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  randome101  |  12

That happened to me once going down one of those 45* driveways, looked both ways and went down, and a car comes around the corner directly to my right, then an old women bitched me out for like the next 5-10 minutes while my friends stood off to the side laughing, lol.

  NeatNit  |  32

something tells me that he looked both ways, decided it was 'safe enough' despite there being some cars around, and crossed anyway.

some people forget the reason why they do something.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I find it unlikely (although it is possible) that Op looked both ways and crossed the street without there being any cars nearby. Unless the car came barreling out of nowhere really fast? But then wouldn't Op have been killed if the car was going that fast? It sounds to me like Op made more of a show about looking around than he put in actually looking around. I could be wrong, but it seems unlikely to me.


How can people click the YDI button?!? It was obviously not OP's fault cuz he was just crossing the road. If the car came out if nowhere it's not OP's fault. But if the car was coming slowly enough for OP to see it, then it's OP's fault