By trick or not treat - 31/10/2009 22:26 - France

Today, I bought fifteen bags of candy for the trick-or-treaters. I sat outside with a bowl of candy the whole night. Only one person came. FML
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Wow, so sad That sucks we did the same thing LOL more candy for you!

Why didn't you stay inside your home? But, that does suck. And it was probably cold out.


Why didn't you stay inside your home? But, that does suck. And it was probably cold out.

how does that suck? you have FIFTEEN BAGS OF CANDY TO EAT!

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Agreed, #30. OP, just get the sand out of your pussy, eat the damn candy, and go on with your ******* life.

It could be an FML for many reasons. One, the OP could be diabetic and cannot just eat the candy. Two, fifteen bags of candy is fifteen bags of candy, which, if I'm not mistaken, is a ******* lot of candy. The OP could not like candy. The OP could be outside of their teens or early twenties, and simply do not want to eat that much candy, as someone younger might do. Maybe they don't have anyone to share it with. I, personally, hate having so much Halloween candy, it lasts until Christmas. Plus, I think if any of you sat outside, with candy, waiting for someone to come up, and only one came the entire night, you'd be a little frustrated.

The OP may not necessarily be from France, as all mobile submitted FMLs automatically have that as their location, as we are unable to identify theirs. This should be fixed eventually.

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Look on the bright side. You now have enough leftover candy to make that fat kid down the block your slave.

I agree: NOT an FML. Anyone giving out candy accepts the possibility of this happening. It's normal.

Wow. I just got one big ******* chain of replies. What the hell.

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What does this have to do with anything

Wow, so sad That sucks we did the same thing LOL more candy for you!

Well he could have given 15 bags to that one person.... Man I'd like to be that one person....

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they probably thought you was a pedophile sitting outside waiting for kids with candy and why buy 15 bags? at least theres more for you

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Maybe you can return some of them...and eat the rest yourself!

i think its your fault you posted this at 6:45 they come around7:45 and if they didn't than you must be a scary person for little kids not wanting candy

The OP lives in France; it says so right under the FML. It's 1:40 AM there right now... Doubt any trick-or-treaters are still coming around.

I had maybe 10 Trick or Treaters come tonight.

I had about 50! I gave out unfrozen popsicles. :D Glad I picked something cheap!

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I always count how many I get! We had like 100 when we lived in texas. Yesterday we got one. It just happens.

You must be that one weird neighbor that everyone has, that they do their best to avoid, and who parents tell their kids not to go near... Yup! Sucks for you!

Aha, I was gonna go to your house, but it had pedophile status.

It probably has more to do with the street you live on, rather than you. I remember a few years ago, my buds and I went down a street no one bothered trying out and everyone just pretty much dumped the bowls of candy into our bags cause we were the ONLY ToTers they got and they wanted to go to bed. (Elderly part of the neighborhood) One awesome dude even had KING SIZED candybars!!

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Dude. TONS of spare candy. NOT A PROBLEM. It keeps for months or longer, so you'll just have a constant supply!