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Today, I slept through my alarm and decided to call in sick. After falling back asleep, I woke up to my younger brother robbing my kitchen. It seems he's been doing this for weeks, every time I leave for work. He won't even give it all back. FML
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Well how is he getting in? Always keep your door and windows locked...that's awful you can't trust your own brother :(


Hate how the top comment is always something about seeking revenge. An eye for an eye makes the world go blind. Sad.

an eye for an eye, but I don't need to see.

psychopolarbear 28

This is why you poke out both eyes the first time so they can't effectively retaliate.

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#36, then don't take the eye in the first place.

#36 I'm an atheist, all the revenge in the world for me!

he's just as guilty for stealing your food as you are for calling in sick because of a missed alarm . better late than not showing up for your shift

How does stealing someone's food the same as calling in sick? Sick days exist for a reason, and they're limited, use them how you wish. Now if he went to his coworkers house while they were at work and stole their food, I could see how it's "just as bad".

Getting robbed and calling in for one day are two different things...

Hunkapoo 19

lying is wrong, but I don't think it constitutes a more serious punishment like being robbed.

At my job being late is penalized the same as a call off. So ya if I will be late I would rather just call off completely.

To be fair, OP could have been sick, but he worded his sentence oddly because of the character limit. But he most likely faked being sick.

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#49 did you read the same FML as the rest of us? Because it clearly says op missed their alarm and called in sick. It didn't say they were sick or anything of the nature.

Even if he's family you should still report him to the authorities if he refuses to return your property.

idk if I want food someone has might come back in crappy condition

is food really property? more like a rental.

leogachi 15

Who are you renting it from?

MikaykayUnicorn 36

OP never says it's food though. The brother could have been stealing utensils, pots, pans, or anything important OP had in their kitchen, although everyone is probably assuming he was stealing food.

Well how is he getting in? Always keep your door and windows locked...that's awful you can't trust your own brother :(

katydid91 31

Maybe he has a spare key for emergencies?

If he has the key, then it is not a break-in, and as it comes to the robbery - i think the sum is not high enough for police to take it seriously.. At least in Poland, when the worth of goods is not higher than 70$, they won't do shit to the criminal, just give an oral warning.. Time to change your locks OP :(

Ah family! Blood is thicker than water, but water tastes better!

If he has a key take it back, because he is family give him the option to return it or you will report it to the police. If he gets in trouble it's ultimately his fault.

SuperMew 22

Change your locks and install a nanny cam. Then get proof he is stealing. Take it to the police and small claims court