By NothowIimaginedmyday - 03/10/2015 04:00 - United States

Today, my boyfriend was shaving his beard in the bathroom when I left. An hour later, I found him exasperated after having shaved half his body. I had to help him shave every nook and cranny left because he said he was in too deep and couldn't turn back. Yes, his bumhole too. FML
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He's gonna have fun when it starts growing back!

I think you're just a good girlfriend! not many people would lend a helping hand like that


Or he prefers to be hairless, I mean body hair isn't the best thing to have..

But actually though... Seems like a solid guess!

I've never seen an FML with so many downvoted comments

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No not really, just a lot that would normally be left be downvoted if you ask me

^^^ no it isn't! OCD=Obsessive compulsive disorder

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Hahahahaha how much hair does he have?? Next time he should take it in smaller increments! Lol

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Sounds like a pain in the ass.

Nobody likes poo caught in their ass hairs.

My ex boyfriend had a name for that. He called it "dangleberries". The more you know, eh.

This is one of those situations that's like drugs. Just say no.

I think you're just a good girlfriend! not many people would lend a helping hand like that

RedPillSucks 31

there's being a good friend then there's that line where your body screams "oh hell no!!"

I agree with #5, OP definitely earned good girlfriend points on this one. She could have just laughed and let him figure it out, but instead she helped him finish the deed. Good job, OP.

I help my man with it all the time. I think it's fun :D

Like the song says, "The things you do for love "

This FML "cracks" me up. Sorry about that OP, at least your boyfriend trusts you enough to shave such an area.

I am quite ashamed at the dumb pun I made. And I apologize for placing it in my comment.

People wouldn't have down voted you as much if you hadn't put it in quotation marks.

Hold up. He asked you to shave his WHAT? Is this a normal thing in America that I'm just now learning about?

I imagine shaving around your asshole alone would be difficult for anyone. Too risky haha

StiffPvtParts 43

Am I really the only one who shaves down there? Why does it seem so weird to everyone here? I hate admitting it, but I'm a pretty hairy dude, especially... down there, and shaving it down once a month helps me maintain good personal hygiene. Okay, so maybe it's not the easiest of places to shave, but I think I do a damn good job 'cause it's very rare that I accidentally cut myself while doing it.

I can see preferring to be smooth, but I don't think body hair is really a hygiene thing. If you're clean, the hair is clean, all good. My husband is quite hairy and he has good hygiene, tbh I'd be turned off if he shaved it.

#46 I'm not saying it's weird, it is just weird to ask somebody, even if it's a loved on, but I gotta say, props to OP for doing it for her husband. That's true love.