By whattabrat - 26/02/2012 05:16 - Canada

Today, I was babysitting. Everything was going well until the kid called 911 on me for making him eat his vegetables. FML
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What a little bitch... I hate spoiled kids... -.-


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What a little bitch... I hate spoiled kids... -.-

12 - it's not like OP could have done that purposely, is it?

Before you know it the kid will be constructing a weather machine to kill all the broccoli.

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The kid might not necessarily be spoiled. I can't tell you how many times I've heard parents complain that their children won't eat their vegetables, and then find out that they're trying to feed them plain, bland, flavorless mush. Even I wouldn't eat that! Now, calling the police is extreme, but we don't know how old the child was and whether the call was due to a sincere belief that it's the right thing to do, or if he knew he shouldn't but did it anyway.

One time, I was baby sitting a little girl and asked her very nicely to eat her vegetables. She looked straight at me and said "you one uptight mudderfucker" and left the table.

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38- family guy references are the best XD

Okay. One time, I was babysitting a little girl and very nicely asked her to eat her vegetables. She looked right up at me and said "you one uptight mudderfucker" and left the table.

All right normally I'm opposed to those that hate little kids, but this time I understand why under these circumstances

ninjadinos, you win the Troll Killer of the Month award.

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Ok, well she did say she "made" him eat his veggies. Maybe she pinned him to the floor and for e fed him brussel sprouts. That would be just cause.

Same man. This one time, I was on my bus, and this obnoxious first grader came and sat next to me. The whole time she was punching, pinching and biting me.

No one likes your comments do they? I've seen like 5 of yours. They're either buried or on the way.

I hate how the first comment is worse than this and it has alot of thumbs up. Thumbs up to this dude

Spoiled like the carton of milk left behind the dryer.

Sorry 14 it's just that this kid used suicide in a joke. Which I find very disrespectful and sad.

24- then thumb the suicide joke down and comment rudely on that, don't create a personal grudge because of it. Now you look like the disrespectful one for bashing him on a completely innocent comment. And maybe he feels bad about making the suicide joke, maybe he didn't think that much into it. Either way, find out more about a person before you decide to hate them.

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Lol my younger sister did that to me while a was looking after her! It was so embarrassing when they police rocked up! They had no idea what was going on.

Go vegan !!!!! haha, FYL, dude =) maybe he/sge was allergic...

The child's parents probably would have told OP I the child was allergic. Go vegans? What does this have to do with the FML?

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Or the child was just a little shitling.

"help me. I'm hiding under the table. My baby sitter want me to eat my veggies. *whispers* she's in the room!!!" "I'm sending help right away. Stay hidden"

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The kid or the sitter? The sitter was simply looking out for the kid! I'm sure the kids mom appreciated it despite the fuzz!

I believe she is jokingly yelling at OP for feeding the kid vegetables. I don't think she is being serious at all, so I think it is at least a little bit humorous. Humorous enough to get a thumbs up from me.

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