By George Saunders - 21/03/2012 04:06 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, I accused my son of faking being sick. He then blew chunks all over me. FML
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I guess he could have been drunk? Not necessarily sick.

1 - yeeaaah, let's just stick to sick.

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Unless your son has a history of lying to you, you shouldn't assume the worst.

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You know, however impossible it may seem, we actually DO get sick sometimes. Don't be a douche and assume the worst

If op had to accuse her son of faking sick, I'm pretty sure he doesn't drink at that age.

OP's son could be someone who tries to fake sickness a lot. Which lead OP not to believe him after constant lies.

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I did that once my mom said I was liein and tried to send me to school so I just let it buck all over her and said told ya so

You deserve it for not believing him !

Are you telling me YOU never faked sick? I always did that when I was a kid, and I'd assume many other kids did too. I think it's perfectly reasonable for a parent to suspect a kid of faking sick.

I also used to fake sick to avoid going to school, but I usually waited to get to school to fake it. I would go to the nurses office and then fake the puking sounds into a toilet and splash the water to simulate puking. Before I would come out of the stall, my parents were already called. Now that I have kids, some of them will fake it, while others don't. But I usually let my kids have a couple days where they will not have to go to school if they do not want to as well, all they need to do is let me know in advance

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#31 = best parent and faker ever!!

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31- very good strategy for making sure your kids don't fake it, that's smart. My cousin told me when he was younger he'd mix milk and orange juice in a glass, microwave it, and chug. Instantly puked.

Lol if I had a really strong gag reflex, so all I needed to do was stick out my tongue when no one was looking, and BAM! puke!

#14 i guess i was a saint. That and i had a nurse for a mother. I never faked sick. What was the point? U usually get found out and in middle/high school missing a day was like missing two days of work. I hated that

Bitch, even if he wasn't sick just let him take a day off.

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YDI for not trusting your son telling the truth

Believe me 6, after you've faked being sick alot, parents really find it difficult to trust you when you are truly sick.

If you're a parent who knows what's on the academic schedule, say a test that day, it seems a fair question to ask at some point.

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people actually can voluntarily barf

Don't you have to stick something down your throat to do that? I mean, I am not an expert on voluntarily induced puking...

Well I have heard of people that can repeatedly stick a long, hard object down their throat and don't puke. Sometimes more than one object at a time!

I know some people can barf just by trying to like push their stomach or something I don't remember exactly how it was worded but I learned it in Health class we were learning about eating disorders...

Ah, so not only do they tell you the what and the why, they tell you the how, too...

Actually (normally in extreme bohemia cases) some people don't have to do much more than lean over to induce it.

.. Ad there's his proof. Hope he gets better!

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The fact that he projectile vomited is even more cause for worry...hope you realize that, pops.

lol did u believe him then or did you make up some bull further accusing him? ydi not because u accused him of lieing but because u didn't move fast enough to dodge his vomit.

Why wouldn't you believe him? If he lies a lot about such things, then he can't blame you for not trusting him.