By Anonymous - 01/11/2011 09:03 - United States

Today, my best friend threw my football over a wall, so we hopped over to go and get it. Next thing we know, we're both surrounded by men pointing guns in our faces. FML
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what'd you do, jump into an army base?

iDaniel525 8



what'd you do, jump into an army base?

Guess he forgot to put Ninja Pro on.

Tennispro349 2

5 How original, MW2 jokes.

#5 Uses Riot Shield! To deflect #14's sarcastic comment...

Hey 14. Umadbro?

#14 how clever, he's number #6...

Boygenius50 8

Should've thrown a flashbang over first...

Should have used attack dogs.... Maybe a Uav.

StopDropNRoll 11

Or he should have threw nothing over (football). But since he did lightweight marathon and ninja pro would have my choice of perks.

ducttapewallet 7

Now we know. The ghetto is separated from the rest of the city by a fence.

Look before you leap.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Life in the favelas :P

GreenAppleDP 0

Only in America

Well, at least you lived to post this on FML.

call of duty sucks

pookberry 4

Call of duty does not suck.. You probably suck at it which makes you think it sucks... :)

42- To bad they can all hop over it... What we really need is a moat.

LA, gang capital.

CoolRainbowdash 15

#100 No it's not

One problem he doesn't have hardline and his kdr sucks


Don't cross over to North Korea next time.

and in about every other country

Sounds like OP forgot to turn on ghost pro and use his blackbird UAV... So close...

This is so fake

North Korea is best Korea

IanMoone3611 12

#69(hahaha) wrong. What about zombies?

batmanpete 0


Your mom sucks

markrs 0

Bang! Bang! You're Dead. Good movie.

GoodLookingGeese 10

Bang! Bang! Is a GAME

Did you jump over the border?

*singing* smoking weed in the back

At least u lived to post this :)

or he just lives in Iran

iDaniel525 8


That0therguy 4

No harm in "just dropping in", is there?

And not surprisingly, you live in the US

iDaniel525 8

What's wrong with the US?

bentleyGCspeed 0

#114- Not only a derogatory comment, but a picture as well... Do those comments make you feel better about your shitty life? Go fuck yourself, prick. There's nothing at all wrong with the US.

HANDS UP, WHAT ARE YOU REACHING FOR? My phone, I have to make a post real quick.

HEY BRO WHY YOU IN MY BACKYARD?!?! I was ehh getting my football. Sounds like someone hopped the wrong fence... Let me hope it was the military and for some odd reason you or your friend live next to area 51... Other than that, don't use medical tape on yo sack.

Um with the last part of your comment you commented on the FML before this one which was about learning the hard way. Yeah I just wanted to say that.

Realy..... This gets a "YDI" just becAuse it is unbelievable. They pull guns you don't live....

they do if its in the ghetto.

RedPillSucks 31

Or in the suburbs where some drug king pins live.

Hopefully you got your football back then

I think their lives are a little more important atm.

All depends on where the football is if there surrounded with it I guess but yea I'd probably take off

Did you take off running? haha i would have shit my pants.

Run from guns pointed at your face? Good luck with that.

Yup, you don't run faster than bullets

good observation

eharmonee 0

Yeah but typically bullets don't curve so jump outta the way if you have ninja like reflexes.

All the other kids with their pumped up kicks better run better run, outrun my gun Or faster than my bullet :o.

Snafuusmc 12

Looks like the.....guns pointed toward you!

Stupid comment.

What were you trying to accomplish? Something witty?

MrBoredGuy 1

Disgrace to the USMC

MrBoredGuy 1

Well a double post.. But still, STFU

SunnyMoon_fml 0

Don't be jerks, he was just trying to be sarcastically funny, chill

Good job, Captain Obvious do you want a cookie for that?

skata 4

Looks like... 8 read the fml! 147 key word there is trying

No shit -_-

Yep, it literally was. Swing and a miss, bro.

Tennispro349 2

What a great way to greet people.

You didn't look before you jumped all the way over? YDI

Yes, because we all can look over walls now-a-days! We're magical!

Whaa? no one else has x-ray vision?

I think 10 meant when they got to the top of the wall, why didn't they peek over. Lay off...

Well obviously they needed the football. They just spent the last of their money on guns.