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Today, I was mistaken for my twin brother twice. This probably wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't a girl. FML
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Nightwing98 22

Don't be too down on yourself, maybe he just looks like a girl.


Nightwing98 22

Don't be too down on yourself, maybe he just looks like a girl.

salazara 10

He's a she, she's a he..........

dancer4life143 13

Exactly what I was thinking! Just watches that movie tonight!(:

Zimmington 21

I'm watching that movie right now! ******* weird

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

what movie we referring to??

nah, Twelfth Night should get the credit!

*looks at the word "twin"* That might have something to do with it.

if they different sexs they are not identical twins and probably look nothing alike

If she keeps getting mistaken for her brother, I would have to say that they do.

maybe a family resemblance but not because they are twins she's the wrong type of twin for that to be true

It's possible they have similar facial features and skin color/ hair color, and if they wear similar clothing, it can be difficult to tell even fraternal twins apart.

Good point; I stand corrected on the twin thing, but you said they don't look anything alike. I think we're talking about two different things here.

its possible for identical twins to be different genders, one will normally just look slightly more feminine in body structure.

your right I'm a little wrong too but I get your point

monnanon 13

identical twins cannot be different genders. they are split from the same egg meaning their DNA is identical at the point of conception including their chromesones. fratenal twins are basically two babies that share the womb. two seperate eggs and sperm.

20 is right identical twins have to be the same gender so there DNA is the same: males have X and Y chromosomes and females only have Y. So in order for twins to be identical they need to be the same sex. :)

20 are you sure it's different eggs as well? I thought it was just different sperm same egg, then again I never looked into it. If what I said is true, then they share all of their mother's genes, which means more similarities than normal siblings.

monnanon 13

fraternal are two eggs and sperm identical can be one of each and a split or two sperm. fraternal twins do usually look more alike than normal siblings

monnanon 13

having researched a wee bit yoy can have very rare cases of identical twins where one is male and one is female. it is caused by a mutation in one male twin. identical refers to the zygote meaning they have ti be from the same zygote.

spiritfang11237 16

27- women only have X chromosomes since XX is a female and XY is a male. (sorry that was bothering me. feel free to down vote me.)

KinkyCurly 13

Who cares. You guys made a bid deal out of nothing.

Actually identical twins are always the same gender. Contrary to common misconception, boy girl twins can not be identical. Also, fraternal twins are two different eggs and sperm. However, it is possible for fraternal twins to look similar and for identical twins to look slightly different.

salazara 10

I think the matching outfits and super fine mullets have to go, OP....

My parents call me by my brothers' names all the time, don't feel that bad. I have even accidentally called my dog by one of my brother's names, and they look nothing alike.

There's something floating in your gene pool.

I was just trying to say that sometimes the wrong name comes out, but it's not because you look like the person....

crazytwinsmom 25

I occasionally intermix my son and dog names. That's the problem when you name a dog a normal human name.

My poor grandma always mixes up all of her grandchildren's names... it usually takes here between two to five attempts to get it right :P

football98_fml 20

its probably because your brother looks like a girl, not because you look like a boy

So, he's Hideyoshi from Baka and Test basically?.

I don't know which one applies here... Dude looks like a lady, or she's the man.

Sinistra_Blue 12

I've always wanted an identical twin. That way one of us could commit a crime and get away with it.

that actually happened. and its not funny. and being a twin isnt as good as it sounds - im a twin and i can tell you that it can be quite stressful sometimes imagine being with the same person 24/7 . . . not fun

Sinistra_Blue 12

I'm sorry my comment was taken so seriously? I have three older brothers. The last thing I'd want is an identical twin.

what's the big deal? you're twins. twins look alike.

It's okay, Lillian. I always thought Phillip looked rather feminine.

Lillian! Lillian! Aunt Bunny fell down the stairs again! Lillian! Goony goo goo.