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  ColdplaySucks  |  18

I guess trick or treating is good for candy and all, but I just wait till the day after when wal-mart liquidates everything candy & Halloween related for super cheap.

  bigchase  |  2

Must be why they call you the window licker. We got 18" of heavy wet snow tons of trees and power lines down everywhere!! Looks like a tornado went through here!! The power companies are working 24 hours a day to restore power. There are hundreds of towns a hundred percent out of power. Cell service just got restored!!

  ScrayVyle  |  9

I laughed when my best friend told me this. He lives in CT and told me e didn't have school until Monday because of the snow and stuff. I realize that it's heavy snow, but it blows my mind after seeing how much snow we get up here where I live. We never really had this happen here so it was something new for me to hear.

  thisblowsaton  |  4

We r plenty used to snow in CT, but this snow fell on trees that still had leaves on them. Pair that with wet ass snow, and high winds, and u end up with an entire state with serious power outages. No power for 7-10 days. Power lines down all over trees covering roads. CT= apocalypse currently.


I also live in Massachusetts and we had Halloween postponed until Friday because the entire town lost power. We just got it back and some people still dont have it. And we havent had school all week. Its quite ridiculous.