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Today, I was told that I may die by the time I'm 30, and that I should Google the disorder because he doesn't know what it is for sure. FML
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I'd go to another doctor for a second opinion

I smell an episode of mystery diagnosis..


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Also, just because the sign looks legit, doesn't mean the doctor practicing under your local bridge is.

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But you wouldn't know, as we've never seen anything worthwhile from you.

Some day I hope you get the chance, to live like you were dyinnnn'! :D

Probably because he should've gone to a legit doctor, not some stupid clinic. Plus, if op is taking this doctors opinion seriously, they're an idiot.

He could be a normal person and forget things sometimes. though why he didn't just look it up in a computer at the office is beyond me.

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Shit, didn't mean to post here FML.

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I think you may be missing the point. It's the idea that matters.

38 is right... Clinics are pretty useless... The doctor told me that I'll die earlier and sooner than my friends because "my heart might just get tired of pumping so fast". Hopefully I'll live long enough to tell you if he's wrong... Idiot.

there's Canadian healthcare for ya, it may be free but I'd rather be treated properly

68-- Sorry, that was the burritos I ate earlier.

I was going to say "BURRITOS!" but I was distracted by the picture of the monkey with a red bum....xD

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no where in this fml does OP say "he" is a doctor. "he" could have been a gypsy casting a curse upon OP for being a douche or something.

117, read the top, op is from canada. although i do love the smell of a good stereotype in the morning, thanks

who is "he"? You might wanna try to ve more specific, OP:

I smell an episode of mystery diagnosis..

The doctor is an idiot... Yahoo is way better

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Ugh, all that show is is random videos. Plus eye-close-ups. SO MANY EYE CLOSE UPS

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And awkwardly slow blinking.

i don't know about the Internet your gunna get a lot of things like "LOL U DIES TMMR MKAY LOL"

can we all thumb down #111. he underestimates the power of google

dont forget the suspicious omnious music! MD FTW!

The kind of doctor that is in the dark alley giving discounted prostate exams.

Hey, my doctor does that... and it's always at a discounted price. He's legit.

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Who ever said 'he' was a doctor?

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OP never even mentioned the diagnoser IS a doctor.

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115 - I think OP changed the FML. If you read it the first time, it included doctor in it.

All you guys are wrong ! It's obvious it's Doc Bastard.

isn't it obvious!? the doctor is a gynecologist and the prognosis is that op is growing a ******, which will expand in magnitude, and by 30 will completely envelope op. DUH!!!

Sounds like you need a new doctor. This doctor clearly doesn't know what he or she is talking about.

Yeah everyone knows from the bing commercials bing is better.

Don't trust medical advice from your crack dealer.

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I hear doctor House is pretty good ;)

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Better check a very reliable source like WebMD. Derp. And I really hope your condition isn't too serious. :/

Ya because dying when your 30 isn't a big deal (note the sarcasm)

By reliable source you mean Wikipedia right.

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HA!!! webMD is about as trustworthy as wikipedia

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119, it was sarcasm. -facepalm-

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27, since the doctor didn't know much about the condition and the situation, there's a small chance that he could've misdiagnosed. That is what I meant by " I hope it isn't too serious. " Trying to be optimistic.

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Better check a very reliable source like WebMD. Derp. And I really hope your condition isn't too serious. :/

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why the hell is this posted twice!!

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Because i'm using the FML app and it glitches up sometimes. That's the hell why.

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Pfft. I'm so hipster, I use, sellouts.

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Psh, Wikianswers is obviously the way to go. It's never wrong.

This doctor is a douche, an should go back to school. Get another opinion from another doctor.