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By  lettertjes  |  0

Oh I have plenty of boring dreams. I like it. When I have a superhero dream I always wake up stressed from the responsibility of having to save the world. I prefer the boring ones.

  zerobahamut03  |  2

omg that's so freaking cute I might explode with just the thought. lol. let's play with them together!!! then again... what kind of puppies would cost $5.00? stuffed toy puppies?.... >_>

  Reyo  |  2

I hate dreams like that. I always wake up, realize none of what I just experienced actually happened, and have a horrible day because of it.

Every time.

  iSitt  |  0

the op has good instincts.
dont be like the Greek politicians.
a half mil is NOT alot when it comes to your old age.

don't be a poopscoop for 100,000 puppies

  cutiepo0  |  0

I'm not sure if there's supposed to be a difference, but I have an iPod touch, and the back was completely scratched by the case- specifically designed for iPod touch protection- ironic, no?

  do20ss  |  4

u buy booze, drugs, and maybe a couple 'pros' and then u get fuuuuukd up, and then u get an mp3 player(cheap ass) and then with the last $800 u put in the bank, save that for bail!!!