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Today, I woke up excited to go trick-or-treating, the treat being candy. Instead, my town has officially postponed Halloween due to blackouts. I guess this is where the trick comes in. FML
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I am completely baffled, how does a city postpone Halloween?


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Forgot that you should still go out with friends and enjoy holloween

Hell yeah, light up some candles and break out the Ouija board. Or, get hammered and go egg some houses and shit.


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Go trick or treat a friends neighborhood, then yours :D

I guess trick or treating is good for candy and all, but I just wait till the day after when wal-mart liquidates everything candy & Halloween related for super cheap.

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If he was a hard core trick or treater, they woulda drove to some other town

Eggs can be just as good as candy, and better for your health. PS. Peace officer are bonus points.

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Haha, I dressed as Paul Stanley and my friend was Ace Frehely and we just jammed and put on a show on our guitars.

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Dude same thing in my town but we still went and everyone gave us all the candy!! U could have been one of us instead of complaining!

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(2) I dont think you have ever written a quality comment on FML

You're cool man. You've read every one of my comments, have you? If you have that's bloody creepy.

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No but every comment I've seen by the kid eating cheetos in his picture should come with a cricket noise

They're cheesy poofs, dumbass. Quit being such a troll.

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Can't you guys just be friends? :D

SexyHindu, I haven't seen you make one good comment yet either, so you have no room to talk.

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Please don't trololol. Thank you.

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I am completely baffled, how does a city postpone Halloween?

Lots of cities in CT have. Gov. Dannel Malloy advises we observe it next Saturday instead.

Wow that's weird xD. It's not something I've seen in Texas xD. Learn something new every day!

The northeast just got a nor'easter, some cities have over a foot of snow and no power, that's why.

Yah, same here. I live in CT and was excited for tonight): CLP says we won't have power for another week ._.

Seriously, a foot of snow takes out your power, how?

Must be why they call you the window licker. We got 18" of heavy wet snow tons of trees and power lines down everywhere!! Looks like a tornado went through here!! The power companies are working 24 hours a day to restore power. There are hundreds of towns a hundred percent out of power. Cell service just got restored!!

overthelimit 3

103- tree that still has leaves + heavy snow + wind = broken trees and downed power lines.

Because it was a very heavy snow and with leaves being on the trees yet caused broken limbs into power lines.......

Ikr. Had 3 very large trees fall in my backyard. Got school cancelled Monday and Tuesday too.

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snow= heavy. landing on powerlines can snap it also snow = ice meaning it can freeze power lines

I laughed when my best friend told me this. He lives in CT and told me e didn't have school until Monday because of the snow and stuff. I realize that it's heavy snow, but it blows my mind after seeing how much snow we get up here where I live. We never really had this happen here so it was something new for me to hear.

dave04045 1

My town got 18 inches of snow (CT). There's about 500 trees down and about 100 powerlines down. Pretty unsafe.

Wow try living where I do. 18 inces is nothing. Last winter we had about 4 feet

We r plenty used to snow in CT, but this snow fell on trees that still had leaves on them. Pair that with wet ass snow, and high winds, and u end up with an entire state with serious power outages. No power for 7-10 days. Power lines down all over trees covering roads. CT= apocalypse currently.

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I also live in Massachusetts and we had Halloween postponed until Friday because the entire town lost power. We just got it back and some people still dont have it. And we havent had school all week. Its quite ridiculous.

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I live in western MA and we still have people without power a week later. Our Halloween is Monday because the public schools have Tuesday off.

Hold back trick or treating? Gosh, op, cities do it all the damn time! My town does it nearly every year! Grow the f**k up!

Yeah that would be the best running around with your friends being bad (it's k to do once a year) have fun it's Halloween!

Dam straight I went out and just got plastered last night Nd apparently we went around messing with people idk I forget my friend just told me :P

Umm, postponed Halloween because it's dark? Nah :)

Couldn't think of anything else. Go ahead & thumb me down then..

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Its not that bad, its just Halloween! Imagine if it was Christmas D;

In horror movies, this is when a murderer comes and kills the people out there in the dark.

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Oh... It's a good thing you said candy was going to be the "treat". I thought it was going to be ******.

I'm handing out ****** for the girls, **** rings and Penthouse for the boys. Anyone who dresses up as an altar boy gets Ambien.

flockz 19

yessss time to get out my high heels and skirt. im gonna get more ****** for my collection.

The_Troller 14

That was not supposed to be a reply, but whatever. I won't question it.

flockz, you get first choice. The two-foot, double headed black mamba, or the 14 inch long, 6 inch round pancake maker?

flockz 19

can i have..... all of them? 0.0

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I got dibs on the widest one!

The_Troller 14

32- you can keep as many as you can fit ;)

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We have a serial rapist in our county the police are doubled up and 8pm is the cut off.

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It is halloween after all, everyone is entitled to a good scare

Hope the trick didn't last too long. Hope the treat was awesome.

No one cancels Halloween! Who are they, God?

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Does God dress up as Satan on Halloween?

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Due to the blackout, all phone lines are currently down. I'm sorry. Please try again in 3 hours.