By eenkoekje - 13/05/2011 07:20

Today, I was called by my son's school to pick him up. Apparently, he snorted baking soda, crushed aspirin, and flour because he thought it was coke. Where did I go wrong raising this twerp? FML
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iAmScrubs 19

He thought he was Charlie Sheen. Don't blame him.

Igor_g5 0

You didn't teach him how to tell real coke from BS. That's where you went wrong.


shift_love 13

cocaines one hell of a drug.

shift_love 13
upstartzero 0

bakin like a pro! :D they grow up so fast. hahaha jus kiddin

futtbuck101 1
stormlvr 0

And the douche bag award goes to.....*drum roll*...... Honestly idk. Who thinks the kid for snorting that or for the parent and their uh award winning parenting? :/

Its not the parents fault the kid has no common sense 48...

grumpybarista 0

So is OP upset that the kid wants to do coke? Or that the kid can't tell the difference between real and fake coke?

i think op it's upset that he can't tell the difference @ 66

Yea, I would have snorted Dr. Peppers instead. All you need is black and white pepper, grounded.

yes becuase snorting something that makes u immediately sneeze it out is really smart -_-

My friends sold "hash" to someone before. It was actually basil :-P

xtacticalswarmx 0

Hash is actually the color of tar. Your friend is a moron for trying to do that, and the people that bought it are even more stupid.-.-

Bano's friend isn't necessarily a moron if he knew that the guy he sold it to was gullible.

w0rsh1psk8r 0

You're stupid. hash looks nothing like bud. its usually a sticky black/brown substance that you can eat or smoke. and your friends are assholes.

rallets 22

talk about getting baked :/

techweed it's funny that you call him an idiot for trying to do coke, yet your name has "weed" in it.

Chanistheman19 5

the reason I clicked on the fml was to find the first person to realize that! OP shouldn't be talking like that. it prob runs in the family.

jvillan87 5

I'm thinking it's a bit of both.

This is why you always spend time together as a family and teach the kid how to do it the right way lol.

FunnyGuy5051 7

#178 it's not like weed is bad

Maybe the kid was trying to pawn of kief, which like 75% of the population call hash

iAmScrubs 19

He thought he was Charlie Sheen. Don't blame him.

upstartzero 0

well at least the kid is winning...

iAmScrubs 19

Therefore he wins, which makes him bi-winning.

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OhSoBueno 0

his mom sounds like troll.

agaba 0

damm that kid has tiger blood

bitchslapped22 14

Hey, I have an idea! We should all stop making Charlie Sheen jokes now because no one gives a shit anymore!

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iAmScrubs 19

147- I have an even better idea. You shut up and stop being a wet blanket.

the only question I have is where did he get the baking soda, and aspirin?

robotiick 12

I was thinking the same thing. aspirin at school maybe...not sure about the baking soda

snowboarder25 0

147 u need to get bitchslapped, ill make u live up to ur name

he must have been an evolved warlock...unlike number 147

gingerrrr88 11

Baking soda from home ec lab maybe?

Wait, he thought it WAS coke? hahahaha

He must have been trying to show off because I'm sure if he had done it before he'd remember the taste

Igor_g5 0

You didn't teach him how to tell real coke from BS. That's where you went wrong.

VinegarStrokes 0

This comment was ******* GOLD.

CatEyes66 0

Hahah, I wouldn't even tell which is which just because he is stupid and trying to do coke.

from the sound of it, it doesn't seem like you loved him enough.

ArthursLifeSucks 2

Actually I think she didn't beat him enough. Spare the rod, create an idiot.

lextheplex 0

idk where you went wrong probably alot of places including here calling your child a twerp on FML. #badparent SMH

Yeah, "twerp" isn't strong enough. "Nincompoop" or "imbecile" would have been better.

lol, yeah that's the definition of a bad parent, calling your kid a twerp on fml. grow up.

Vicky really ****** with timmy's mind when she baby sat him. she even drove him to cocaine. poor Wanda and cosmo just keep poofing up more for him. tsktsk

samadams42 0

i too am shaking my head at this anomoly.

iAmScrubs 19

This is not twitter. There is no need to use pointless hashtags.

he did it at school. clearly the mother was not there to be a 'bad parent'. its not like she told him to do it.

TheDrifter 23

Love how all the other idiot children think that using "twerp" to describe her child makes op a bad parent. How politically correct has the world become?