By Anonymous - 06/08/2009 06:13 - Australia

Today, I had to call poison control because my idiot son swallowed a bunch of baking soda to "make a volcano in his tummy." FML
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woah only 1 comment? but idiot is harsh.


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Yes. Everyone knows that volcanoes don't exist. :P

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Volcanoes don't exist? LOL. Anyway, shit happens.

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there not real? OMG MY WHOLE LIFE IS A LIE

Obvious unsuccessful troll is obvious and unsuccessful

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Not the best troll, but I lol'd my dick off. Your son's also a pretty committed to troll.

I laughed frickn hard trolls, quality, i love the trolls that are actually funny, if your trying to be a troll and you suck, your annoying and no one likes you, but for thinker trolls, you make great little pets, as well as enemies to hunt and trap, the wit makes it difficult to see you through the trees but with my bow and arrow, i just might win

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Both troll comments were funnier than the FML itself. It's even funnier that a bunch of people who have no sense of humor clicked the thumbs-down. I'm clicking thumbs-up for both.

Are you mentally retarded? Who let you near a computer? Volcanoes are a real thing, you moron. If anyone is an idiot, my vote is for you. "Thinks volcanoes are a real thing". Seriously? Clearly computers are too complicated for you and you should be kept from them for your own good.

...Wow. If you are trolling, bravo. That is incredibly convincing. If you aren't, you should be horribly, horribly ashamed. (In response to #205, of course.)

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I lol'd. I don't think 205 is a troll, sadly. If he were, he's a very convincing one haha. Trolls trolling trolls gets a bit overboard though, sometimes you should just let it be.

Sister, do yourself a huge favor and cut your losses now. Put him up for adoption. The next trick for genius like yours is to swallow a roll of Mentos and consume a Diet Coke; or as an encore shove the roll up his rump de cula and and take root beer enema. He is a future Darwin recipient. Take my advice, you will thank me later. You Welcome.

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no, didn't you know ??????? "volcanoes" are made up by parents , just like "STD's" , in order to scare kids!!!!! LOL

today, I found put my mom hates me and she thinks I'm stupid because She's always calling me an idiot. FML

u horrible bitch! ur son was probably commiting suicide cause u call him an idiot!

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You, #326, are a special kind of stupid.

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woah only 1 comment? but idiot is harsh.

If I had a son who would do something like that...I might call him an idiot for that. If someone I care for is in danger I get somewhat nervous. And if everything turned out will and he/she is responsible for that I'd be somewhat pissed for a short amount of time. Calling someone an idiot isn't a big thing in my opinion as long as it doesn't happen too frequently. My parents called me an idiot (actually "Depp" - what means basically the same) once in a while if I had done something really stupid but not because they think that I'm an idiot in general - just because what I have done was stupid. If your kids know that you love them, it's just honest, not cruel.

I agree with #125, it's not bad parenting, it's just an expression for when someone's done something, hmm what's the word... ah 'idiotic', strange that... The fact that she called her son it seems to have upset people, um so it's okay to call some random stranger but not someone you know and love and know their learning ability... um ok then you bunch of idiots.

I agree, you shouldn't talk to a child like that.

At least it wasn't one of those FMLs that go, "Today, my adorable, cute, all around greatest son on earth that will ever live ..." **** I hate those. This parent is keeping it real, kudos

Oh **** you prudent ******. My mother calls me idiot a lot. My friends call me idiot. I call them idiots (mother included). And, of course, she's upset, so it was also a sort of reflex. I've seen lots of people call others stupid idiots when they were /crying/ (as in, the people calling the names, not the people being called the names). They're upset, so temporarily resort to a childish way of dealing with it.

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I'm going to have to agree that 'idiot' is really harsh. Yes, it's fine to call someone who you don't know an idiot because that person is most likely an adult who knows that you're only calling them that based on whatever single, unpleasant encounter you just had. To call your child, someone who trusts and depends on you, an idiot is insensitive, bad parenting.

you're all a bunch of idiots. my mom calls me stupid all the time. i'm in medical school. clearly i'm intelligent. but i do stupid things sometimes. doesn't everyone? the mom's not referring to her son's intellectual capacity, she's saying he acted like an idiot by drinking ******* BAKING SODA. and you know what? she's right. i doubt she called him an idiot to his face while she was busy freaking out and calling poison control. i doubt she did it afterward when she was telling him never to scare her like that again. chill the **** out. it doesn't make her a bad parent because she recognizes that her kid acts like an idiot sometimes. hell, i'd say it makes her a good parent because she's not one of those overbearing parents convinced that their little johnny or susie is a little perfect angel and god's gift to mankind.

Idiot is by no means "really harsh" Calling the boy a bitchfucking **** would be. And yeah, who says she said it to his face? Man, if you people think "idiot" is so oh my god bad, no wonder we have these little brats running about throwing fits in supermarkets and such.

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206, does it make you feel good about yourself when your mom calls you an idiot? Even so, if you're in medical school then chances are you don't refer to a stomach as a 'tummy' and aren't at a young, impressionable age where a trusted parent's insult would hurt your self-esteem and make you feel like you're worthless. You may have called me an idiot, and I disagree with you, but I still wouldn't call you an idiot because I don't consider you one.

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@221: I don't really think there's a correlation between making your child feel bad and disciplining him/her to make him/her behave. I'd consider it a mark of a good parents to discipline your child properly but also to be mature enough to recognize that children don't take insults like 'idiot' so lightly and it might actually make them feel bad.

if the kid is young enough to not realize that baking soda is bad to eat and he wanted to make a "volcano in his tummy", he's not old enough to be hurt by a word he probably doesn't understand.

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'idiot' is not harsh. people need to stop with the ******* child worship crap. kids need to be called idiots sometimes, keeps them down to earth. builds character and moral fiber and all that kind of stuff. really, when people shelter their kids from everything it just makes their kids REAL idiots, instead of a smart kid who occasionally does idiotic things.

There is something wrong with you if you think a child is going to be so horribly mortified at being called an idiot. ****, there's just something wrong with a person in general if they think being called an idiot is traumatizing, no matter how old they are. Everybody gets called an idiot. Like I also said, my parents, friends, and relatives have called and will call me an idiot for the rest of my life, and the same to them from me. We're all idiots at some point. And my point was similar to what 229 said; it's BABYING the child.

Also, my father has called me "a lazy ass ******* bitch" -- I would MUCH rather just be called an idiot, but what happens in the end? I get up and do something with myself. If daddy came in and said "Honey, it would do you well if--" that is just going to raise an oversensitive spoiled brat who's going to bawl every time the teacher tells them they're wrong.

in 5 years, we won't be able to say the words like dumb or bad because of all you self esteem nazis. Let's make everything into a positive connotation so that everyone is desensitized to all the bad "stuff" in the world. Well, that does sound like BIG BROTHER from 1984, doesn't it?

221, I love you. You're awesome. Completely agree here. Straight A student, my mom has called me idiot plenty of times since early childhood (although in a different language), and I'm not cutting my wrists or anything like that. You "New Age" parents have got to chill out. A child needs a clear message sometimes, not that coddling crap that they're always given. We need to bring back [minor] corporal punishment to get these kids back in line. Bad child-rearing results in a bad populace, which ***** the entire national economy over when they end up in Wall Street.

223: If a child doesn't feel bad, how does he know that what he did was bad? Some of these kids just don't have the morals to feel bad anymore (in other words, completely insensitive), and they need that kind of negative association to go with it so they won't do it again.

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Agreed #2. Any child young enough to say "tummy" shouldn't be called an idiot by his mother. When I was in high school, a 16 year old swallowed a pigs heart on a dare and had to be rushed to the hospital because of the formaldahyde. That would get the "idiot" response from me and a lot worse. But a little kid really doesn't know better.

Lol, man, no doubt that's a douchey thing to say to an eleven year old, but "stupid" is not. There is nothing harsh or demoralizing at all about being called stupid or an idiot. You must be pretty sensitive to think that, even if you've gotten your ass beat.

Also, there's a lot more damage done by positive words than negative words. There's a lot of negativity disguised in an eggshell of positivity. How much does this argument matter anyway? I mean, it seemed pretty apparent to me that she didn't call her son an idiot to his face, just on here, because she was stressed.

he knew what he was doing.... in a way lol


Remember, he had to drink lots of vinegar aswell. Nasty! :P

I'm thinkin stomach acid is a pretty good substitute and there was already plenty of that in him

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Oh no, you had to call Poison Control! Teh horrorz! Your life is sooooo f'ed!1

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Haha, FYL. It's kinda sad to call your son an idiot, though.

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YDI for calling your son an idiot, when you could have prevented it. YDI for putting something that you would need to call poison control for within your son's reach. not his fault. It's yours.

I'm sorry, but at the age of 5, I started realizing what I could put in my mouth and what I could not and I probably knew how to read a label. If this kid is old enough to realize there is acid in his stomach to mix baking powder with to make a "volcano" and still did it, it's his fault. I think he should be able to read labels by then. Therefore, he is an idiot.

lolol He is an idiot if he's over 10 years old, though.

why call poison control? Just let nature take its course and let the problem solve itself.

you mean like this? LOL

Um, I kinda blame you really for not educating your son about it. I'm assuming he's some toddler though. if he's 10+, kinda deserves it.

You really shouldn't have to educate your children about not eating baking soda so they can make volcano's in their stomachs. Honestly, how often does that happen?

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Apparently more often than one would have guessed. lol.

You should have to educate your kids that certain substances are harmful. Furthermore, baking soda is a common cooking ingredient, so it's totally reasonable for a child still using the word "tummy" to think that it was a 'safe' substance, which it really is, for the most part. OP is a terrible parent. I hope you're not and never are.

If he's young enough or dumb enough to do that, why the hell would an idiot mom leave it where he can get it? Perhaps the tire doesn't fall far from the trailer.

You do realize that people put baking soda boxes in the fridge to keep it smelling fresh, right? It's not that hard of a substance to reach.

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i have to say dumbass parents...if your son is 10 years under not his fault yours if he is older someone didnt raise his son right and that someone is you:|

I do realize it. And if he's old enough to reach it, he's old enough to be taught not to eat it. The way she refers to her kid as her "idiot son" is what really disturbs me. I'm guessing she's projecting.