By so much for a good day - 15/07/2011 17:14 - United States

Today, I grinned for five minutes straight because my friends told me it would put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. It gave me a migraine. FML
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Teenagers who claim to use marijuana just to look cool are almost as pathetic as a 3-legged dog with no fur.

rhpsfan9 10

and you fell for it?


Any other funny faces to make that are utterly pointless? Like this comment?

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Shut up ^

That was my face when I read the FML.

-47 ohhhhh! still was utterly pointless :P

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utterly pointless! I love that

rhpsfan9 10

and you fell for it?


But dont worry OP hid the bodies in a secure place.

wouldn't being with your friends put you in a good mood anyways?

don't leave us hanging, what did he do?

stupid auto correct, we = he

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you didn't get High then because it does make you feel better. that's why it's used as a medicine.

You're doing it wrong...

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Omg neville longbottom killed Voldemorts snake and that helped Harry kill Voldemort!!! Oh and Ron's older brother Fred died:(

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you probably looked like a retard for the whole day.. YDI

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and you believed that?

Actually, it's true. Smiling releases endorphins which are natural painkillers and help the body feel better.

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That's a myth, smiling is just a facial movement, sooo... You fell for it too!!

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30 I really, really dont want to be mean but are you a boy or a girl?

If you really don't want to be mean, then try not asking that question. The fact that you start with "I really don't want to be mean" doesn't make it any less mean.

Today I told my friend to grin for five minutes so they'd have a better day. My friend fell for it. I hang out with idiots. FML

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Don't be such a Debbie Downer.

worse than looking real angry for the whole day?