By Ben - 18/06/2011 15:34 - United States

Today, I found out that my eight year old son is actually my nephew. FML
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The OP is male so the kid isn't actually his it's his brother so his wife/girlfriend must have slept with his brother behind his back..


6 umm sorry but saying it again when 1 already said it won't make it any better. Anway back to the FMl... That is what I call when your OP's son and you're a "brother from another mother."

just like a woman,...... can't trust em as far as you can throw em

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37 is obviously a hunter you dumbfuck people kill deer and other animals for trophy and eating hopefully not in that order venison((deer meat)) is /very/ lean and pretty freaking tasty if prepared properly

37- Agreed. Women: Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em.

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agreed. venison is quite tasty!!

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first of all, it says California at the top. also this was not an incest situation. the OP's wife is a cheating ***** that slept with the OP's brother.

55- I understand he's a hunter, no need for the "dumbfuck" (which is 2 ******* words by the way) I was just wondering why he was holding the antlers covered in blood, thought it was kinda gruesome, that's all.

So, OP's wife was knocked up by his brother, approximately 8 years ago, thus conceiving the incestuous son/nephew?

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You are moronic. No incest was involved here, think about it.

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96, you can't prove that. Too many facts that you don't know.

The OP's name is "Ben", meaning he's a guy and didn't actually give birth to a child. The post could mean one of two things. 1) He had a child with his wife/girlfriend and later down the line found out it was his sister. 2) His brother slept with his wife and they had a child.

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how is that incest? she's just a ***** who obviously likes the men in that family. they aren't related to her so it's not incest.

how the **** did you not know that, you didn't make sure at all, damn your weird.

229 - I'm guessing that your second option is the correct option. Otherwise the FML would be "I found out my son is my nephew / brother" as the FML is just nephew it is pretty obvious his brother shagged his partner.

55- I thought your picture was an old man at first.. just saying.

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ragzy, for #229's comment, both options are possible. It would only be his brother/son if he had sex with his mother, not with his sister. With his sister, it would be his nephew/son. If his brother knocked her up, it would just be his nephew... & the person who asked about Jerry, isn't Ben & Jerry's an ice cream company? I never actually got to try their ice cream, but I hear it's good...

Ali_Br_fml 33

but of course they meant Jerry Springer, the talk show that we don't watch... it was just too much of a coincidence that ice cream was on my mind, and OP's name was Ben... Smh fail

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Jerry Springer was a talk show that had situations like this all the time. the crowd always chanted Jerry so it became a big thing. I highly doubt #1 was talking about ice cream.

326 - Point taken, it was early this morning and I'm a little worse for wear!! :)

#1, your picture made my self esteem drop substantially -.-

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jeryy jerry jerry jerry jerry jerry.

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Seriously? I don't know what part of the world you are from where it is standard procedure to pop out a paternity test immediately after the birth but the majority of couples have no need to do that...oh right, you're trying to be a troll. Asshat.

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@88: when you shoot a dear they tend to bleed alot. not so much "gruesome" as it is nature.

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Jerry Springer you ******* retard

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don't tell me you hooked up with your sis OP..then ydi

no his wife/girlfriend hooked up wit his brother

obviously if he was the one who had done it, he wouldve known don't you think? seeing as if that were the case, his sister wouldve had the baby, not his girlfriend/wife? think about it.

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He could have just found out that his wife/girlfriend is also his long lost sister. Not likely, but not completely impossible.

wow this is one confusing FML! for me it is anyways

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If his wife were also his sister, his son would still be his son but also his nephew. But that's not what the FML says. So it's only makes sense that his wife slept with his brother.

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The OP is male so the kid isn't actually his it's his brother so his wife/girlfriend must have slept with his brother behind his back..

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well op would have to be male, otherwise there would be no question. and the child's mother would have had to have slept with his brother.

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to mrsassypants, true, very true. I'm drunk as shit, and that's still a mind ****!

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OP's name is Ben so it's a male, and his girlfriend may have been a long lost sister, so it's an incest son/ nephew, but probably isnt

How does that not work? Just think about it carefully. Better yet, read the comments above me.

I know someone who was adopted by their grandma, so their dad and uncles are hid brothers

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how can u not figure that out? you should do an FML on yourself replying to this post.

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that means his brother slept with his wife..therefore the kid is his nephew.

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The baby mama cheated with his brother.

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or his/her spouse could be their sibling.

her babys dad is her uncle..I'm

His wife is his sister. Therefore his son is also his nephew, and possibly half-brother as well, depending on the depth of incestuality.

his wife slept with his brother! is it that had to work out? shit, fyl dude. hope you can still love him like your own, its not his fault.

for some reason i thought it was a girl

Um she found out bb daddy is her brother....

Apparently, his girlfriend or ex girlfriend had a baby with his brother and told him he was the dad...fyl indeed!

I mean, if OP was a girl, not saying OP is, then that would mean her husband slept with "her sister". It's not that complicated people, come on!

Unless OP is a woman who got pregnant from her estranged brother and neither of them knew they were related until now O.o

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The mother of the child had an affair with OP's brother. Obviously.

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I hope when you give birth to a son, it isn't with the man you love and it's with your brother.

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I believe she meant to comment on the previous Fml about some dumbass jumping into a pool while holding an animal that hates water

anakaren_831 1

hahah, yeaa I did, I commented on the wrong fml. sorry :p

I sense an uncomfortable home situation tonight...

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i sense a royal ASS WHOOPIN' on that no good brother of his

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boats and ho's, that all I can say!

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You brother is still alive??

kellanlvr 1 gave birth to your nephew?

It is a man, and I guess he means his wife slept with his brother so the child is not his .

8... this is why we read the comments before we post... like 3 people said that above already

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^26- This is why we read the numbers on the posts, and realize who posted first before making comments like that.

31 idk what number kellanlvr is on w/e you are using to access FML but on my iPhone she is commenter number 8... so this is why we don't assume

yes she is poster number eight but the fml wasn't explained in the comments until comment number fifteen. just because you read the replies to #3 doesn't mean they were there when #8 posted.

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Why all the thumbs down on #31? He's saying that it's not #8's fault for not reading the replies above because they didn't exist yet. It was only explained (by #15, 16, and 25) AFTER she commented.

oh, wow I admit my mistake... sorry 31 but still I think we can all agree here that this fml wasn't that difficult to understand and that 8 failed so let's move on now

dudeitsdanny 9

66- Because most of this site's users lack common sense, and couldn't see thr obvious. Same reason why 26 has 8 thumbs up after saying something dumb. Isn't nice not to assume, 40? We look smarter when we use our common sense.

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I sometimes leave comments without reading every single reply on here first. If similar comments exist, so be it. Please don't tell me how I should and shouldn't use this site and let some enjoy it the way they chose to do so! Thank you in advance.

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OR he is gay, and his partner is bisexual, and op thought it was his ADOPTED son, but his partner ****** his sister?

Not really, a lot of people don't look at the names.

his wife slept with his brother, his name is Ben making him a man, not the one who gave birth

kellan, you're pretty... pretty STUPID

Yep. BEN gave birth to HIS nephew. About time someone thought about this logically...

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I don't think Ben has can have children, derp.

... How can anyone get this mixed up?

It's official: The majority of FML community is brain farted. Lol, how for ****'s sake 26 is up and 31 down?

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it's a mail who post the comment

A guy posted this, which obviously means his brother slept with his wife...

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264, I didn't know that postage could make FMLs... This is news to me...

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like. seriously. how did that happen?

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her husband/boyfriend clearly cheated on her with her sister. therefore making OP the aunt.

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121 is on the right track but is wrong, should OP be a girl she would know whether or not she gave birth, the mans girlfriend/wife or whoever it is, ****** his brother while being in relations with OP