By boring - 10/05/2010 10:14 - New Zealand

Today, I fell asleep and dreamed that I had won $500,000. In my dream, I used this money to buy a new MP3 Player, and then put the rest in a term deposit. Even in my dreams, I'm the most boring person I know. FML
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gabyta 1

ahahah yeah at least u should have buy an iPod

Oh I have plenty of boring dreams. I like it. When I have a superhero dream I always wake up stressed from the responsibility of having to save the world. I prefer the boring ones.


Allison_H 0


tsc32 2


I would buy a bunch of green fun plants!!! and then I shall smoketh them!

Allison_H 0

SWEET!! Anyways, maybe you should just get out more often, find some people you like, and just try to have fun. DAFP!!

rohosoccer08 1

then get out and do something! make friends!

Xanax_Pazzo 0

haha I'd def. buy a bunch of teacup yorkie puppies. and then a new iPhone cuz mine is all scratched up! lol

haha your life is soo lame

Allison_H 0

Hey, comment virginity is better than first. :D

clivealmighty 0

I would save day shit too ); maybe take some out every once in a while but yeaaah xo or give some to breast cancer my aunt has breast cancer xo you can do a lot o-o

I would buy 100,000 $5 puppies and play with them all day.

fertie226 1

then do something about it now!! make a list of things you've always wanted to do, and start doing them!!! =]

rohosoccer08 1

a bucket list!

how s ur iPhone scratched? I was told it can never be scratched even by keys and knife.

With sandpaper you can scratch it very easily.

33 thx. I ll keep it away from sandpaper. however, who would put sandpaper and iPhone in the same pocket? :)

Cricketiscool 0

500,000 dollars for a term? You're school must be the best in the world.

rohosoccer08 1

my phone has a scrach on the screen from the thing on my pants when I pulled it out of my pocket

zerobahamut03 2

omg that's so freaking cute I might explode with just the thought. lol. let's play with them together!!! then again... what kind of puppies would cost $5.00? stuffed toy puppies?.... >_>

I would buy a car and awesome gaming pc and allot of other stuff xD

buy some mushrooms. buy some beer. buy som hot hookers. and you would be a fun person.


Why is there no IDC Button??

BoyFromTheFuture 0

way to be awesome and smart. just look for some good investments and you can dream retire early.

Reyo 2

I hate dreams like that. I always wake up, realize none of what I just experienced actually happened, and have a horrible day because of it. Every time.

iSitt 0

the op has good instincts. dont be like the Greek politicians. a half mil is NOT alot when it comes to your old age. don't be a poopscoop for 100,000 puppies

tweetbaby14 18

yea it's very boring to get half a mil OP. if that does happen you should just give me the money since it's soooo boring.

aww sorry babe , do you you put out ? if yes you are not boring to me.

atticuz 2

42, op is not talking about school lol fail....

I'm not sure if there's supposed to be a difference, but I have an iPod touch, and the back was completely scratched by the case- specifically designed for iPod touch protection- ironic, no?

sharpl916 0

I destroyed north America with my overlordly power in my dreams! them firefighter didn't stand a chance!

91st, cocksuckers!

pipp360 0

27 is too old to pose like that

bezach 0

by having it fall off a four story building is one way...I miss my iPod now I'm usin this one!

Jessi2487 0

new zealand sounds boring

Crotcho_fml 0

OP is stupid... if it were real life, you'd be the rich one in your older age & everyone else would still be broke. that's not "boring"

chitown98766 0

id get some pu$$y with that money. COLLATERAL!!! COLLATERAL!!!!!!!! OH YEAH

#42... it's not a school's term. A term deposit is when u put money into a bank for a specific period of time at one rate.

It's still boring it's just a lot more profitable.

gabyta 1

ahahah yeah at least u should have buy an iPod

do20ss 4

u buy booze, drugs, and maybe a couple 'pros' and then u get fuuuuukd up, and then u get an mp3 player(cheap ass) and then with the last $800 u put in the bank, save that for bail!!!

I agree ^ op who cares it means if ur also the smartest you'll be rich :)

I call fake boobs! Or like someone else here would say, "fake bewbs".

#90 wow that sucked. Or like someone in your profile picture would say, "FAIL"

At least you didn't get an iPad...

MyChemical_fml 0

thats the most fun thing EVAR.


I have 1.

why even make an fml this bad. get a life ydi

Great pic dude!

ilyalwaysxoxo 0

why a mp3 , why not an iPod Touch boring man or girl?

girl. look at the top. smartie.

haha for reals itouch are nice

Should have taken me out to dinner at the very least lol j/k

OP ydi for sitting at home and playing world of warcraft and not having a life at all

You seem like a fun person.

hahahaha I'm a loser, FML more

DeadMoose 0

and how is this a fml? who f'ing cares if you're boring, get over yourself.