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Today, I had to dig up my twin boys birth certificates for baseball registration. Turns out I had been calling both of them by the other twin's name for eight and a half years. FML
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how would finding their birth certificates help distinguish their names?


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not too hard to change the names

Where I love, you have to pay a lot of money for a name change.

thay kinda sounds like bad parenting to me

good thing they are only eight .. I would be pissed If I was told I had to change my name

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sounds like an episode of Full House...

chlorinegreen 27

A honest question but what would you do if something like that happened? Would you go to court and get there names switched? You can't just leave it the way it is because of social security and things like that. Right? That's just all sorts of messed up. Fyl OP, I don't think you deserved that but you should of paid closer attention. Reminds me of spongebob who lost his identity.

does it really matter their twins so who's really gonna notice...?

150 to your picture a glass isn't always full because there's space in between each particle just you cant see it.

and there's air in that space. you fail.

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#241 you fail more than the parent, no one likes a smart ass(:

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no there's not air is oxygen, witch consists of it's Own molecular structure, dimwit.

Altosax 4

technically, he was right, but it was a bad joke. there is an insignificant amount of space in-between each molecule. also air =/= oxygen

303 before calling someone a dimwit maybe you should brush up on your spelling *which

325= air isn't all oxygen. if it was, our lungs would explode and oxygen is flammable too. air is a mixture of things. just oxygen is most important to us.

OMGOMGOMG PLEASE IGNORE MY COMMENT. I just skimmed over the / part. hahaha please don't hate me.

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aaaahhh guys... air is: 75% N , 24% O and 1% other gases..

Aaaaah, guys how'd we get from bad parenting to oxygen?!?!!

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I'm an indentical twin and this happened to me when I was about 3. My dad couldn't tell the difference. So now I'm what my sister name was supposed be

So you were technically switched at birth.

ok not to be a looser but you're cute ^-^

I'm a twin, and we are identical but there is still a big difference between us. Not just personality, bit we don't look exactly the same. If I was called the wrong name for eight years I'd be pissed!

45 yeah it's okay to call her cute and not be a loser but some people say some other things that are very unpleasant like: "You're so hot! I just wanna... UGH!!

Haha yeah I guess the name they were called by is their name now.

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I guess the Colonel has a twin named Dave. Who knew.

yeah but how would they match a birth certificate to a person? like both twins are the same and both birth certificates are the same.. how would anyone know the difference.

Oh **** no! I've been calling one Bob and the other one Rob for 8 years!

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170, yes and a social security number is just a series of numbers, can I have yours? You can't break things down like that because a name is also your identity, it has meaning and value behind it. Money is just metal and paper but we put value into it. Houses are just wood, bricks, and other raw materials, yet we spend lots of paper and metal to build/purchase/insure them. The list goes on.

186-I agree with the money thing, but a house is shelter.

FreakingFYou 13

166 they take footprints and fingerprints. identical twins don't even have the same fingerprints.

166, and if they need to, DNA is the effective distinguisher.

#226 well, IF they're identical, their DNA would be so too, which mean that you failed.

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227 I know it's not paper, it's a blend of materials.

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I'm wondering the same thing..

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..if she just found the birth certificates an didn't go fingerprint her kids, how could she just come to the sudden realization that she's been using the wrong names?

usnwife 18

thats what I was thinking... the birth certificates for my kids don't even have the finger/foot prints on them, just name, dob, parents name, place of birth etc. nothing that would distinguish twins...

194- kudos for having that picture. My copy isnt the right size 

your so stupid. lmfao. nobodys finherprints or dna is ever tue same , twins or not. so you failed..double

227-very true in Aussie it's a plasticy kinda paper (so it's harder to forge)

so in Australia, they don't have the choice of paper or plastic?

TakesNoShit 3 a triplet and id be pretty pissed off too i agree with the twin that commented. we are individuals and yeah it does matter. what if you were called by your sibilings name for eight years?

TakesNoShit 3

no each person is different and being a multiple doesnt make u any less of an idivdual as a non multiple...

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they have the foot print. So even though they are twins they still have different hand/foot prints so the birth certificate has the baby's foot print which tells the difference!

234 - No ones DNA structure is ever the same even IF they are identical twins; there will always remain some sort of difference.

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what are you using for money? this jokester..

234, you clearly didn't learn biology.

it dosent matter if the birth certificate has hands or feet prints she was doing it for 8 and a 1/2 years you don't think the feet/hands would've grown hence not matched the birth certificate anyway

maybe she did she didn't explain how she found out soshe could of

but how would they even know they where being called the wrong name?

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um...almost positive that DNA is never the same for anyone...

335, actually identical twins have the exact same DNA structure. the only differences there could be are finger and thumb prints which or from movement in the womb or from outside damage like scaring. other than those and hair and clothes everything is usually the same unless it's a rare case. Go and tale your biology class again... and again till you get it right.

I'm sorry to say this about the multiples who did comment, but I think you should only be half mad. yes they did name you one thing but you grew into the other. it might become a problem later with birth certificates, but you won't be able to remember if you were bob instead of rob. speaking for myself is all, but yes I'd be a little angry too

Twins have identical DNA, even with identical DNA they can show different outward traits.

how would finding their birth certificates help distinguish their names?

maybe 1 has a diff feature such as diff color eyes(:

I'm wondering this too... is there something on the birth certificate that somehow identifies them? lol

She doesn't say identical twins. The twins could have different hair colour or eye colour etc. So the Birth Certificates would have things on to identify between them.

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bcuz you can get fingerprints n stuff done cuz twins don't have the same fingerprints

cause just born babies have hair and the mom can tell who's finger prints are who's just by looking at them.

3 I saw this in Zack & Cody they had a footprint on the birth certificate to tell them apart.

my birth certificate just has my name, birthday, sex and where i was born nothing about my eye or hair colour... nothing that could be used to tell me apart from another person.

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-3 You look ugly and geeky!!STFU WITH YOUR BIG WORDS YOU GEEK!!!

31 that is because most babies aren't born with hair. also 93% of babies are born with blue eyes that change colour after a few weeks. sometimes hair can change color after a few weeks to years as well.

37 with a picture like that it makes you look so contradicting.

It probably says on the birth certificates that X was older than Y, whereas they grew up calling the older one Y and the younger one X. i know twins like this who due to many mixups in the hospital STILL (aged 17) don't actually know which twin corresponds to which birth certificate.

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hellooooo its called finger prints and (possibly) foot prints on the birth certificate. nobody has the same exact prints. not even identical twins

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Nobody has the same finger prints. not even identical twins. Apparently you did not know that dumbass.

SugarCrazy 14

Me and my twin sister have the exact same fingerprints...

They may look the same, but nobady has the exact same fingerprints.

SugarCrazy 14

Hmm. Perhaps I should tell my dad that. He's been telling us all our lives that one of us could commit a crime and blame the other because of our fingerprints.

Most twin siblings have similar DNA but never the same finger prints

SugarCrazy 14

Well, I learned something today :D

well their DNA would test the same, but finger prints would be different even if they are identical Every persons prints are different. the thing is birth certificates don't have prints on them. just date, place , given names, parents names. there is a paper you get with all the other information but it's not the birth certificate.

Im an identical twin and we have different finger prints. Prints are determined by genetics AND external influences. So if one is exposed to more of one hormone then the other then the prints will vary.

KittyJay 3

lol... I was thinking that too....

39-I'm pretty sure 93% of babies aren't born with blue eyes that change color.

39-I'm pretty sure 93% of babies aren't born with blue eyes that change color.

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39- Yes. When I was born I had black hair and now im a blonde xD

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on the birth certificate it says twin A and twin B so u know who was born first she could have mixed up who she thought was born first

don't you get a sheet with what time each was born? She might have known what time each kid was born and then realized the times matched opposite :)

babies are born practically blind..they are able to tell who their parents are by their scent and hearing. because of this ALL babies are born with blue eyes that after a few days/weeks will eventually turn into their permanent eye color.

97 - I have no idea if the 93% is right, but actually many babies are born with blue eyes that change colour due to melanin not being deposited in the irises yet...

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#70 no it's not how'd u guess my pale skin or was u thinking wow she must be blonde? not exactly I'm a red head just so u know

67. cannot tell if trolling or just very stupid.

BrittanyPernell6 0

Fingerprints and physical appearance in general are part of an individual’s phenotype, which arises from the interaction of the individual’s genes and the developmental environment in the uterus. In the case of fingerprints, the genes determine the general characteristics of the patterns that are used for fingerprint classification. As the skin on the fingertip differentiates, it expresses these general characteristics. However, as a surface tissue, it is also in contact with the amniotic fluid in the uterus. The fingertips are also in contact with other parts of the fetus and the uterus, and their position in relation to uterus and the fetal body changes as the fetus moves on its own and in response to positional changes of the mother. Thus the microenvironment of the growing cells on the fingertip is in flux, and is always slightly different from hand to hand and finger to finger. It is this microenvironment that determines the fine detail of the fingerprint structure. I stand corrected I was confused with the DNA aspects my bad

BrittanyPernell6 0

I suppose just stupid maybe again I said stand corrected

glad u learnt. sorry for being mean and calling u stupid. my bad. hope u don't take my comment to heart.

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Really 147 you had to copy and paste some long ass explination to "stand corrected" from something everyone else already said?

sourgirl101 28

Yes, eye and hair colour often change. I was born with red hair. (It later changed to brown) My mom yelled at the nurses for not cleaning the blood off me properly. Lol

wow. your stupid no they don't no one in the world has the exact same.

she did her research and learnt from her mistake. I find that admirable. cut the girl some slack would ya?

it's a tv show!!! not even reality tv @ that!!!

You must be right; the mark would obviously last over 8 years!

BrittanyPernell6 0

159 no biggie n thanks 156 ya I did bc unlike some I did want to be educated n fix my shit n oh it answers the repeated question on here. so why don't u stop bitching when people fix their FAILS n fix your own.

No they don't. My husband is am identical twin and he and his brother have different prints. Everyone does. In a lot of cases prints are the only way to tell identical twins apart.

BrittanyPernell6 0

And people may have said "No they don't.", but didn't exactly explain why.

I agree with 156 you could have summarized it or just said you stand corrected .. but I do respect someone who can admit they are wrong props for that

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&12 identical twins have the sane fingerprints... same DNA sane everything they were created my the same so ergo no differences

eponina 0

actually this is true. most babies are born with blue eyes. my son was and now he has brown eyes. also he had jet black hair like his fathers when he was born and now he has light blonde like mine.

177- Let it go for **** sakes, it has already been established that twins DON'T have the same fingerprints, similar, but no 2 people will ever have the same fingerprints, which makes us all unique.

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they don't put fingerprints on a birth certificate dumbass

sweetbabysweet93 10

actually, ALL babies are born with blue eyes

Actually, the prints are determined by the embryonic fluid we all sit in for nine months.

12- yeah, because OP is going to fingerprint her kids for baseball registration

197 - No, not ALL babies. Some, not all.

Deadzombie 2

most babies have blue eyes... that change. rhombus stuff before you type

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Thats what Im thinkin. My certificate just has my info like name and hospital, etc.

jiggyjigsaw 0

actually they don't who doesn't know that

and then by looking at the children they know who was born first?

118...not ALL babies are born w/blue eyes. True, most Caucasian babies' eyes change from blue to whatever color but blacks, Latinos, Asians don't typically have the blue eye gene.

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twins aren't born at the exact same time so that would be different

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your a DUMBASS hello twins

venom1996 0

Ur a dumbass!! everyone has different prints

I highly doubt that OP will fingerprint her kids for baseball registration...

224: technically, everyone has the blue eye gene. eye color is determined by multiple genes. everyone has the blue eye gene and if u have a certain gene it changes blue to hazel or green. if u have the green eye gene, u could have another gene to change it to brown

jeez don't you guys ever watch cash cab? this was a question: can identical twins have the exact same fingerprints? the correct answer was no. :) watch tv my friends.

Humans are about 99% genetically the same except the little DNA things at the tip of the fingers called microsatellites that are unique to one another.

usnwife 18

no, they aren't. my oldest had grey eyes, and my youngest had brown. most are born with blue, but not all.

67- ah no sweety! sorry everyone is unique in there own way and has different prints - that's how people identify them eg. forensics, anything to do with crime, hospitals etc..... duh how do you not know that?

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I was born with grey eyes. Therefore, I am living proof that not ALL babies are born with blue eyes.

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Fingerprints is probably the only way to know for sure, so this sfmls kinda not right

jayAZ 3

cause you're not a twin and likely cause the hospital did not the technology, did a Wolf deliver you? many children have footprint cause finger print is still developing and not constant at this point.

#9, I have never seen a birth certificate that lists eye colour, hair colour, or any identifying characteristics of the child. #10, I've never seen a birth certificate with finger prints on it.

#240 - uh, NOT everybody has a blue eye gene. You can have two brown eyed genes! Or two green, or two hazel. It depends on the genes your parents carry. If your parents both have a brown eyed gene, then that means you could end up with two brown eyed genes (one from each of your parents). Perfectly normal. Did you do biology in highschool?

HU4L188 0

but im sure she didnt analyze there feet

HU4L188 0

but why would she check there finger/foot prints for baseball... so the prints have no significance

when my parents named me and my twin sister they decided that the first one born would be name this and the second one born would be named that. Maybe she got mixed up somehow.

finger prints. thats how you identify one from the other.

becca47 0

280 yes I took biology. I took it this yr in fact. and like I said unlike most traits eye color depends on multiple genes and unless ur albino for that trait u have the blue eye gene. u inherit from ur parents the genes to change it from blue to other colors. if u have brown eyes, u still have the blue eye gene, u just have others as well to add on to it and determine ur eye color

passinby 3

158: *you're You probably shouldn't screw up grammar in a post calling someone ~else~ stupid

When I was born I had a band that said "Boy A" and my brother had "Boy B" So the mom would probably know who they are. But if I were the mom I just wouldn't tell the boys.

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ok if they were identical she wouldn't mix them up. she most likely realized that she had been calling the twin born first by the younger twins name and noticed by the time of birth of both.

morgan020 0

97-My son had blue eyes and dark brown hair when he was born. He is now 3 1/2 and has blonde hair and green eyes. His hair color has changed several times. Dark when he was a baby, super blonde after his dark hair fell out and new hair grew back, then it turned dark again around 1 and has now stayed blonde for about 1 1/2 years. So yes eye color changes in newborns. Sorry to burst your tiny bubble.

bman134 0

yea this is pretty dumb plus at 8 not like they had time to go their different ways in life so who cares also if the eye and hair color was different I'm pretty sure she would not have gotten confused

kitten3 3

******* idiot. nobody has the same fingerprints.

psychwardnurse 0

eye color isn't listed on the birth certificate, duh!!

if you watch gay ass shows dont ******* comment ever

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Everyone's fingerprints are different, even if they are identical twins. Duh

Fingerprints are unique to each person. NOBODY, not even identical twins have the same fingerprint.

u realize that's been said like twenty times already right?

pedsnurse09 0

I work on a pediatric/ nursery unit and I rarely see a baby born with no hair. where are you getting your statistics from? cause it's not accurate. Also, you can't just look at a fingerprint and identify who it belongs to.

umm time of birth? let's try to use ur brain(:

noonespuppet 0

babies eye colors can change... that's why a lot of times, when they're born they're blue only for them to change up to 3 months later...

true, I'm born with brown hair and a few month later I was white blonde

ArielTheMermaid 17

67 made me laugh so hard. thank you for being an idiot and for making my day!!

AcidRaen 4

so then that's their names now. no sense in telling them now. their 8 and a half

I'm never a grammar Nazi, but this comment just pissed me off. Please re-read your 6th grade English book.

imneverhigh8p 0

haha she could also change their names legally!

AcidRaen 4

I tried to correct it. It wouldn't let me post the comment. No need to be pissed off.

AcidRaen 4

By the way here is my correction. *they're happy?

abbytequiere 9

well yes you are right that it's supposed to be they're and not their, but your first sentence is also wrong in a few ways. I'm not a grammar Nazi, I'm only saying something because you think you've corrected all the errors. Should have been 'so then those are their names now'.

AcidRaen 4

When their older OP should tell them, it's only fair.

asscheaks 0

in sure we were all thinking it dude lol

No, you would have to tell then now so that they can get used to their new name .. once they get older n have to get license they will need to have the right name.. I would be more pissed if I had to change my name at age 16 then at age 8

AcidRaen 4

what exactly is the point of changing their names now? they are too old to change it now. they have been identified by those names for 8 and a half years. but then again if their parents told them what happened i guess they could choose if they wanted to stick with the names they have now or if they wanted to switch names

the problem is not just their names. they can't just switch social security numbers.

killianisboss 0

they never switched security numbers, because they never switched names. their mom just called them by a different name.

haha i have identical twin brothers... but i dont think they look the same :/ weird

well unless they're still really young babies. most people can tell identical twins apart if they spend a lot of time around them because they can't be exactly the same.

Yeah, but they were really young babies when the birth certificate was issued. so the question is how does it help?

well one of mines has blonde bits in his hair and loads of tattoo's... and the other one is just... normal :L

gayboii? you learned how to spell? Call the devil and tell hin to get a coat because hell is freezing over!

shybear15 0

yea I know alot of identical twins ... and I can tell them apart when nobody else does

72: You can't spell any better either. It's "learnt" not "learned".

sourgirl101 28

For the love of peace, please not this ******* debate again!!!

WallyTheWombat 0

155, I _think_ both are correct but are from 2 different forms of English. I use "learned" because that's how I was taught. Kind of like "spelt" and "spelled".

I swear 191 just goes on every FML and teaches people about life or something or corrects them in a way where they have no comeback. good job sir. you should be like a guru of some sort. :P

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Well then they aren't identical twins, they're paternal twins. The difference is that in identical twins, the egg is fertilized and then splits in two. For paternal twins, two eggs are released at the same time and are fertilized at the same time. That would result in the twins being born on the same day but looking like regular siblings.

I don't see how you would find that out from a birth certificate. that is unless they have numbers on them an you tattooed those numbers on the bottom of their feet...

delaney4 0

they could have diff eye colors or something!

93% of all babes are born with blue eyes and they change after a week. I don't know about you but I can't tell just born babies apart. that is unless one is black and one is white.

# 10, they're identical twins, so they have the same genes, so they can't have different eye colors.

Moobug 4

One would have been born before the other. The time of birth is on the BC, so if she was calling the eldest by the name she gave the youngest, and vice versa... therein lies the problem.

and again if identical (specially at birth) how could she visually tell which one was older?

Doesn't say that they are identical, May have different hair colours or distinguishing birthmarks :)

That's what I was thinking. They have the same parents, same birthday, and they're identical. What the hell is a birth certificate going to say.

Most birth certificates have the footprint on them

BBoureaux 8

Doesn't the birth certificate list what time they were born? Maybe she knows that.

She said they were twins. Didn't say they were identical.

OP doesn't say they are identical twins. They could be fraternal twins and have different hair, eye or skin color.

Omg u have to be playing dumb. Please just say u are. Ok yeah i thought so too :) ha ha...

iAmScrubs 19

They officially have a right to call you mum if you are their dad or dad if you are their mum.

good luck telling them that, must be real confusing...