By boring - 10/05/2010 10:14 - New Zealand

Today, I fell asleep and dreamed that I had won $500,000. In my dream, I used this money to buy a new MP3 Player, and then put the rest in a term deposit. Even in my dreams, I'm the most boring person I know. FML
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gabyta 1

ahahah yeah at least u should have buy an iPod

Oh I have plenty of boring dreams. I like it. When I have a superhero dream I always wake up stressed from the responsibility of having to save the world. I prefer the boring ones.


Allison_H 0

I would buy a bunch of green fun plants!!! and then I shall smoketh them!

Allison_H 0

SWEET!! Anyways, maybe you should just get out more often, find some people you like, and just try to have fun. DAFP!!

rohosoccer08 1

then get out and do something! make friends!

Xanax_Pazzo 0

haha I'd def. buy a bunch of teacup yorkie puppies. and then a new iPhone cuz mine is all scratched up! lol

Allison_H 0

Hey, comment virginity is better than first. :D

clivealmighty 0

I would save day shit too ); maybe take some out every once in a while but yeaaah xo or give some to breast cancer my aunt has breast cancer xo you can do a lot o-o

I would buy 100,000 $5 puppies and play with them all day.

fertie226 1

then do something about it now!! make a list of things you've always wanted to do, and start doing them!!! =]

rohosoccer08 1

how s ur iPhone scratched? I was told it can never be scratched even by keys and knife.

With sandpaper you can scratch it very easily.

33 thx. I ll keep it away from sandpaper. however, who would put sandpaper and iPhone in the same pocket? :)

Cricketiscool 0

500,000 dollars for a term? You're school must be the best in the world.

rohosoccer08 1

my phone has a scrach on the screen from the thing on my pants when I pulled it out of my pocket

zerobahamut03 2

omg that's so freaking cute I might explode with just the thought. lol. let's play with them together!!! then again... what kind of puppies would cost $5.00? stuffed toy puppies?.... >_>

I would buy a car and awesome gaming pc and allot of other stuff xD

buy some mushrooms. buy some beer. buy som hot hookers. and you would be a fun person.


Why is there no IDC Button??

BoyFromTheFuture 0

way to be awesome and smart. just look for some good investments and you can dream retire early.

Reyo 2

I hate dreams like that. I always wake up, realize none of what I just experienced actually happened, and have a horrible day because of it. Every time.

iSitt 0

the op has good instincts. dont be like the Greek politicians. a half mil is NOT alot when it comes to your old age. don't be a poopscoop for 100,000 puppies

tweetbaby14 18

yea it's very boring to get half a mil OP. if that does happen you should just give me the money since it's soooo boring.

aww sorry babe , do you you put out ? if yes you are not boring to me.

atticuz 2

42, op is not talking about school lol fail....

I'm not sure if there's supposed to be a difference, but I have an iPod touch, and the back was completely scratched by the case- specifically designed for iPod touch protection- ironic, no?

sharpl916 0

I destroyed north America with my overlordly power in my dreams! them firefighter didn't stand a chance!

pipp360 0

27 is too old to pose like that

bezach 0

by having it fall off a four story building is one way...I miss my iPod now I'm usin this one!

Jessi2487 0
Crotcho_fml 0

OP is stupid... if it were real life, you'd be the rich one in your older age & everyone else would still be broke. that's not "boring"

chitown98766 0

id get some pu$$y with that money. COLLATERAL!!! COLLATERAL!!!!!!!! OH YEAH

#42... it's not a school's term. A term deposit is when u put money into a bank for a specific period of time at one rate.

It's still boring it's just a lot more profitable.

gabyta 1

ahahah yeah at least u should have buy an iPod

do20ss 4

u buy booze, drugs, and maybe a couple 'pros' and then u get fuuuuukd up, and then u get an mp3 player(cheap ass) and then with the last $800 u put in the bank, save that for bail!!!

I agree ^ op who cares it means if ur also the smartest you'll be rich :)

I call fake boobs! Or like someone else here would say, "fake bewbs".

#90 wow that sucked. Or like someone in your profile picture would say, "FAIL"

MyChemical_fml 0

thats the most fun thing EVAR.

ilyalwaysxoxo 0

why a mp3 , why not an iPod Touch boring man or girl?

Should have taken me out to dinner at the very least lol j/k

OP ydi for sitting at home and playing world of warcraft and not having a life at all

DeadMoose 0

and how is this a fml? who f'ing cares if you're boring, get over yourself.