By iAMloud - 19/03/2011 02:29 - United States

Today, I was riding to a prom with my friends in the middle of a swamp-covered area. I stuck my head out the top and screamed like they do in the movies. My hair, makeup, and mouth were quickly filled with bugs. FML
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Well.. it was a swamp covered area. What did you expect?


get a towel.. but check for bugs

yeah, you look like you get bugs in your makeup

Yeah, it's just practice for when your face gets cummed all over AFTER prom. Why would you practice with bugs? YDI.

their prom is ways to early. last year my prom was in late June! The Prom pics must be hilariouss

doesn't sound like there are too many people to yell and scream out the window to in a swamp area. probably didn't win kingqueen either. unless it was a redneck prom

very true 32

I wanna know why she was going through a swamp to get to prom?!

people do live in places like that, you know >_< but it sounded like she was just driving THROUGH the swamp, not IN the swamp...much safer to drive through it on a road than in it xDD

haha 62 would say that.. :)

and y would I say that?

151- If you don't know, don't ask.

buahaha Ik. just wanted to c if he would man up and awnser lol

exactly... only in America!

you mean dumb cunt

20, you're a dumbshit. only in Australia!

Except it says America.. too bad for you

Well.. it was a swamp covered area. What did you expect?

The Swamp Thing

lmao......too funny.

I hit YDI as soon as I read "just like they do in the movies".

thats why you question movies, tard

I hope you didnt go to prom looking like a swamp lady

that confused me a bit, too

Perhaps not filled was the correct description, but if she caked on enough makeup she could get bugs stuck to her face.....yuck.

Um...I can understand how your hair and mouth can be filled with bugs. I do not, however, understand how your makeup can be filled with bugs. Please, do explain....

She used WAY too much makeup.

It probably got stuck in her mascara.

is that your baby

Yep that's my little boy the day after he was born [:

That blanket around your baby is almost like the one I had when I was a baby! :D (random)

Haha yeah...most hospitals have the same blankets :P

i bet you feel real hollywood now don't cha?

imagine how many guys will ask you to dance!

well that was a stupid thing to do :|