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Today, it was just too hot. I stripped down and, being home alone, pranced around nude, lip synching and playing air guitar to some music. I was getting really into when I opened my eyes and looked out the window to see an old man with binoculars on his terrace. He wasn't birdwatching. FML
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  cheeter  |  0

he wasn't giving the old guy a show!! he probably never noticed they were open. seriously I wouldn't care about the windows until herbert the pervert starts looking at me.

  spoo  |  24

one poor old guy would have had one less experience in life.

I know thats wrong, but as a guy I fail to see the damage done here :/


@#57: ...You fail to see the damage in some creepy pervert staring at a woman enjoying herself in her own home? I would feel violated and unsafe, and knowing there was there was that sort of creep living nearby would make me want to carry around more weaponry than I usually do, and not to mention sucking the joy from my daily activities, as I would then feel like my every move was being watched.

I hope the OP called the cops.

  plexico  |  3

You must be British. Here in America, we don't use the word "bird" to mean "woman."

In today's parlance, we can say the man was "howatching!" :)

  letitbe56  |  0

A better question is, who doesn't say "parlance"? It's a very useful word, and it's got a very elegant sound to it. So much better than "vernacular", which sounds like a fungus.

  plexico  |  3

Thank you, letitbe56 and alyssamcihelle35, I thought discriminating readers like you might enjoy the juxtaposition of the refined word, "parlance," with the vulgar slang, "ho."

nodayliketoday, I'm blushing.

PS: I can't wait until sparid sees "juxtaposition!"