By Brian B - 13/09/2011 18:14 - United States

Today, I fell asleep for an hour in the bathroom while taking a dump. I had to convince everyone I went for a walk during lunch since no one saw my car leave. FML
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Damn and you didn't get an ass sore from that? Shit you must be used to being dirty.

Or a fiesty poo that tired him out either one really.

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Must've been those boring ones since he fell asleep. You know, those dumps when you forgot your iPod or phone to entertain yourself

How could you sleep with all that smelly shit swimming under you -__-

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Musta been mighty uncomfortable in there without a pillow.

Well that's a shitty situation.. Someone had to say it.

No is right, and next time op tell the truth no one is gonna give you that much shit. Lol

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I'd just be honest about that. People won't think less of you if you're honest about embarrassing things.

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Well, that's a shitty situation.. (;

53 - More than just an echo.. A flirtatious echo. I heard that's the worst kind.

I swear, the next person that make a "shitty situation" pun, is in deep shit. Pun ******* intended.

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Sadly, I meant it as a joke to people. I didn't literally mean it. It was said it was obnoxious so I obnoxiously stated it once more.

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...I hear that's the worst kind ;) *bats eyelashes*

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Also may I add that I hope you enjoyed your fecal-encrusted anus after you woke up. Did it clog up like an uncapped tube of super glue?

IDK why but I'm rofling so hard I can barely breath =|. Thanks for putting a smile on my face ^_^

The force was so strong you got knocked out... Ehh

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home:where i can poop for however long i want. thats the only thing that gets me through the day.

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What's so shameful about snoozing in your own feces? Brag about that shit, literally.