By ArtistBlock
Today, I was in charge of Thanksgiving dinner. I dressed and stuffed the turkey, popped it in the oven and sent a mass text out to my family about how amazing it would be. Everyone arrived, we began making plates of food when I checked the turkey, and realized I never even turned on the oven. FML
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  ArtistBlock  |  6

I asked my husband to check it periodically for me; since I had a whole bunch of other dishes to make and prep-- he told me he'd been checking it and it was doing sooooo good. Turns out he's lazy.

  kitsuneluvuh  |  12

That seems to be an easier mistake to make than not noticing the oven's off with a raw turkey inside until it's time to eat, since turkeys take much longer to thaw than people would think: 1 day per 4 pounds inside the refrigerator.

  LyricaSilvan  |  29

Fair point. And she did learn something from the experience. We still joke about it almost every year, and she laughs along because she knows she was a dork.