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  Tennispro349  |  2

5 How original, MW2 jokes.

  SuperKnuckels  |  6

call of duty sucks


#114- Not only a derogatory comment, but a picture as well... Do those comments make you feel better about your shitty life? Go fuck yourself, prick. There's nothing at all wrong with the US.

  Tcaret300  |  12

HEY BRO WHY YOU IN MY BACKYARD?!?! I was ehh getting my football.
Sounds like someone hopped the wrong fence... Let me hope it was the military and for some odd reason you or your friend live next to area 51... Other than that, don't use medical tape on yo sack.

  Bubb1es  |  0

Um with the last part of your comment you commented on the FML before this one which was about learning the hard way. Yeah I just wanted to say that.

By  Snafuusmc  |  12

Looks like the.....guns pointed toward you!