By JustSayNo - 11/08/2013 23:23 - United Kingdom - Guildford

Today, I found out why my doctor told me not to mix pain killers with alcohol when I was told that last night I tried to convince a group of teenage tourists that I was one of the nitwits from One Direction, and then got miffed when they laughed at me. FML
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Why would you not listen to that advice?

Why would you think that's a good idea? Listen to your doctor next time, YDI.


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Why would you not listen to that advice?

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What's worse; the fact that OP didn't heed his doctor's word or that he tried to impersonate a One-Direction member?

Doctors actually give advice for a reason? Holy shit.. Mind blown.

ViRepz 28

My assumption, the reason is because he uses the word 'miffed'.

I read "don't mix alcohol and pain killers" and I automatically clicked YDI

alliewillie 22

Exactly! Forget One Direction, mixing those two can kill you, dumbass.

Why would you think that's a good idea? Listen to your doctor next time, YDI.

I don't trust doctors, teachers or lawyers. The internet provides me with all the credible, well researched and unbiased information I could ever need.

Oh for the love of God. What has the world turned into?

#28 I hope for your sake that is just sarcasm.

@28 what you say has some meaning, but not in this case. There are doctors that know what they are talking about.

What indeed, 29, when people can't even recognize blatant sarcasm?

Doctors do tend to know what they're talking about...

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Hmm... the FML community seems to say otherwise

I disagree #22. The medical profession is not always an exact science and sometimes in order to figure out what is wrong you have to go through some trial and error. That is why it is called a practice. However, I really don't see why OP did not follow the doctor's advice in this situation. OP just went full retard.

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#3 said "tend to", meaning "usually", implying "but not always". This covers your objections. Medicine is not an exact science and doctors don't know everything, but unless you've got medical training, its best to listen to their advice unless there's a really important reason not to.

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And 40% of all people in hospitals across the nation are suffering from iatrogenic conditions. Not all doctors are right on their money.

DenBriZel 31

Why would you not listen to that? It's extremely dangerous. Too much alcohol with meds can cause you to OD. Just be glad you didn't do something worse and/or get arrested.. Oh, and YDI

Yes, exactly, she can be glad that the only thing that happend was making an ass out of herself/himself to some tourists. Very dangerous behavior..

Not to mention the fact, #4, that, depending upon whether his medicine is a blood thinner, the alcohol could have caused his blood to thin beyond healthy standards, potentially causing multiple serious health problems.

it states that the meds are painkillers, which carries a lot of risks and depending on the pain killer can add extra strain on the liver. I sincerely hope that op wasn't stupid enough to drive after this too.

It could have been worse, you could have said you were Justin Bieber.

He could of said he was Max Payne and tried to jump off his house trying to get bullets time to work!

That's not a good idea in the first place. YDI for idiocy.

AnthonyWheeler15 24

Listen to your doc next time OP. funny though!

flashback.miss 28

YDI. Be grateful you didn't need to be rushed to the hospital.

It's funny how your name is "Just Say No".. Nobody forced you to mix your meds with alcohol. You made that dumb decision out of your own free will. Those warnings aren't jokes. You definitely did it to yourself.

Perhaps his name is such because he has now learned his lesson on that topic...?

Perhaps he was talked into drinking by friends? When I was recovering from mono my doctor said no alcohol for a month, because my liver was still damaged. However this happened right before New Years, and my friends managed to convince me to have a couple drinks with them during the countdown. Luckily my liver was resilient, but looking back it was a pretty dumb thing to do.

It's always the friends' fault!! Remember these words of wisdom.

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That's what you get for not listening. Maybe next time you'll take your Drs. advice.