By wispywee - 29/06/2011 17:47 - Canada

Today, I had the most exciting dream of my life. I was dreaming about catching a shiny charmander. I'm 15, and instead of dreaming of girls, I'm dreaming of Pokémon. FML
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rallets 22

lol no 2 you suck who doesn't dream/fantasize about pokemon?

JesseOhNine 0

Pokemon are the best there's no denying it

why is it shiny? (Did it get bitten by a gay vampire?)

hook_em 0

ohhhh #2 does suck. he is no fun. I even dream about pokemon especially trying to catch all them little fellas. they make me giggle like a little school girl oooooooo

JustinThunder 8

I wish I could catch a shiny Charmander..

adropofpeace 8

Excuse me, what is wrong with Pokèmon?!

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Link5794 18

A shiny Pokemon is just alternately colored, like the red Gyarados in G/S/C. They are very rare and sought after.

Trololol. 85 wishes he could get laid.

At least it's more interesting than that person who dreamed of a nail file awhile ago..

itsgen 16

haha i did for the longest time!

ever heard of pokesav? lol I downloaded it and now all my pokemon are shiny

Boygenius50 8

Does nobody else see a major problem here? You can't even catch a starter, or alone a shiny one. . .

hotair10 9
Boygenius50 8

Haha I know, but the dream is illogical as well as unlikely. just thought Id point that out

122-- re-read the FML. instead of catching girls, like me, you're way too busy catching pokemon. grow up, people. Hey, maybe you can evolve your pokemon and train it to get you a girl, since you've probably never had one before.

Boygenius50 8

"Like me." Yeah okay kid, bet you stay a virgin til you die xD

185, I have plenty of girl pokemon! I know all about girls

skizzlerz 0

Now how about you go watch the Black man loves pokemon video on YouTube and hope that dude don't beat your ass for saying that. lmao

ImmortalKratos 0

you might wanna be careful with that fire crotch.

hook_em 0

guys just chill out. I'm jealous just like everyone else here because we cannot get a girl like in 185s pic. I am so dang jealous that I can't stand it right now!!

85 is right I posted a comment not about Pokemon and it got thumbed down

187- you can in fact catch starter pokemon in later games, and besides; your starter has the same odds of being shiny as do random encounters. You CAN get a shiny starter.

How does he suck, 2? I'd marry a guy like this.

I agree with numero eightyo cinco! :D You guys are annoying :)

2 obviously he doesn't suck if he caught a shiny pokemon.

I dislike the "Comment already thumbed" pop-up. D: if I wanna thumb a nice sexy comment it shouldn't have to force me to stop! ): just don't register the thumbing and I'll be happy ;D

I dislike the "Comment already thumbed" pop-up. D: if I wanna thumb a nice sexy comment it shouldn't have to force me to stop! ): just don't register the thumbing and I'll be happy ;D

TheIllusionist 0

there's a chance that it's shiny wen u choose it

KingGeorgeGal 12

Don't complain about your life? Change it.

yourlifeisbetter_fml 0

When you see a majority of people are going one way, why would you insult them? Yeah, sure, be yourself. don't be a jerk. YDI

its no better dreaming about girls if you dont get some. dreams are for pokemon, real life is for girls

gandhislayer 6

matbe in 4 or 5 years. last i checked 14 year olds dont get married.

gandhislayer 6
Boygenius50 8

247-You actually can't catch starters at any point no matter what game you play, and despite the fact that you can select them at the beginning with pure luck, the FML claims that OP was CATCHING a shiny Charmander, an impossibility in real life.

Mate been with my gf for 3 years in july, she's 21 and I'm 19, I'm quite a big nerd to be honest, but people wouldn't know that if they met me. She isn't. As for telling people to grow up, well... I'd sooner gotta catch em all Pokemon than STI's which appears to be your favourite game :o

#159: I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna tell #39; Keep the "Iron Tail" under control!

I love nerds D: I'd marry a Pokémon fan!

I don't think anyone who's hating on Pokemon, realizes that the people who actually support it, are comfortable enough with their identity and personality to admit to themselves and others that we all ******* loved Pokemon and no one is an exception. In fact, the Pokemon lovers here are probably better off and more adjusted then you haters. Enjoy that realization.

#85, because nobody likes a person who can't respect other peoples' interests. Or a killjoy.

get a life, troll. pokemon is way better, because you can catch them and train them. the only thing you can catch from girls is an STD.

iluv8008132 0
iluv8008132 0

aaahahahah u were beggin for that comment to be buried

cabanaboyjuan 6
MeRcixXxTRiPp 0

I'm a very gay pokemon little kid!!! :D cuz pokemon makes me happy!!!

Sacul6868 0

Shiny Charizard look awesome!!!!

263- marry meeee haha I'm Juss saying that cuz u look hawt in Ur pic but I bet Ur a chill chick

adropofpeace 8

Excuse me, what the heck is wrong with pokemon?! :O

fmluser57 0

who gives a shit. post a real comment

Kefka91 15

I dream of collecting all the rare Yugi-O cards not Pokemon

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Everybody knows that Pokémon is *far* superior to yugi-o!

I see no problem with this FML. who wouldn't want to dream of Pokémon?

I dream of spelling Yu-Gi-Oh correctly.

RainbowHeadache 2

I dream of Pokemon, have a wonderful boyfriend & am 20 years old. I see nothing wrong with a little pokecitment at any age.

Guys, what we must realize is that this kid will have bitches for days once he actually does catch the charmander.

Shit, I fantasize about pokemons being real. I would fly to ******* Japan on my ******* Charizard

ohhhh arceus slow down your so strong.

I had dreams like that when I played the shit out of those games. now I have dreams that I'm in first-person shooters...

sjhcheerleader 0

yeah? you can't even spell Yu-Gi-Oh correctly! get it right, get it tight!

86- Sorry I stopped watching those shows like 7 years ago

Buttterfree up you schedule cause im gonna bedrillen you all night!

whoisthisgirl 4

black charizards are awesome. you better raise that dream shiny charmander!!

KingGeorgeGal 12

Two seconds ago I wasted 30seconds of my life by reading this FML. FML.

31 - I happen to like both. Pokemo for it's "creativity" and games, Yugioh for Ancient Eg pyt and card games. And I mean the originals, not the disgusting DUBs.

86 - Yugioh is technically incorrect too, but nobody cares about Japanese words. Japanese: Yugiou Engllish: Yu-Gi-Oh Japanese: Yuugi = Game Ou = King Yay for fail English DUBs…not.

MarkFeehily 0
HowardTheDuck 0

yugio is WAY better than pokemon

DeathMaple 3

Bwuaha I have a black charizard =D

Kylias 6

My greatest dream-come-true with my starters was receiving a female Bulbasaur. Her name is Chiori and she's still on my LG right now. :3

423, yes! Favorite starter besides Chikorita and it's only luck or breeding that you can get a female!

FifaFtw 0

I wish I could ****...I mean catch a pikachu

one day the shiny dragonite will be mine...

Snivy102 0

You can't even do that... you can catch charmeleon but not charmandar

coolkat77 0

what the hell is wrong with u!!!

Your the one with the name koolcat (with a k)

43 - it's coolkat. You mispelled it and it was right infront of you

Shadow4i5 3
Redneck42 0

what's wrong with white people.

iraninja 4

love it man XDD totally not an FML

woah thats hot... did you wet your bedsheets mate?

listen ... if you are going to be a gayboii fan... then you are going to have to start remembering how to spell my name... a true fan would

he never said it wanted to be a fan. just saying.

well he said gayboii strikes 'again' ... that suggests that he has found my previous comments amusing aswell as the one he is referring to... so in conclusion, he is a fan

YEAH MAN gayboii gets thumbs up again :D go go mate ur on fire gayboii FTW O_O

alex6946 10

damn gayboii, you gots some attitude! ;D

141 - is that nyan cat? you deserve a thumbs up for that

BarbieGirl1671 0

I think I love you gayboii lol.

gayboii i got thumbs down for saying gratzon ur thumbs up.. Man people really hate me :P

RaeRaeHeartBreak 3

I have a fear that gayboii is starting to grow on me. Mostly because he made a comeback from being hated. I wish I had as many fans as gayboii. (cries) (If you didn't get the sarcasm, you have the intellect of a tree frog)

allthatremains25 0

Gayboii, if you have an Irish accent that'd be bomb. -Cherry

Woah 376 your picture is really disturbing

jaidonsafira 0

I was thinking the same thing!

you can't catch charmanders in the wild :(

I definitely agree. :) If a guy told me that he had a dream about that I would be impressed.