By loves the smell of burning flesh - 01/11/2011 13:22 - United States

Today, I drove past a fragrant steakhouse and my mouth began to water and my stomach started rumbling, which would've been perfectly fine if it wasn't for the fact that I'm a vegan and an animal lover. My confused body craves burning flesh. FML
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PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals

That's because vegetarian isn't a natural human condition. It's a learned social habit.


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Mmmm. Steak.

Your body isn't confused. It's a natural reaction telling you that your mind is fucked.

Try a burger, it has both beef and lettuce!

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You can enjoy the smell without enjoying the actual meal. Go stalk the steak house and get your fix on the fumes.

If you've never eaten meat, you're missing life.

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Op doesn't like bacon!

its second nature buddy......its second nature

Meat is delicious. You choosing not to eat it doesn't change that.

The human body has used animal flesh to stay alive and strong, you Sir, would be the one who died due to natural selection.

We are all going to die one day, might as well do what you want no matter how intense or not. If you enjoy being a vegan, good but your missing out on something great. Also those animals are going to die anyway so might as well eat them. Its not selfish. I see your point I love animals to, and I eat them but I dislike thing where the animal is captive all its life then slaughtered.

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What's God have to do with anything? Just curious.

he was quoting that tard Sarah Palin

What's God?

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10-What's God got to do with it, got to do with it? What's God, but a secondhand emotion?

22 - lmaoo nice Tina Turner xD

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OMG 3 made a fabulous joke and you guys shot it down to hell. Crap I'm gonna get flamed for mentioning hell now aren't I? -_-

Sorry buddy but if it weren't for factory farms you wouldn't have anything to eat. There is already not enough to eat and you want to eliminate factory farms which produce more than 50% of the worlds food.

Not to mention how the body loses important vitamins and protein from it. That's just the way of life.

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Meat is delicious, people can do what and eat what they want but I could never ever, ever give up meat, we are omnivores we were designed to eat both meat and vegetables, also the animals in those factories were breed to die, its not like they were ripped apart from their family when they were calfs. No they were breed in the factories and were going to die there, animals eat other animals, its NATURE!

Toelie, actually from being vegan. Even the vitamins end up using animal byproducts to make them. Also, I think that the protein you get from animals breaks down better in our system than alternative protein.

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Hey i used that line on a similar FML not too long ago, relax people... It's just a joke

lol exactly 69,does a shark ever consider eating seaweed because he doesn't want to hurt other, he does it out of necessity .. there's a food chain OP, enjoy being at the top of it lol

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Factory farms are not sustainable. People need to get away from mass produced cheap meat if they want to continue to eat meat. Hunt or raise your own, go vegetarian, or buy from on site killed local producers but factory farms are not the answer. They are the problem. They produce most of the greenhouse gases which cause global warming.... Ya know the reason food prices are up because of huge farm losses caused by abnormal storms?

PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals

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One of us, one of us!

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We accept her, we accept her! Gooble gobble gooble gobble!

Gooble gobble? Poo.

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LOL it's from an episode of South Park. And thanks it's gonna be in my head all day lol

61- south park got it from an old black and white movie. I think it's called Freaks. It had one of the munchkins from wizard of oz in it as well as his wife.

Its actually from a movie about a freakshow haha.

I think your body is craving real protein, not soy bi-product.

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But I thought phytoestrogens were the way to go... Or wait, that's just if you want to lose your ability to have children.

That's because vegetarian isn't a natural human condition. It's a learned social habit.

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Um.... Yeah meat is not burnt flesh. I eat it medium rare so it's never burnt

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So, if I grilled your arm and it was still pink in the middle, would you not go to the hospital for third degree burns?

56 - You look like a Kurt Cobain with bleached hair, lets be friends

Your body wants what your body wants...