned the house down and the boy was inside the house and human(not a ghost), you would committed a murder!

If the kid was "small", why weren't his/her parents with him?? Some adult/older sibling maybe? He was out trick or treating alone??? Leads me to're on something OP.

Well, this is America we're talking about sooo...lets just say anything's possible

That wouldn't be murder. It would be Pre-meditated homicide and arson. You would be better off handing him a knife and shooting him. Get off with self defense.

StalkerChick 13

It wouldn't be considered pre-meditated if the OP "accidentally" started a grease fire and pretended not to know the demon child was in there. Not that I've ever done anything like this...

In that case, it's second degree manslaughter by arson. Much better.

StalkerChick 13

Arson is when someone intentionally sets something on fire. To avoid that charge, I said to "accidentally" start a grease fire. But yes, second degree manslaughter is much better than premeditated murder. The latter qualifies you for the death penalty(depending on the state).

Krajjan 9

Isn't it lovely how we have such civil debates about how to get the least amount of punishment when murdering small children? Such a nice community.

@100: You read my mind. But as long as we are all civil about it, who's complaining?

Funny how The conversation changed from mirage to murder debate,

If the house burned down and you had no knowledge about the child still being in the house you would have committed no crime at all.

34, Well, if he wasn't a ghost then he will be now.

Rei_Ayanami 18

I would call the police. Just because you could get in trouble if the parents do and they find the missing kid in your house.

iseyixes 18

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Not to mention if he let himself out, he could've stolen anything. Find out where he lives OP and check all your possessions.

Inheritance 10

Hm like the movie Trick or Treat.. Scary shit OP.

13, You have to wait 24 hours before you can report a missing person. There is no minimum time, however, for reporting that a costumed little ****** is hiding somewhere in your house.

Even so, if the kid was trick or treating by himself, the parents might not think it's unusual that the kid still isn't home after two hours.

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Way to repeat everything that has just been said, 82.

Actually, #69 is right. That whole "24 hour" thing you see in the just something in the movies. Use logic, we live in a day and age with the Amber Alert System. This is one of those times you should have called the police, they may have already been looking for the child.

LilliPage 17

92 - Although 69 is right, you're partially wrong. It's not something you only see in the movies. It all depends on the age of the missing person. A child is to be reported right away, but when my sister ran away at 16 my parents called the police and they made us wait 24 hours to file a missing persons report.

Krajjan 9

Have we discussed the option this may be one of those Orphan situations? Evil tiny people...

I agree. Call the police. Who knows whether he was reported missing.

#92, you're partially wrong. Speaking as an officer who has handled missing person cases, it's not "all about the age of the missing person." Whether they are endangered, mentally or physically disabled, suicidal, habitual runaways, or numerous other things can be determining factors. In the state I'm employed anyone under 18 is a juvenile, and their parents can have them entered as missing without delay. However, my previous comment took into the assumption that we were talking about young children because thats what the original post was about (Amber Alert).

kittycat2007 18

Option A) he was a ghost. B) he let himself out. C) hes hiding/sleeping in your house...... To be safe call your local pd and ask for help looking for him. That way you covered your own a$$.

My guess would be number 2. Kids these days are damn fast, he probably ran outside as fast as he run in.

Option D- it's the little kid from paranormal activity 4. This is obviously the most likely answer and so we will all mourn for OP tonight or whenever it happens

jojimugo 20

Option E..... You're high as ****

Option F - he was running from the ghost of Michael Jackson

@50: Do you ever make a: reasonable, helpful, or funny comment? Everytime I see one of your comments it gets thumbed down to hell. Anyways, the kid probally got out of your house just as fast he got in.

PleaseStayChill 9

Possibly A and C. Wouldn't THAT be fun to deal with? Who ya gonna call?

AssTard, to quote you on your own profile info... BITCH DOES IT LOOK LIKE I CARE???

PleaseStayChill 9

121- Actually it kinda does. Your profile pic makes you look pretty pissed off.

PleaseStayChill 9

I'm not pissed, I'm apathetic.

If you don'tcare, why are you posting aboot it?

PleaseStayChill 9

I enjoy seeing other people pissed off, especially when I'm the cause of it.

Especially when you're the cause of it? Hmm, not this time dude...

Must have been some good shrooms you took :)

Yeah, or I'm calling bullshit on this story but I mean who would do that? Go on the Internet and lie!

you know, whenever see "comment moderated" I always wonder what the hell it said that was so bad

Me too, but considering what I see when I open a thumbed-down comment with too many negatives, we're probably just better off not having read it.

Wasn't Halloween canceled or postponed in New York because of the hurricane?

No reasonable person waits 2 hours in that situation without calling the police. If you end up in prison, it'll be natural selection at work.

OP has taken to FML before calling the police.

maybe he called the police before posting it on FML? how do you know? did you follow him all night long to see every move he made before and after posting this FML? people don't put their entire life stories up here, just a couple sentences. so quit assuming, because we all know what they say about assuming……

what the hell? There's a kid hiding in your home and you're on FML? Find him, call the police, go outside and announce it to the neighborhood.... DO SOMETHING

For that reason you just stated I can't believe that this actually happened

My mom did the same thing moved 100 miles to be up my ass, so I moved almost 1000 miles I hope she don't follow again.

kittycat2007 18

I thought I posted it was an accident but never hit send my bad!!

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