By SadDad - 22/09/2012 18:11 - United States - Alexandria

Today, I came home to find my eight-year-old son had basically set fire to the kitchen, after trying to practice some kind of stupid shit he'd seen on TV called "fire bending." FML
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dino_cookie4 7

Thats avatar. I always liked that show when o was young though.

FlamingTacos 7


dino_cookie4 7

Thats avatar. I always liked that show when o was young though.

I STILL love that show, it's totally mint! They butchered it with the live- action movie though, I hated it, they got the characters all weird.

TellMeWhatsDeath 14

7- the live action movie made me cry from how horrible it was..sad to see that my favorite animated show looked extremely stupid on the big screen.

furry_fml 6

TLOK is still good though too, that's what the kid was watching. I'll admit it too I'm 16 and I still watch it.


My sister is still obsessed with that show. She's 15.

dino_cookie4 7

Thats true, but the realistic is so stupid and ruins my childhood.

TellMeWhatsDeath 14

19- I don't see what's wrong with being 15 and obsessed with that show..

I just watched that entire show on Netflix a couple months ago. I liked it and I'm 22.

RocketNinjaFish 12

I still love that show :) But even when I was a kid, I was never stupid enough to actually try FIRE bending. that's just not possible. tell him to try water bending, he might get somewhere with that :)

Yeahhhhh the live action was by far one of the worst movies I've ever seen simply because they got terrible actors. I was cringing through the whole thing. Also, earth bending > fire bending.

Dino Cookie- I was under the impression that you still were young. Silly me.

69- I watched the whole thing on Netflix earlier this summer too! Then, I proceeded to watch all of The Leged of Kora 1st season. Whoever hates on anything related to the avatar series (except the non-animated movie because that was absolute shit) can go suck a herpes-penis.

I tried to bloodbend. Ended up just getting an erection.

When I tried blood bending I got my period:(

The movie was actually pretty decent when you don't compare it to the show... I watched the show after the movie and I agree, the show is better, but alone, the movie was pretty good.

>when I was young **** it, man, love it now!

SenselessPattern 12

I do wonder how OP's kid managed to not get burned alive when firebending, though. Never could get the hang of that.

southernbelle_rn 16

I was so sad when they stopped the show. Avatar was and still is the best... idk why they canceled it! I love how it still comes on nicktoons though. I'm 23, and still love it :)

168 - They didn't cancel it. The series finished, and then they created LoK - which went for twelve episodes. The second season is being made right now...

When you were young. It's not like it's been out since the 90's or something. What? 3-5 years ago tops. Not hating or anything, cause I love Avatar: The Last Airbender, but man ya talk like we're 30-50 years old.

#75 I agree! And I also love your Displau picture! Brings back good memories (: Kimba

I loved that show!! It's never on TV where I live anymore though. :( I heard they're making a new series. If it's true, I hope it's still just as epic!

That show is one of my favorite shows. It's just so good, funny and amazing :D

I love Avatar and TLOK and I'm 25. Also, if you can say "I watched Avatar as a kid" you are still relatively young.

I'm still obsessed with Avatar:The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra (as you can see by my username and picture) and in 16. It's really a great show.

My boyfriend and I were in the pool one day and started a massive splash fight, pretending we were water bending at each other. (Waterbending Agni Kai? Is that even a thing?) We are in our 20s. There is nothing "stupid" about Avatar, except the movie. FYL though, OP. Hope your son, and your house and belongings, are ok.

dino_cookie4 7

Doribella98 is a gamer girl we must friend her.

dino_cookie4 7

I am honestly shocked that this guy who is like 208 was the first to say this! Lol

348, I'm not as surprised. Kids wanna to grow up so fast that they they think 2-4 years makes a difference in how old or young they are. When thry are still a kid. *cough #1 cough*

killer6969 16

Should have told him to use water bending to put out the fire

No he'll try that on the TV :P Anyway, the show is awesome and is an unseparated part of my childhood, was just thinking about it two minutes before I ran into that post. I absolutely LOVE that show! :) The movie sucked, delete the movie and kill the actors lol Tell him to be an air bender ;)

Better than being obsessed over pop stars or other trends.

Why was he unsupervised? You're lucky he's okay.

CheeseTron 15

It was a stupid thing to do but dont blame him hes just being a kid.


He should've started out with water or air bending

I wasn't blaming the kid at all. I was blaming his lack of supervision, and it isn't the child's responsibility to find supervision for himself, it's the parents'.

Isn't it considered child negligence for them to be home alone at that age? If he had succeeded in burning the house down there would have been an investigation by child protective services.

Rofl no. I walked my damn self to school and back and was home alone for a few hours daily when I was 8. Yeah, you still do stupid crap then, but at that age you can open the fridge, work the tv, and poop without help. Child negligence my ass.

92, my mother works for CPS. All those crime shows that people tend to think are overly dramatic happen every day. It is unsafe for an 8 year old to walk around by themselves because of all the sickos in the world. I've heard stories that make my skin crawl. Plus, obviously OP's kid could not handle being alone.

sleepinginclass 8

The fml doesn't really say if he was unsupervised. Could just be a crappy babysitter! (Or older sibling, or spouse). It just says that op found out about it and wasn't home at the time.

CheeseTron 15

28- Yeah I accidentally replied to your comment. I was originally trying to post a comment on the FML itself. Stupid mistake oh well :p

After re-reading the FML, it doesn't say it was still on fire when he got home or anything so maybe his mom/sibling/babysitter caught him before he burned the house down. You don't usually expect 8 year olds to set fire to the house.

Airborne2002 7

The real question is why did you leave an eight year old home alone?

155, that is basically what the comment you are replying to says.

X_Codes 11

Aside from him being unsupervised (who would sit and watch an 8-year-old burn the house down?), he's 8 and thinks cartoons are real. That's on the parents, too.

tmmundy 17

Op's name says "Saddad", so maybe the boy was suppose to be supervised by his dad and dad didn't do a very good job.

tmmundy 17

Well someone wasn't doing a good job of supervising.

124, Yeah, 2 cops for parents, I know. It doesn't mean you plastic wrap a child, chuck a rape whistle around their necks and follow them like a hound until they're 16.

FlamingTacos 7

Well, his dad is. The child is the avatar equivalent of a noob.

The avatar equivalent of a noob. Just... no.

That response is so overused. Just....unoriginal...

Rebi3144 8

Gc, I generally like your comments.. But you failed this time

135- Holy shit, people are starting to remember me?? Does this mean I'm a recognized regular now? Oh happy days! But yea, my comments on this FML are pretty bad fails. They tend to be that way when I'm not part of a fandom, but try to be funny anyway. Feel free to downvote, no hard feelings.

Rebi3144 8

Well most of your comments actually make me laugh out loud. So I started to remember your name. So if I start laughing, I look at the name and I'm like, "oh Gc, you so funny."

priceyfml 7

I wonder what kind of damage he can make with earth bending

cheshireau 26

Is anyone else worried the kid was by himself. (I assume this as there is no mention of the mother, brother, sister)

I feel like since the word "basically" was used, OP was being dramatic and the kitchen never really caught on fire...

Looks like you got a young Zuko in your house.

Just make sure you get the scar on the right side, jk XD

Inheritance 10

Zuko received that by his dad, soo..

GovernorGeneral 8

Yay zuko :D Hes my favourite character from avatar

amandajlucas2015 2

I'm curious to know exactly how he was bending this fire lol did he have a blow torch or was he using hair spray? That was my favorite classic method of blowing things up

Currently hoping there's an Uncle Iroh in the family.

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Ah, Avatar: The Last show ever. Be thankful he doesn't try to blood bend.

Yes avatar is amazing. It's not stupid shit. And OP needs to keep an eye on her eight year old and have him practice water bending. Water bender right here.

Kn0wledge123 21
lizziebeth63 1

What do u mean ? It was in the avatar episode but with katara

Better then smoking weed and saying he was "earth bending"

Burning your kitchen is worse than burning the green

No no no, only the avatar, master of all 4 elements can burn the green. There is earth bending in the green itself, fire bending in the lighter, water bending in the water chamber, and air bending in your breath.

Actually there is a picture I saw on Facebook that shows you can do all four while smoking weed through a bong.

Smoking weed is still illegal at any age.

The_F3rris 11

Id rather be "earth bending" right now.

TellMeWhatsDeath 14

I like your son, he seems cool.

Why was your eight year old son left home alone with access to some type of flame? That's what baby sitters are for, maybe you should consider one next time

Epikouros 31

An eight-year-old isn't a baby anymore.

That's true, I never said they were a baby. But at 8 years old they're still not old enough to be home alone.

13, fair point but a child of that age shouldn't be left alone in a house. Children are curious, they'll do things without thinking and they could easily hurt themselves. So, I agree with the comment above, someone should be supervising.

An 8 year old doesn't necessarily need a baby sitter always. This one sounds like he does though. At 8 I was babysitting my younger siblings for the hour or so in between getting home from school until my mum came home. Mighta been a similar thing here, like he was only alone for a very short amount of time. It takes kids a few minutes to get into a heck of a lot of trouble.

Fair enough, 34, but I still think it's too old to be left alone.

Sadly, OP lives in Virginia which doesn't have a minimum age for being left home alone (according to latchkey kids). The lack of a law doesn't mean common sense cannot be used though. My state requires a home alone kid to be 12; that's an appropriate age (for most kids), I think.

Seriously... I smell some overprotective parents a-brewin'. Setting an age is pointless, a child can be perfectly capable of taking care of themselves at 8, or they might need til 15 to be left alone. I will admit that the younger the child is, they probably will not handle emergencies very well. Intruders, earthquake, etc. I knew what to do in case of a tornado when I was 8, anything else and I might've been screwed.

raraisbang 12

I don't know why you all assume he was alone. Obviously the kitchen was no longer on fire when dad returned or there would be no house to return to. My immediate thought upon reading this fml was that the kid had a shitty babysitter that wasn't paying attention until the house was on fire.

This doesn't even mean the babysitter was not paying attention. OP may have other kids. The babysitter may have been changing a diaper or something upstairs. The babysitter may have even just gone to the bathroom. It doesn't take long for a fire to spread and if they were paying attention enough to get it out before it destroyed the entire house they were probably not being irresponsible.

I'd just like to point out, OP said he "basically" set fire to the kitchen. Perhaps this FML is just a parental over reaction?

Epikouros 31

Remember this anecdote for your son's graduation as a materials scientist.

JustDerpin 11

I set fire To my kitchen, watched it burn as my mom came hoooome

An I heard her screamin out my nammeeeee.!

TellMeWhatsDeath 14

These lyrics make much more sense than Adele's

Why do people keep assuming OP is chick when the name clearly says "sad dad"

Moonshadows 1

Let it burn while I cried cause I can't bend.