By 123roomielover - 26/01/2011 17:40 - United States

Today, I woke up to my new roommate staring at me, just a few inches from my face. She then told me how easy I would be to kill in my sleep. Then she stood up, naked from head to toe. FML
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MyNameIsBruce 0

Shut up. You tried to do it to Harry a few years back.


ComaStance 0

hahaha that's awesome xD

pics or it didn't happen

In what way could that be awesome??:o

I know?! It's freaky :P

Was she hot?

Isn't that a movie that just came out about a psycho girl??

bh0p 0

The Roommate?

Ummm... Time to switch rooms.

stewpididiot 11

have her come kill me...

MaximilianMarche 0

you should do it back to her and she how she reacts

melanie177 1

44- Exactly what I was thinking!

For some reason, I'm imagining that your roommate is Summer Glau. That would rock.

MyNameIsBruce 0

Shut up. You tried to do it to Harry a few years back.

abceasyas123abc 12


Touché 61, touché.

ArielTheMermaid 17

61 made my day. Hahaha :)

sierralovesyou 0

Ummmmmm look at your picture, muh dear.

Thats KINDA the joke.

that's hot, yet pretty creepy

I was thinking this

why do guys think this sorta thing is hot??

psycho's are great in bed! I say she's a keeper. Hey I need a roommate.

FMLephant 2

Because she was naked.

I'm a bisexual woman and I still think it's creepy and not hot.

Okay so your bi? haven't you ever had wild steamy hot sex with a girl cause you left out a dish? Or been with a women that bit and tear at your skin? Better than most girls that just lay there or get tired or sore when they ride hm good times and oh above all It's a joke.......kinda

#40 I wasn't referring to your "psychos are better in bed comment", I was referring to comment #3.

okay so what if I say psychos are hot? Lol and this was just fore play? Psh bet you like the stalker song by Clay Alken I ask what's the difference? He wants to watch you while your sleeping too.

#48 No, I've actually never even heard that song. And I wasn't dissing your apparent love of psychos.

Ramirez, may I suggest you pleasure yourself to some Smurfs episodes or something? This kind of sexual tension in the comments is really annoying for our users.

Sirin saves the day!

Gah I'm past the point of caring. um just cause your bi doesn't mean you can relate to guys, you simply see the beauty in women too. If you responded to me or not is be sides the point most of the comments are jokes anyways. So why are you and etc getting bent out of shape, but I promise you men would've acted differently. Unless you think OP is hurting and she needs you to defend her? men women naked girl= hot stalker=hot well women are far more complex but men really are that simple. BTW I'd F her but wouldn't date her.

Read my post, please.

heyimzim 4

haha I thought the same

bigantennaemay 3

eh, i'm a straight guy, and i think it's more creepy than hot.

that's hot xD

Wow psycho alert! Buy yourself a taser gun just in case lol

Fuck that, buy yourself a real gun!! :o

Run! She gonnna kiiiiiiillllll you!

omg thats so scary :o yea #4 is right keep a taser gun wiith you !!!

stdancer4life 0

we got the same bday but u a year older

#89, that's why we have personal messages for.

Whoa! It's like that horror movie with Leighton Meester that I keep seeing the trailer for.

seriously you look just like my friend

spyduhmahn 0

are you friends with Fred the YouTube sensation, cuz that's what she looks like

#106 That was really mean and uncalled for...Same goes for the person who voted that comment up. What have you got against me?

Teenaaluv 0

o u mean The Roommate with girl that wants be the other girls sis

Their meanness is just a feeble attempt at coolness. You look lovely :)

^ i agree she does look lovely but really #176 and 106 are douches.

13Lina97 0

She looks nothing like the YouTube "sensation". You look like smosh's boxman. midget version :3

she sounds like that she is going to ambush you in your sleep

And OP has already seen the bush.

So is she.