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Today, my mother won't give me any painkillers for my migraine. She believes that "When medicine goes into your stomach, the acids stop the medicine from working" and that "It's all in people's heads when medicine works". FML
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By  jewfroditmer  |  7

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  fthislyfe  |  22

i think #1 was being sarcastic. anyway she has officially ruined the efforts thousands of pharmacologists and doctors and scientists have made for ages.

  vegan_muffin  |  4

Well to an extent it's true. Something like 95% of drugs taken orally are metabolized before they reach the bloodstream. Only a minute portion actually travels to the brain. But that minute portion actually does work on most people :)

  Virginia6810  |  16

62. one woman believing medicine is pointless doesn't ruin all the effort. If everyone on earth believed this and we all refused medicine then yes... yes their time and effort would be ruined. by all the comments on here saying the mom is insane, I think doctors and pharmacists are using their time wisely.

  Arya1990  |  7

Actually medications which you swallow are designed to survive the acid and not release the active ingredient until it reaches your intestines where nutrient and water absorbtion occurs or to need to be changed by the chemical environment of the stomach to work properly.

  btown1616  |  0

shes a dumbass... the chemicals would get broken down and then absorbed by the lining in your stomach... going by her theory we wouldnt get nutrients from food, we'd have to inject fiber like it was steroids

  fthislyfe  |  22

lol i'm also a pre med. and i was being sarcastic too! (i wish there was a sarcastic font) i meant she was totally disrespectful to science... i dont know if u get what i say.

  tBo111  |  0

lol really? getting all bootyhurt because of a spelling error on a website. quit being so fuckin anal it's not like this fml is being sent to the white house... bitches


lol 47 and you're "getting all bootyhurt" about a reply to a post on a website. I also notice that you're getting mad at people that just ask for decent grammar/spelling. My grammar and spelling aren't the greatest but the difference between "your" and "you're" is something you should have learned in elementary school. So if you want to get your opinion across, try to NOT come off as an obnoxious idiot.

  gmc_blossom  |  21

For those who can't tell the difference between "your" and "you're", here's a little lesson for you.

"Your" shows that possession is taking place.

"Is that your money sitting on the table?"-Correct.

"Is that you're money sitting on the table?"-Incorrect.

"You're" is the contraction for "you are".

"You're going to keep that money?"-Correct.

"Your going to keep that money?"-Incorrect.

See, when people mistake "your" for "you're", they sound stupid because, for example, when #24 said "Your just talking to talk aren't you?", they were insinuating that who they were talking about, owns "just".

Now, I see a problem with this. The word "just", isn't a noun, so you can't own it. "Just" is an adjective, I do believe. Owning adjectives is an impossible feat that I'm sure no one has accomplished yet.

Sorry to sound like one of those grammar police people, I'm really not. I just felt the need to make sure that everyone here is aware what the difference between the two words is, and why they can not be used interchangeably.

  Keyman1212  |  14

You didn't have to put the "just" after "you are". Double antecedent. Has it not yet dawned on anyone that perhaps, as I am like to do, I am doing this to piss off everyone here? Hmmmm... Could it be?

  MrSassypants  |  32

109 wait wait wait wait wait.... wait... wait... this not my batman glass.

I was going to say "... she's actually a teacher?" but then I remembered about Family Guy.

  monnanon  |  13

@109 coffee makes me sleepy too even the proper coffee shop kind, I wouldnt say the wake up effect is in peoples heads tho as it is a known stimulant, maybe it only works on some. Either that or I simply don't drink enough to affect me.

  Postman25  |  1

some people have chemical imbalances man, I have adhd, and caffiene does the opposite for me, well it doesn't put me to sleep, but it doesn't keep me awake either.

  schooyou101  |  5

it's for some ppl with ADHD. (I'm not saying u have it). the caffeine just makes them more tired. or it could just be in their head. that's what my friend with it says.

  ch3s  |  4

It allows the cells (neurons for you "smart people") to have better connections in people with ADHD, similar to what happens with standard ADHD medication ("speed" for most non-ADHD/ADD people). It actually does not generally make us hyper, in fact it calms us down, allowing us to relax better and by extension it makes us able to go to sleep easier.
Short version: caffeine makes our head work good and we think it is sleepy time.