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Today, it was just too hot. I stripped down and, being home alone, pranced around nude, lip synching and playing air guitar to some music. I was getting really into when I opened my eyes and looked out the window to see an old man with binoculars on his terrace. He wasn't birdwatching. FML
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lol technically he was.... but in all seriousness, FYL for having an overly observant old neighbour


lol technically he was.... but in all seriousness, FYL for having an overly observant old neighbour

What do dirty windows have to do with it?

Kiwi_Splash 0

YDI for prancing around naked without shutting the curtains. Seriously, how could you not expect something like that?

how are any of these a reply to my original comment?

Then dont comment on it. organized ******, its his post and everyone rreplied

repeat, but the previous one was ages ago...

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Yeah...there are a lot of FML's like this actually. I've stopped keeping track.

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If you are ugly, then FHL for going through the trouble...

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Hahah lol yeah I agree. Every town has at least 1 pervy old man. YDI for giving that dude a strip show!

he wasn't giving the old guy a show!! he probably never noticed they were open. seriously I wouldn't care about the windows until herbert the pervert starts looking at me.

Macromartyr 3

grow up midget. there's a reply for you

it's girl that wrote this fml not a guy

homedoggieo 0

Brilliant. Now if only the OP knew of this sensational invention beforehand...

one poor old guy would have had one less experience in life. I know thats wrong, but as a guy I fail to see the damage done here :/

Excellent idea. It's surprising how many people don't seem to comprehend that people can look into windows as well as out of them.

Skull_300 0

Yeah, you cheap ass, get some curtains. I hope the old guy was pounding one out for ya!!!

@#57: ...You fail to see the damage in some creepy pervert staring at a woman enjoying herself in her own home? I would feel violated and unsafe, and knowing there was there was that sort of creep living nearby would make me want to carry around more weaponry than I usually do, and not to mention sucking the joy from my daily activities, as I would then feel like my every move was being watched. I hope the OP called the cops.

starberries 0

You don't have a right to privacy in your own home if you leave the curtains open. In fact, you can be arrested for indecency.

#2 i agree. OP how stupid can you be to prance around butt naked with the windows open? YDI.

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I'm sure it wasn't nice but I can't see how your life is ****** because of this?

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OP, YDI because you are a douchbag!

mrlucky4444 0

You must be British. Here in America, we don't use the word "bird" to mean "woman." In today's parlance, we can say the man was "howatching!" :)

who the hell says parlance.. you freak.

Smart people. On the IQ scale, I would qualify as a freak. I'm sure you are sliding down the slope on the lower side of the bell curve.

letitbe56 0

A better question is, who doesn't say "parlance"? It's a very useful word, and it's got a very elegant sound to it. So much better than "vernacular", which sounds like a fungus.

I know who say parlance, people that have parents who aren't related

Thank you, letitbe56 and alyssamcihelle35, I thought discriminating readers like you might enjoy the juxtaposition of the refined word, "parlance," with the vulgar slang, "ho." nodayliketoday, I'm blushing. PS: I can't wait until sparid sees "juxtaposition!"